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Will the C's or Jazz be singing the Blues after tonight.

First Quarter Moments  Blake Griffin gives up his body to start tonight's game! That's a Tommy Point! Fitting as the C's are honoring Tommy throughout tonight's game. DWhite opens up the scoring with a pure three!  How refreshing it is to have Eddie House with Mike Gorman tonight. JT hitting the paint hard draws a foul. Lately JT has been excellent at getting in the paint. C's ball movement has been very crisp. Now they need to start knocking down these shots.  Every time I see Kelly O and his man bun I get sick, why.... Because we could have drafted Giannis. In a basketball dream world, we would drafted Giannis and then the Jays in their prospective drafts. My oh my! Seeing these Tommy Heinsohn highlights, touches my heart. Boy do I miss him on these games. I was lucky enough to meet him at a game and he gave me his autograph. What I remember most was how kind he was to me. Memory Eternal Tommy!  JT has been excellent finishing with his left hand lately. Malcolm Br

Clash of the Titans. Eastern Conference Final Preview?

What does tonight really mean?? On Christmas day the C's crushed the Bucks. The next time they played the C's sat everyone, and had a chance to beat a healthy Bucks team. In all reality they should have. Was that strategic by the C's?? Getting in the Bucks head, by saying even our bench can beat you. Who know. What I do know is the C's are in second right now and the Bucks are first. That may not change this season. What tonight means is, if the C's win they will own space in the Bucks minds. It will give the C's the season series and prove they can win in Milwaukee. Which will be the case if both teams make the Eastern Conference Finals.  It's game time and the tip off is here.... First Quarter Moments Early on both teams are trading punches, it feels like a heavyweight title fight. Both teams are out to prove who is the best. Record wise it's the Bucks and even the eye test says that. In my heart I still believe the C's can beat them and win the wh

Bucks major block to Celtics Title hopes

 Barring a miracle, it seems the Milwaukee Bucks will have home court advantage throughout the post-season. With a record of 54-21, they are atop the Standings as of this date. The Celtics have battled Milwaukee twice this season, are are 1-1 against each other. Boston's win came at TD Garden with The Green having a full crew on board . The Bucks were without Kris Middleton. The Celtics shot very well - 59% from the field and 49% on 3-pointers. The Jay Team combined for 70 points with very-accurate shooting. Boston's overtime loss occurred on the road in Milwaukee , with a final score of 131-1254 . They were without four starters, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford . Milwaukee had a full roster, including Middleton. The Celtics' shooting was mediocre, at best,  hitting 46% on from the field and 34% on treys. The two Eastern powerhouses meet for the third matchup this Thursday in Milwaukee. A Celtics win on foreign turf would be a confidence-builder

Celtics look beyond terrible in a horrible loss to the Wizards.

  First Quarter Moments C's step up on D for the first play of the game. Which leads to a easy JB bucket in transition. I expect plenty of easy hoops tonight! JT just abused some dude getting to the cup! JT just abused homeboy yet again! Dude is just too little to guard JT!  These Wizards uniforms are absolute garbage! JT with the hammer DUNK off the pass from Marcus! Als offense has been hit or miss lately. C's need to wake the heck up and blow these guys off the dang floor.  MB is in and making an impact already! C's playing to the level of their opponents which makes me sick. Wake up please! Nice defensive stand, causes a shot clock violation. We need to make a run to finish off this quarter. MB for threeeeeeeee!!! That's my dude right there.  C's play decent D and give up an offensive rebound. Clean it up guys! Getting beat by nobodies is unacceptable... Listening to Scal as this game progresses to gets worse is annoying! Stop playing with your food and feast! P

Jaylen Brown: "Never too high, never too low" on accolades or criticism

  Never expect an outburst of euphoria or despair from Jaylen Brown . I have the utmost respect for a guy that never gets too high on the good stuff - nor too low on the bad .  He was just named Eastern Conference Player of the Week and fans won't be seeing any celebratory cheers from Brown. "Just doing my job" is the type of response we can expect. Jaylen Brown has been named East Player of the Week for the 3rd time in his career — Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) March 27, 2023 The same can be said about his low-key response to the cheers from Boston fans for his perofrmance on Sunday night . TD Garden houses some tough fans, and I would guess that Jaylen was inwardly moved by the standing ovation - despite the lack of emotion. Jaylen Brown had an unexpressive reaction to the standing ovation he received from Celtics fans Sunday night: — NESN (@NESN) March 27, 2023  Brown's name constantly surfaces when major potential

Jaylen Brown posing legit challenge to Jayson Tatum as "Team ALPHA"

 Just when I thought Jayson Tatum was the undisputed "ALPHA" of the Boston Celtics, the other member of the Jay Team seems to be quietly challenging Tatum's status. He rendered his thoughts on being a team leader versus simply a major role player : “Obviously, our goal is to win the championship. That’s, I think, what everybody is focused on,” (Jaylen) Brown tells me. “Me, I feel like I still have so many more limits to tap individually. To be better, to be a better leader, to be a better player, et cetera. As for now, I’m just playing my role on the team to help us get back to do what we got to do. So, nothing wrong with being a part of a team and doing your job. That’s how I look at it.” Over the last eight games, Boston has a 6-2 record , and Brown has played a major role in that span. Take a look at the statistical comparison over those eight games: Brown: 36.1 MPG - 31.1 PPG - 6.9 RPG - 4.0 APG - 54.8% FG - 41.0 3s Tatum:  36.6 MPG - 28.1 PPG - 9.3 RPG - 4.3 APG - 4

Spurs Celtics on a beautiful Sunday evening.

  First Quarter Moments C's are coming out..... Flat!  JB fixes that by getting to the rack and scoring! JB once again scores inside! JB yet again! Tonight is going to be a JB game, but it needs to be a team effort! Marcus Smart with a globe trotter dribble scores inside.  C's aren't playing any defense right now... Do I have to say it defense wins championships! Figure it out fellas. If they don't put in the work on D these Spurs are gonna beat them.  JB is man amongst boys tonight! JAM! Sam I am for three, he's found his stroke C's fans. Playoff weapon locked and loaded!  He's a guy that both JT and JB look for regularly. Expect a few big shots from him in the post season!  Rob the Lob grabs the board and scores!  Once again the C's are playing down to the level of their competition. I'm tired of seeing that. They better blow the doors off the next few quarters.  Second Quarter Moments This Spurs team sucks and the C's are getting run off the f

Edging Eighty: Gym lessons

 Several days ago, I witnessed an older man become airborne in a gym as he tripped over an object - hitting the floor hard enough to break some ribs. It was his second serious accident in the gym in the short period of time after joining. H e broke one of the prime rules of survival - in gyms and the world, generally. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS One other quick point about gyms. With weight-management time right around the corner, remember that endless cardio (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) won't get you lighter and leaner. It is a poor use of your time and energy. Alter your nutrition to lose weight and uise the gym for overall health and well-being. 

The 2-bigs starting lineup may be on its way out

 Celtics coach, Joe Mazzulla , has certainly given his 2-bigs starting lineup of Al Horford and Rob Williams a valid shot in the regular season, but don't expect to see much of it going forward. Frankly, Derrick White has been a true shot-in-the-arm for Boston this season . He plays hard-and-fast at both ends and now works nicely with Marcus Smart in the backcourt. His presence in the starting lineup allows Smart to do what he does best, often covering the oppositions top player. White ranks 5th in minutes per game at 28.3 MPG . And he has started 62-of-the-74 games he has played this season (84%). Rob Williams is 8th in minutes at 23.8 MPG - while starting 18-of-the-30 games in which he has particiupated.  (60%). Williams III coming off the bench serves as a disruptor , as evidenced by his eight boards, three steals and three blocks in the Celtics victory over Indiana last night . Having Derrick set the fast pace right out of the gate - and watching Rob enter the game and wrea

Back in Boston: Celtics vs Pacers.

First Quarter Moments JT opens things up by passing on a three and getting to the rim. That's what I love to see! Any player passing up an open three to get to the rim is my kinda player. These past few games we are truly seeing how great JT is getting to the rack! JB decides to shoot and nail a three! Now as much as I don't like the three, it was very pretty! Pacers and C's are trading body shots like two boxers. Personally want to see the C's with a knockout blow!  As Mike Gorman just said, Haliburton with the funny looking shot! I'm with ya Mike! It's odd to say the least, yet he makes a good portion of those shots. Hopefully not tonight though, let's throw multiple defenders at him and not let him get any open looks. On the offensive end we should definitely attack him! Celtics D looks locked in right now, their rotations have been pretty crisp. Defense wins championships, I hope they always remember that. Last season their defense was elite. That's

Tale of two "Riflemen" and one tough marksman, Larry Bird

 There are various links between the late actor/pro athlete Chuck Connors and former NBA players Larry Bird and Chuck Person. Connors played for the Boston Celtics in the late 1940's and had the distinction of being the first pro basketball player to break a backboard (per Wikipedia): During his tenure with Celtics in  1946 , Connors became the first professional basketball player to  break a backboard . He did so during pre-game practice before the Celtics' first home game of their inaugural season with a shot and not a  slam dunk , which is what typically breaks a backboard in modern basketball.  He played 53 games for Boston before leaving the team early in the 1947–48 season. Chuck Connors played the role of Lucas McCain in the popular TV series, The Rifleman , in the 1950's. McCain was portrayed as a man of peace - who somehow managed to kill at least one or two bad guys per episode. Chuck Person was named "Chuck" by his parents after Chuck Connors and pi

Jaylen Brown's start for his path to social significance

 It is clear that the Celtics Jaylen Brown has aspirations beyond basketball stardom . But it will be his basketball accomplishments that may well propel him to significance in the world apart from the hardwood. And I am not talking about the life Shaquille O'Neal has achieved after retiring from the NBA. I love Shaq, but he has been an example of "overexposure" in his TV NBA analysis and commercials. He is everywhere.  I call Jaylen "The Quiet Man" and that is a compliment. He definitely is no blowhard. I love this guy, but that doesn't mean I don't disagree with some of his positions on the NBA and the racial atmosphere among a segment of Boston fans . His stand on the NBA All-Star game being a "layup line" was solid. His take on Boston fans may have been a bit extreme. Now "Edging Eighty", I lived down the road from Bill Russell in the 1960's when I became a staunch fan of the Boston Celtics - spoke directly to Sam Jones

A King for a Night?! C's visit Sacramento.

  First Quarter Moments It doesn't feel like anyone is going to play defense tonight. Man does the C's defense suck! It's going to be long night folks. Kings aren't playing any D so that's a plus.  C's really need a win tonight, or maybe I need to see them win. So sick of them not being consistent. Start a new winning streak here tonight. Time to build up some brownie points as the playoffs approach. Hard to believe the regular season is almost over.  Who on this C's team, will be the guy who carries them the rest of the season? JT, JB, or a mystery candidate?! C's are shooting way too many threes. That shot is the curse of basketball. Absolutely awful invention to this game I love.  C's continue to miss so many shots.... Maybe instead of taking threes move it in a bit. This game could close if you just played simple basketball. DWhite plays simple basketball and that's why I love him! Second Quarter Moments Marcus Smart has lost his ability to s

Anyone for some smooth Jazz?! C's are in Utah.

  First Quarter Moments JB opens up the scoring tonight with a three! D White follows it up with a sweet drive! He gets the AND ONE! GWill goes deep and nails a three! So far the offense is relying on the three. Not a surprise at all, given the way they run their offense.  C's need to tighten up on D, that's where you are going to win the game. JB looks great so far! He's been pretty pure from deep lately. Sometimes Grant Williams just ticks me off. Especially when he can't catch a freaking pass! Blake Griffin is Mr HUSTLE this year. Fighting and grinding for extra possessions on the offensive end.  It's so good to have MB back in the line up. He brings a natural calmness when he's on the court. He's an assassin from deep! He's quite simply an all around player. Expect a big game from him tonight. JB grabs the board and gets to the cup! If you blinked you probably missed it given how quick JB is. JB just blew by his defender. Made him look silly! Love it

Jaylen Brown a bit extreme/unfair in his evaluation of Boston fans

In his interview with Sopan Deb of the New York Times , Jaylen Brown rendered his evaluation of Celtics fans - indicating that a portion of the fan base is "toxic". Of course, he is correct . But in the event any of my readers miss it, so is a portion of our society, generally ( per The New York Times Sopan Deb ): "I know that every Celtics fan in our arena is not a racist. We have people of all walks of life, ethnicities, colors, that are die-hard Celtics fans. So I think painting every Celtics fan as a racist would be unfair." I have closely followed the Boston Celtics, all the way back to the very-early 60's when the seats way up in the raftors were tagged as "N----r Heaven". The racist attitude of the majority of Boston fans is still admittedly not what it should be, but it has improved significantly. "A person's intelligence is inversely proportional to his/her level of racism." --- Tom Lane Make your own judgements, but I have foun

C's and St. Patty's Day... No better combo

First Quarter Moments C's move the ball well to start tonight's game as DWhite hits Al inside! Pound the paint fellas! C's D is a bit lackluster to start. Luckily the Blazers are missing their shots. Tatum still can't hit a three, what is going on?! C's defense allows the Blazers to grab an early lead. It sounds as though there are a lot of C's fans in Portland. You have to love it! It would be nice to see a complete game from the C's. Al Horford has been en FUEGO so far tonight. Al with the box out, and leads the break, where JB gets to the cup.  Dame Lillard is a guy who I absolutely love. He may not be a Celtic, but he's Celtic like... Loyal to the team that drafted him. Class act and plays the game the right way. He carries himself much differently than most NBA players. His shot is second to none, and he's CLUTCH! Love watching him play even when he plays our Celtics.  Isn't it great getting to see Blake Griffin get some early run tonight. I

C's look to tame the Wolves

1st Quarter Moments  We have a back and forth game so far tonight. Als offense hasn't been there but he's running the floor nicely tonight. The three point percentage leader hits yet another one! Who knew Malcolm Brogdon was an assassin from deep!  Interesting things going on with this current C's lineup. Where neither of the Jays are in the game. It's not ideal from my perspective but I'm not the coach. Maybe Joe strikes gold with this special lineup.  Blake Griffin is easily one of the brightest spots in this season for the C's. Mark my words he will be a huge piece in guarding Giannis if we gave them in the playoffs. He's strong, savvy and willing to give up his body. I love him!  2nd Quarter Moments  Despite the fact that the C's aren't shooting very well, they have a slim lead. Neither team is shooting it well. All these NBA teams are focused on the three ball. It's sickening! That's not basketball!  Malcolm Brogdon is beyond smooth gett

Lack of effort, lack of heart, lack of wanting to win!

This Celtics team should be ashamed of themselves. Losing to that horrid Rockets team. Losing to numerous terrible teams this season. Losing games because their effort and heart are non existent! That is unacceptable if you want to win a title. The time is now to get your act together. You allowed a bunch of guys last night to crap all over you. One of the worst teams I've ever seen. The road trip is still salvageable but it starts tomorrow in Minnesota. If not you will be in third place behind the Sixers.  How much longer as fans do we have to endure disappointment... This team exudes mediocrity right now. Earlier this year they were THE TEAM. Now they are just an average team faltering down the stretch run. Unlike the Bucks who are clearly the favorite to win it all. I hope I'm wrong and the C's wake up from this nightmare we are in. They are killing us as fans.  Do or do not there is no try. This team isn't even trying sometimes. Going thru the motions like I do when

Edging Eighty: Preventing weakness and frailty

 You were born weak, frail and afraid. Don't end up that way. If my memory served me correctly, some form of the above quote was part of an old ad for a protein supplement. It got my attention.  Just Google the term "sarcopenia" and you will find a wealth of information on the effects of losing muscle as you get older. This Harvard Health piece is only one of many on the subject. The point is simple, but the process of maintaining - and certainly building - muscle is not . It can be difficult, but worth the effort.  It has been a year since I underwent a surgical procedure to replace my aortic valve . I went into the hospital in great shape for someone 78 years old , but I had to curtail most of my exercise prior to the operation and had lost some strength and muscle mass. By the way, I had ZERO symptoms from the severe plugging of the artery with calcium, but my surgeon told me that my first symptom may be to drop dead. Predators prey on the weak-old-and-frail. Not j

Marcus Smart needs to return to his "calm center of a violent storm"

 Despite the usual questioning of Marcus Smart's value - or lack thereof - to the Boston Celtics, I am solidly behind him unless I see solid reasons to think otherwise. Mainly, The Wolverine needs to follow his late mom's advice, and "calm his ass down" .  Five years ago , ESPN's Chris Forsberg wrote the following : Marcus Smart's phone was buzzing as he looked down:  "Mama."  He had a good idea why she was calling. "She calls me and she yells at me. She tells me to  calm my 'so-and-so' down,"  Smart said. Earlier that night, Smart had angrily stomped in the direction of  Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons  after a  flare-up  between the two in the final moments of Boston's Game 1 triumph. "She tells me breathe and keep going and know that's what people are going to try to do, get in my head, and force me to do those type of things, Smart said. "Just keep my cool." Marcus once said he considers basketball a

Houston You Have A Problem.... It's the Boston Celtics!

  1st Quarter Moments JB to the rack with no defense what so ever. JB off an excellent play gets inside and brings home the hammer. Love when JB starts off hot, keep him going to the hoop! Cs pushing the pace is a great sign! They should be able to run this Rockets team off the floor.  The Rockets are an abomination to what basketball is. They seem to just play straight isolation basketball. These uniforms are terrible! What were the Rockets thinking?! MB enters and it's time to watch the sixth man of the year do his thing. He's been the best player off the bench this season. He's a straight stud, the way he's shooting the three is elite. His passing has been on point, and the way he can get inside is wonderful. Defensively he doesn't take any guff from anyone.  Congrats to Damon Stoudamire, on getting the job at Georgia Tech. His presence on the bench will be a huge loss.  C's need to amp up their defense, and set these young pups down early. C's need to st

Edging Eighty: When movement stops, the body shuts down.

 Author's Note: This is the first of an undetermined number of thoughts from a guy who turns 80 on his next birthday.  "When you stop moving, your body shuts down!" --- Tom Lane I watched as both my dad and brother retired early and gradually moved less and less as the years passed. Both died at the age of 64 . My father died of ALS, which may have been unpreventatble, but my brother, Don, died of heart failure.  My granddaughter, Courtney, was born with cystic fibrosis and died at the age of 25 . I often pestered her into moving more to remain as healthy as possible, just as I had with Don. Both reuttered my movement/body shut-down axiom a few times, but never followed it. They both should have lived longer. My mom and sister passed away at 48 and 19 years of age , respectively. They were unlucky - with my mother contracting cancer and my sister dieing of MS. I have weathered both cancer and heart disease but have (thus far) beaten both. We were born to move. I preac

Time, comfort and curiosity - their profound affect on aging

  Time, comfort and curiosity - their profound affect on aging "Time seems to stand quite still In a child's world it always will"   "Morning. Another morning" by The Moody Blues The  days for a child pass quickly  but the years pass like a slow-moving freight train. As an adult, I want the same.  Time , or at least our perception of it,  can be controlled . Here is  Scientific American's James M. Broadway  on the subject: “Where did the time go?” middle-aged and older adults often remark. Many of us feel that time passes more quickly as we age, a perception that can lead to regrets. According to psychologist and BBC columnist Claudia Hammond, “the sensation that time speeds up as you get older is one of the biggest mysteries of the experience of time.” "Engaging in a novel exploit makes time appear to pass more quickly in the moment. But if we remember that activity later on, it will seem to have lasted longer than more mundane experiences." That