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Bill Russell the greatest winner ever has passed away.

   The one and only Bill Russell has passed away at the age of 88 in his sleep peacefully. A truly amazing person off the court and beyond compare on it. In a year that has been full of loss for me personally my mom, cousin, and baby niece. The tears are flowing for Mr Russell as I type. I never saw Bill play but I've seen and watched everything you can on this amazing human being.     On the court he was damn near unbeatable, winning 11 rings in the NBA, and 5 MVPs. He was a champion in college and the Olympics. As a player he was a defensive menace, and if he wanted to he probably could have scored like Wilt but he chose to do everything else. The consummate winner and team player. A heck of a coach as well.     Off the floor he fought for what was right, seeking equal rights for all. An inspiration to everyone to be better to our fellow man. A person that should be remembered for that being an amazing person. Seems over these past few years so many Celtic greats have made there

Where were you, when the news came out?

Where were you when you heard the news, that up and coming star Reggie Lewis passed away from heart issues? Personally on my way to dinner with my family in Disney. Dad had sports radio on and that sent me into tears. My favorite Celtic player after Larry and my first jersey bought with my own money. Talk about a gut punch for all Celtics fans, losing such a great player and person.  When you talk about Reggie he has it all on the floor and was becoming such an all around player. He could score by getting to the basket, and could nail jumpers with pin point accuracy. His jumper was one of the sweetest I've ever seen. He had pretty good passing skills, and knew where to find his teammates. He was unafraid to grab boards when needed. Defensively he had everything needed to be a menace. He had length, quickness, and a strong body. Anyone remember him blocking the great Michael Jordan multiple times in one game?! This was when MJ was at his first peak!  The outlook on Reggie's care

So Much To Do About Rumors

 I don't have sources, but where and when has JB ever come out and said I don't want to be a Celtic? As reported and probably made by a combo of the Nets, Klutch Sports, Kyrie and Pat Riley we see that there was an offer from the Celtics. I just don't see it, unless JB has said to Brad after my contract is up I'm gone.  Question is why would JB want to go anywhere, he and JT and this team were 2 wins away from a ring. They have added two huge bench pieces and still have Ime and and Brad working at improving the roster. JB has shown nothing but professionalism on and off the floor as a Celtic.  Why would the Celtics destroy their depth by adding a mal content like KD when he flames out and burns every organization he plays for. Left the Thunder for greener pastures, and then did the same to the Warriors. He had his chance to come here but honestly didn't have the fortitude to wear green and white. Let me be clear he's an offensive savant, but his age and lack of

How to survive phrogging, police manhunts and community lock-downs

 Triple-murderer, Daniel Laplante, killed Priscilla Gustafson and her two young children but his kill-count could have been much higher.  When the 16-year-old Laplante took five people hostage at the Bowen household, he may have murdered all of them had young Tina Bowen not escaped and summoned the police. And when Frank Bowen spotted the would-be killer inside the same home, it was Officer Steve Bezanson that out-thought Daniel and found him in his supposedly-secure hiding place.  And a year later, when a warrant was issued for Laplate's arrest on murder charges, what might have been the outcome had Lynne McGovern not asked me to accompany her into her home where the clever and elusive fugitive was waiting for us. It may have been my partner's (Officer Ken Beers) presence that prevented Danny from trying to kill me with a shotgun and force Mrs. McGovern to drive him out of the area. The kill-count in the Daniel Laplante saga ended up totaling 3, a mother and her two kids. It c

After 36 years, the reality of how high the kill-count could have been remains

Some will think that this is folly and nonsense. Not so, folks! It was all too real! -- Lt. Tom Lane, Pepperell (MA) P.D. (retired). Are there strangers living in your home? | Banfield via @YouTube — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) July 23, 2022 The lessons in survival abound in the Daniel Laplante saga. This happened 36 years ago, and the world hasn't become any saner in that time. Beyond the horror and surreal nature of these events, there are many lessons that an be learned from what transpired. I suggest people read my article and  tune in to Lifetime TV's Phrogging: Hider in my house scheduled for Monday, July 25, 2022 at 10:00 P.M. Don't be skeptical! It all happened!    

Luke Kornet remains a major question mark in Celtics future

  Luke Kornet is currently signed with the Boston Celtics for the next two NBA seasons , but only $100,000 of that is guaranteed - hardly a sign of confidence from Brad Stevens . The 7'2" center does a little bit of everything - but nothing particularly well. In his career, he has averaged 5.5 PPG, 2.6 RPG, 1.0 APG and 0.8 BPG . Still, being limited to 14.6 minutes per game may have hampered his production. Kornet's guaranteed money rises to 300,000 on August 15, 2022 - and to $1.1 million on opening night. Brad Stevens clearly wanted to see what bigs may thrive in Summer League - and then Training Camp.  Brad-Stevens-as-coach, and then Ime Udoka, do not seem to favor slow-footed big men who can be outmaneuvered by the opposition. But if Luke can duplicate the 3-point shooting and shot-blocking fans saw in his college (Vanderbilt) career, he could stick in Beantown (per Wikipedia):   He (Kornet) holds the NCAA record for three-pointers made by a 7-footer with 150, an

Larry Joe Bird

 Larry Joe Bird does not get enough love, not only do today's fans and players gloss over him but in regards to greatest of all time he gets pushed down the line. I'm here to say enough is enough!   All I hear is how KD would cook Larry, are you kidding me?! Steph Curry is a better shooter than Larry, really?! All this recency bias has to stop. In the context of the game of basketball does KD make all those around him better?? Not a chance from what I have seen. Larry on the other hand made each and every teammate of his a better player. Larry unlike KD actually played D! Give me Larry's Celtics over KDs teams any day of the week!    Now let me say Steph Curry is a heck of a shooter, makes his teammates better yet is a liability on D. He also plays in a game today that protects and encourages shooting. Larry did all his damage in a game that was rugged and hardcore. Larry would pull up on guys who were playing actual D and lit people up. What's even more amazing is he w

Will the C's use the TPE? Or Will Ownership Cheap Out?

 I for one have been very pleased with what the Celtics have done this off season. Bringing in Galinari and Brogdon to me has been huge. Both guys can play a huge roll in bringing in Banner 18. Sounds to me both guys have a huge affinity for the Boston Celtics. That's the good news of the off season. What potential bad news could we hear? Well that all depends on what happen before the end of tomorrow.  The Celtics have a pretty substantial TPE to use and in my mind we need another big or wing. Despite ownership saying to Brad you can spend, behind the scenes they told Brad to eat the TPE. If that's the case I would be very upset and so should Celtics fans. Yes other NBA teams know we need to use it. Which could make it difficult or they may be looking to take advantage of the C's. I would hope Brad is doing best he can to grab that next piece to Banner 18.  If it turns out that it doesn't get used as Celtics fans the word CHEAP comes to mind. Wyc and that ownership gro

Signed to a two way deal

 All that hard work has paid off. Mfiondu Kabengele has been signed to a two way deal with the Celtics. We have seen flashes from this young man in summer league, as we all know it needs to translate to the NBA game. Which we all know is a much harder nut to crack. Will he be part of the plan to help spell Al and RWill? Let's hope so because currently we haven't used the TPE.  We all know a Big and Wing are needed to complete this roster. Given we were told by Brad, ownership said they could spend let's hope they actually let it happen. 

Back Up Bigs? Williams and Kabengele!

We know we need another big to insure that both RWill and Al get their rest and stay healthy so that Banner 18 can become a reality. What if we have the answer in summer league? Mfiondu Kabengele and Trevion Williams have both shown flashes of solid play. Question is will one or both of them fill up our empty roster spots? Or is there a trade in the works using that TPE before July 18th? Kanbengele has shown the ability to finish at the rim with authority. He has some decent offensive skills, can rebound, and passes the ball well. He can block shots and is showing that he wants one of these roster spots. If anything we will see him get invited to training camp and see how he fares. Then and only then will we see if he gets a spot on this roster geared towards Banner 18.   Trevion Williams has shown that he loves to pass. What's great about him at such a young age is his ability to know the game of basketball and see the floor. He's willing to work hard on D and honestly his pos

Matt Ryan! No Not that One

 Not going to lie, I was that kid at an early age watching the C's play and said to myself that the NBA was my dream. Only team I wanted to play for was you guessed it the C's! Yet at 6 feet tall and no college offers that dream came to an end. Enough about me, let's look at Matt Ryan no not the one who blew a 28-3 lead. I'm talking about Matt Ryan the Door Dash driver who last night hit the game winning shot for the Celtics in Summer league.  Matt played college ball for three different teams and is now part of the Maine Celtics. What did we see out of this kid last night was a man chasing his NBA dreams and I for one applaud him. If he keeps this up the C's should offer him a contract?  Dreams are meant to be followed and sometimes the road is rocky and takes many turns.  A year ago after getting cut by the Nuggets he was driving door dash and in Feb signed with the C's.  I for one am pulling for this young man, whether he makes it here in Boston or some other

Malcolm Brogdon 6th Man Of The Year?

 Generally if we have learned anything about NBA players is it's about them. Well during a podcast with Woj MB came out and told us how he is willing to accept being a 6th man in order to win. Now if that doesn't get you pumped I don't know what will! He referred to winning games in both Milwaukee and Indiana but now sees his future with a ring in Boston. You have to love a guy who knows at this point it's all about WINNING!  He also mentioned how he thought he was going to the Wizards in a trade, Kudos to Brad for striking at the last moment and bringing in a guy who can not only give Marcus a break but when needed he could spell JB. The key with MB is health, they need to manage his minutes and save him for a long post season run. What's great about MB is he knows how to push the ball on O. He's a guys Tommy would be on board with. He also has the ability to get to the cup, and when needed can knock down jumpers and threes.  Can we start the season now?! MB wa

Matt Ryan and Mfiondu Kabengele shine again in 111-109 win over Bucks

 The Boston Celtics scraped off the rust from their Summer League opening loss to the Heat and defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 111-109 last night.  Matt Ryan and Mfiondu Kabengele both had their second consecutive solid games in a row. Ryan led the attack, pouring in 23 points, while Kabengele notched 15 points, 11 boards, four assists and two blocks. Brodric Thomas also came through with 14 points, eight rebounds, four assists and two blocks. Sam Hauser, after a disappointing summer opener, found the range - scoring 12 points on 4-of-9 from the field and 3-of-7 on treys. As a team, Boston hit 47.3% of their field goals and 41.3% of their 3-pointers. One of the plays that stood out in this contest had Brodric Thomas performing a Dave Cowens flashback - chasing down a loose ball - diving to the floor to corral it - and calling a time out. That may have been overshadowed by Matt Ryan's game-ending 27' running, floating bank shot . A much better showing by the Celtics after th

Celtics raw-and-ragged in 88-78 loss to Heat

 It was a rough outing for the Boston Celtics in Summer League action last night, losing to the Miami Heat, 88-78. Sam Hauser and JD Davison were a horrid 5-of-23 (combined) from the field , with Hauser hitting only 1-of-9 on 3-pointers. As a team, The Green hit only 35.4% of their field goals and 31.4% of their 3-pointers . The action was fast, but Boston was forcing their offense on too many possessions. Two bright spots were the performances of Mfiondu Kabengele and Matt Ryan. Kabengele came away with 15 points, six rebounds and three assists , while Ryan bombed away from deep, hitting 4-of-8 from beyond the arc. Juhann Begarin played a team-high 33 minutes, notching 13 points, six rebounds and two assists, but hitting a mere  2-of-10 from the field. Getting back to Davison, he managed six rebounds, six assists, three blocks and two steals - with only one turnover. He is damn quick and never seems to slow down. He also hit on 2-of-5 on 3-pointers. This kid is definitely fun to wa

Celtics need another big, question is who do you trade?

  So a team that was two wins away from winning a ring, added two huge pieces yet there is still one hole that I see. We need a guy who can back up RWill and Al.  Can you consider Grant a big?! If not is he a trade chip? I'm not advocating to trade him away, but would Celtics fans do it if it meant bringing in a guy who can help take minutes from Al and RWill. Unless Grant is the guy who can come in and give those guys a rest. Will new addition Gallinari be used to spell Al at the 4?  Does a crowded back court now make PP expendable?! Would he be able to generate bringing back a big in return? Label me as a fan of Pritch, he's shown he has no fear. He did go quiet in the finals but he has the it factor. From my standpoint I'm not trading either guy unless a quality big is available. I know there are roster spots available to fill. Grabbing a big is key, also why not look at a guy who can play the wing and spell the Jays.  To me this roster is stronger than it was last seaso

Brogdon and Gallinari acquisitions strengthen Celtics immediately

 The Boston Celtics picking up Danilo Gallinari off the waiver wire and Malcolm Brogdon via trad e - while sending both Daniel Theis and Aron Nesmith away - makes The Green stronger right away. Theis didn't see the floor as much as many expected in the 2022 post-season. He averaged 12.5 MP, 4.3 PPG and 3.3 RPG - with a plus/minus of -2.6. Nesmith only averaged 3.5 MPG in the playoffs and had trouble hitting from the field (4-of-17) and beyond the arc (1-of-11). It became obvious that Coach Ime Udoka didn't trust either player for extended play with Banner 18 on the line. Enter Gallinari and Brogdon. The worry on both is that they have injury histories . For Danilo, we can add that he has never been known as the kind of defender favored by Udoka, but he is a "shooter with size" (6'10") that can rebound the ball .  Conversely, Malcolm does everything out there on the floor. Last season, he averaged 19.1 PPG, 5.1 RPG and 5.9 RPG. In the 2020 playoffs, in f

Let's Gooooooooooooo

 So anyone notice anything about today's NBA festivities?! A Celtics team that was two wins away from an NBA title, just added two huge pieces and didn't lose from their top 8 players from last year! Plus they still could add to this roster?! Anyone hear that the Boston Celtics have signed the Italian Stallion Sharp Shooting Danilo Gallinari?! Talk about a guy who can spread the floor especially alongside the Jays. Imagine if during the finals this season what he can do to bring banner 18 home knocking down huge threes when the Jays drive and kick! Just need him to work on his D, I expect Ime will make him earn his time on the floor by actually playing D!  Oh anyone else hear that we have traded for a spectacular point guard who not only pushes the rock but finds guys where they want to score?! A guy who historically has given the C's issues?! Just fathom him coming off the bench alongside the Jays and it's a huge game in the Finals and he finds either stud for the game

Malcolm Brogdon acquisition was unexpected, and huge for Celtics

 Here we go Celtics fans! This is a huge piece to be added to the Celtics bench and team! He's a perfect fit as a facilitator and scorer when need be. He is ideal IMO. More to come!  Theis, Nesmith, and a first round pick heading to Indy. Also Stauskas, Morgan and Fitts.   Brogdon is the perfect fit to this team off the bench. A passing point guard who can get to the rack. He will be a guy in crunch time who will be able to find the Jays where they want the ball. He and Smart are going to be a two headed monster.  His defense is what intrigues me the most. He should fit in nicely to what Ime and the Celtics do. Is Brad done or are there more moves to make. 

Breaking: Danilo Gallinari reportedly to sign with Boston Celtics

 Looking more and more as though the Celtics are bringing in veteran and professional scorer Danilo Gallinari. Offensively he brings out some very good things. Defensively he's a little liable out there. We all know he's got some good range and can back down smaller players. Once the San Antonio Spurs finalize the expected release on forward Danilo Gallinari, his preference is to join the Boston Celtics upon clearing waivers, sources tell ESPN. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 1, 2022 He should definitely spread the floor for the C's come next season. Having him on the floor with the Jays could be very beneficial. I don't think the Celtics should be done and still need to keep adding pieces. I like his offense but his defense needs work.