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Home Sweet Home

The C's are back home and once again on National TV. Which means we won't start on time. Friday we will be on ESPN and Sunday we are the primetime ABC game. Tonight we welcome the Sixers to the Garden and I expect them to play above their heads. Even if they do that the C's still have enough to beat them.  1Q ☘️ C's must protect the parquet tonight vs the Sixers. C's win the tip and we are off! JT posts up Maxey and makes him pay. JT should own the paint tonight, sixers have no answer out there. C's are missing too many easy shots early on. Obre is such a tool... Flopping and making noises early on. C's are attacking the paint tonight, and should be able to all game. There's no lumbering Embid out there clogging the paint. Did anyone see the aggression in which JB took playing D on Heild, it forced him to pass the rock. Which turned into a very poor shot. When the C's amp up there D these Sixers have no answers. Offensively the C's have been movi

Welcome "wiggle room" for Joe Mazzulla

 With the Boston Celtics season roughly 70%-complete , Joe Mazzulla's team posts the best record in the League (45-12) . Next-best in the East are the Cavs with a 37-19 record . Best-of-the-West are the Timberwolves at 40-17. Be assured Mazzulla wont be resting on that record, but it does give him some leeway to test a few of his backups down the stretch . Among that crew are Xavier Tillman, Jaden Springer, Jordan Walsh and Neemias Queta.  Tillman and Queta (should the latter nail a full-time roster spot) could be important if injuries plague the current center position. Springer and Walsh could bring additional defense in the post-season, but their viability needs to be tested under fire in the regular season. The top-6 in Boston's rotation can no longer be considered upstarts or novices in the playoffs. But the loss last season to the Heat in the Eastern Finals really hurt, and I can't envision anything resembling that happening again. Look for Joe to do some experiment

C's take a bite out of the Big Apple

 The C's are in New York tonight to play one of the more overrated teams in the league. The NBA is always trying to make New York relevant and personally I think it's garbage. The Knicks are no where near the Celtics when it comes to being a historic franchise. These primetime games take forever to start. Why not bump up the start time on these games? First Quarter ☘️ C's have their lineup of excellence out there tonight. Is it possible that tonight is JTs signature game at Madison Square Garden?!? JB opens us up with a pure three point shot in the bottom of the cup! C's will need to compete on each possession tonight. JB has been the spark to light the fire tonight. Jrue Holiday posts up Brunson and that will be a key tonight. Make him work on D because let's be honest he can't play D. Tire him out and those shots won't be falling at end of the game . I love how JT is attacking the rim tonight. Knicks have no answer for him inside. In all reality the C'

Breaks over...

C's are in Chicago to continue their journey towards Banner 18. No time for letting up, let's keep this train chugging.  1Q ☘️ Time to get back to business, and keep those wins coming. C's are cold, take it to the rack! Jrue finally gets the C's on the board with a corner three. Jrue has been deadly from the corners this season. That shot will be a huge weapon in the playoffs. What a pick and roll as JB finds KP for the JAM! After a slow start the C's are warming up. These Bulls really don't like to defend the three, so the C's better make them pay for it. JB is out here attacking that rim, that's what we need from him! DWhite hasn't missed a step as he continues blocking shots, making steals and scoring. He's truly the Swiss army knife of these Celtics. Just a multi facetted WEAPON! C's haven't missed a beat despite being off for the All Star break. C's lead after one and here we go!  2Q 🍀🍀 These Celtics continue to play efficientl

All Star Game Thoughts...

  Personally I remember All Star weekend and the game to be a must watch. Getting to see my basketball favorites, Bird and Jordan to name a few suit up and do amazing things. The games themselves had that edge to them. Guys wanted to win and they put that effort into it. Slam dunk contests had the cream of the crop. Jordan and Nique dueling and so many other special dunkers. The three point contests had Larry and him asking who was finishing second. There was an aura of greatness and it really was special to those guys to suit up and play.  There was one moment this weekend that made me smile. JT met Larry Joe Bird and his response afterwards was that of a little kid. That's how it should be honestly. I remember getting to shake Larry's hand when Magic was enshrined and I felt that same way.  These new All Star weekends just don't have that pizzazz anymore . The dunk contest has nothing left to offer and it's full of g league gimmicks that are well not worthy of our tim

What's up, Doc? Coach Rivers off to bad start in Milwaukee

  Doc Rivers took over the reins of the Milwaukee Bucks on January, 26, 2024 and things right now don't look too rosy. His team has a 3-7 record over the last 10 games, but last night's 113-110 loss to the lowly-and-understaffed Memphis Grizzlies was a shocker to many. The Bucks are 3-7 in the Doc Rivers era — NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) February 16, 2024 Do the names Vince Williams, Santi Adams, Trey Jamison, Ziaire Williams or Jordan Goodwin ring a bell? They were the five starters for Memphis. How about G G Jackson and Lamar Stevens? They both played big minutes off the bench, with Jackson joining Ziaire for top scoring honors with 27 apiece . Celtics fans remember Stevens as the guy traded away to get Xavier Tillman to Boston. Lamar had 13 points and five rebounds in the contest. Things can only go upward for the coach that left the Celtics so as to not participate in a rebuild. So,  What's up, Doc? Here it comes - "Some guys in

C's welcome Brooklyn

The Celtics welcome the Brooklyn Nets in the final game before the break. These two teams went at it last night, so tonight should be interesting. JT went off for forty one last night. Will he do it again?! Tonight could be the 100th win for Coach Joe! He would be tied for the fifth fastest to reach that number of wins.  First Quarter ☘️ C's secure the tip and we are on our way. KP opens us up and nails a three! He can be deadly from outside, but I prefer him in the post. Early fashion statement from JT and DW as they rock the Jrue headband. C's start the game on nice 7-0 run. DWhite seems to be locked in early on. He's hitting his threes and scoring inside. He's been a huge cog in the success of the C's this season. I fully believe he will come up big in the post season. He will make a play that will keep him in Celtics lore forever. C's are playing pretty well tonight, there's no lull tonight. Not ideal to be missing JB tonight, but expect other guys to st

C's are in Brooklyn

  C's are in Brooklyn to take on the Nets, they will also see them tomorrow night as well. No KP due to a back contusion , I'm glad they are playing it safe with the Unicorn!  1st Q 🏀 C's need to be ready for the Nets best shot. We have a back and forth battle in the early minutes. C's need to attack the post, that's where they can exploit these Nets. Getting to see Jrue post up should be a regular thing we see. As Jrue posts up he finds a cutting DWhite for the layup. That play should be a staple for this team. I feel cutting is an underrated part of today's NBA. JB is looking very spry tonight. Getting to the cup with no resistance. C's have been very good at pushing the ball up the floor. These Nets don't want to play D, run em off the floor. The way Sam comes off screens is very direct and leads to very good looks. That rainbow three of his seems to hang up there quite a bit, yet when it swishes its beautiful. JT seems to be locked and loaded early

Celtics new addition, Jaden Springer, does one thing very well

 I'm not talking about shooting . Hitting 39% from the field (this season) and 21.6% on 3-pointers would be the first indicator. But Jaden Springer, a 21-year-old combo guard , can defend even some of the top players in the League. That is his strength, and he can pass the ball well enough to get on the court in limited minutes, maybe even in the post-season. At 6'4" and 202 pounds, he is in the same size category as Derrick White and Jrue Holiday , and has the potential, with seasoning, to transform into a reliable - or even proficient - NBA defender. That is why he is in Beantown ( per's Bobby Manning ): "The Celtics wanted to acquire specialists, who could do one thing at a high level, (Joe) Mazzulla said, while trying to improve the players long-term." It will be interesting for Celtics fans to watch this kid perform and grow. He could end up, with Xavier Tillman , as a long-term answer for the Boston Celtics .

Kristaps Porzingis' success is all about "simplicity"'s Sam Mitchell said it best. Kristaps Porzingis keeps his game simple . With him, it is not about great handles, acute passes or or intricate shots . Did I mention he keeps it simple. Most of the noise surrounding the Celtics play centers on the importance of the "Long Latvian" remaining healthy for the post season . Opponents have no solid answer for him . He shoots over the smaller defenders and takes it to the hoop against the bigger ones. This season, he is shooting .529 from the field and .360 on threes . If he gets fouled, Kristaps hits his free throws at a .845 clip . Lately, when he sets a screen, he heads for the basket and gets his share of jams. Oh, and he is blocking close-to-shots-per game (1.9 BPG). There is nothing complicated about Porzingis' game. Doesn't have to be. He posts up, rebounds and blocks shots like many of the big-men-of-old - and his shots from the hinterlands are quick, smooth and accurate. Does every other fan cringe each

Superbowl Sunday in Miami

  1st Quarter ☘️  C's lead after one, KP came and brought it in the first. C's will need to amp up there offense if they do they can blow this team out. I love everything KP has done today. The man is a cheat code, the Heat have no answers for him. Our writers should know my disdain for this entire heats organization. C's need to tighten their screws on D and force the Heat into contested shots. C's lead after one and better push this lead.  2nd Quarter ☘️☘️ C's open the second with a nice offensive possession which leads to PP for three! Duncan Robinson is nothing more than a cry baby. Al Horford runs down the Heat fast break and swats that weak crap outta here! I like what I'm seeing on defense and slowly the offense is following suit. C's are playing at a nice pace overall and I love how KP is attacking the Heat. So far Holiday seems to be locked from three. I want to see JB get unleashed, I know his back has been an issue. Bam is a dirty player and just

C's welcome the Wiz

  Will we get to see Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer tonight. C's welcome the Washington Wizards to the Garden. It turns both gentlemen are injured and we will have to wait to see them.  1Q 🍀 C's are attacking early on, and that's what this offense needs to do. I'd love to see this group attack the paint more. Instead of working from the outside in, it should be the inside out.  Jrue Holiday has such an incredible presence on the block. That's the old school basketball I love to see. Where has basketball gone, the post up game is such a lost art. Once that three point shot became the focal point the game has lost its essence. It's still the most beautiful sport, yet that's it's imperfection. More often than not this Celtics group defers to the three. They have moments where they buck that trend, I'd prefer to see that become their norm. I do enjoy how the C's move the ball, it's a thing of beauty. KP must be the anchor in the post for this

More Moves

  C's finish with a flurry of moves. I'll need to inform myself of Jaden Springer but I do recall him bringing energy and skills when he faced the C's. I feel Tillman and Springer will make plays for the C's down the stretch. 

Who is Xavier Tillman, Celtics new addition?

 Not a blockbuster, bur Brad Stevens has made a move prior to today's deadline. The Celtics have traded Lamar Stevens and two second-round picks to the Memphis Grizzlies , bringing Xavier Tillman, Sr, to the fold. The 6'7", 245-pound Tillman is listed as a center/power forward - therefore adding another body to Boston's front court. He has never been threat from beyond the 3-point arc (22.6%) or the foul line (41.9%) this season , but he can do a little bit of everything else in limited minutes (20.6 MPG) - 6.0 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 1.7 APG, 1.2 SPG and 1,.0 BPG. Tillman appears to be a shorter version of the Celtics Neemias Queta , but with three-and-a-half seasons under his belt. Brad Stevens may not be done dealing, with the Trade Deadline ending at 3:00 PM ET today. 

The Hawks Land in Boston

C's have acquired Xavier Tillman, who will bring toughness to the C's bench. He was brought in for two second round picks and Lamar we hardly knew ya Stevens. I'm guessing the C's aren't don't yet. Let's see because tomorrow is the trade deadline. No Jrue Holiday tonight... 1Q 🍀 C's have their work cut out for them, given how these Hawks can score. KP should be able to dominate down low tonight. C's are going to need to slow down Young. He tends to always give us fits. Al Horfords passing this season has been pretty effective. He's very cerebral when he's out there this season. C's need to tighten up on D. If not these Hawks can pop off and go for thirty a quarter. We have a back and forth game so far tonight. Hoping the C's will go on a run and grab a decent lead. We won't be seeing that run here in the first. C's trail after one. 2Q 🏀🏀 C's are making the Hawks pay for their turnovers. Al got the steal and brought it h

Celtics need bench help? Maybe not!

 I was frankly surprised to find that the Boston Celtics bench has the top Net Rating  (4.9) in the NBA. But that doesn't mean Brad Stevens won't be making a move prior to Thursday's Trade Deadline. The point is that the sextet of Al Horford, Sam Hauser, Payton Pritchard, Luke Kornet, Neemias Queta and Oshae Brissett have done well for the first 50 games of the regular season, but questions remain relative to how much the likes of Hauser, Pritchard, Queta and Brissett will contribute in the post-season. Al, Sam and Payton are the main pieces off the bench . Horford certainly has the seasoning, but the latter two have doubters . Most of the talk relative to potential trades rotate around big men Kelly Olynyk and Andre Drummond , but Stevens never gives many hints on future moves. Stay tuned.

Neemias Queta: Still raw, but fills a need

 Each time I watch Neemias Queta in action, I want to see more. The "Portuguese Man O' War" may never get involved in an All-Star game - remains a raw work in progress - can't shoot from distance - but he has s ize (7', 245 lbs.), toughness, plays hard, fabulous rebounder, and opportunistic, determined scorer at the rim. The rest of his team throws up enough shots from the hinterlands, so no need for Queta to try any at all. For better or worse, he is a throwback to the 60's and 70's when centers hung around the rim on both ends of the court. Another shout-out to Neemias Queta ☘️ 8 points (4-4 FG), 8 boards & 2 steals in 10 minutes against Memphis: — Tomek Kordylewski (@Timi_093) February 5, 2024 Neemias had eight points on a perfect 4-of-4 from the field , in addition to eight boards and two steals versus Memphis yesterday - in less than 10 minutes. And four of those rebounds were off the offensive glass. Using my usua

C's welcome back the Warrior Marcus Smart

  C's have welcomed back their Warrior Marcus the Wolverine Smart. Despite the fact he isn't playing his presence is felt.  1Q 🏀  We have a solid quarter from the C's, that should be a welcome sign given how they played on Thursday night. We saw some pretty good ball movement in this first quarter. I was a bit distracted as we celebrated the 93rd birthday of my Yia Yia. Talk about the rock of the family. She's been thru and seen it all. C's are playing well but giving the Grizz life as they are still on the game. C's lead after one.  2Q 🏀🏀 C's still can't separate themselves from this Grizzlies team. They keep fighting and making the necessary plays to stay alive. I'd like to see JT take over and elevate his teammates to blowing the doors off this team. I was pleased to hear from Glenn Ordway who was around the 85/86 C's and he said they didn't have that killer instinct every game. Not that I'm condoning it but it's human nature. W

My encounter with North Woods Law and the talking partridge

  My encounter with North Woods Law and the talking partridge -  September 12, 2018 When you watch North Woods Law filmed in New Hampshire, believe what you see. It is quite real, and these Game Wardens are called upon to do everything. Living in the North Country, my wife, Linda, and I encounter them quite often, and one meeting was quite bizarre. We were hunting for partridge on a logging road a few years ago and a guy in a pickup truck stopped and told us there was a partridge just off the road and quite close to us. We followed him, and he pointed it out, sitting in a clearing about 20 yards off the road. He wondered why I wasn't shooting it because they were in season - I was licensed - and we were in a legal shooting location. I hesitated because I knew a camp was a distance beyond the bird. That's when it happened. Partridge that flew through my porch screen. Released unharmed. The three of us heard a disembodied voice from the woods -  "Don't shoot the bird!&qu

Frightening moose encounter in the Great North Woods

  Living in the North Woods offers many opportunities for pleasant outdoor recreation, but sometimes things can get a bit testy. This was one such occurrence. Moose in our driveway, Northern NH My wife, Linda, and I were out for a walk along interstate highway route 26, and I should mention here that route 26 can not be compared with route 495 in Massachusetts, but it is a 2-lane highway. We were not far from our house when we heard the most God-awful bellowing and crashing in the trees beside the highway. We both knew what it was, and I immediately looked for a way out of the impending disaster. I was carrying my Colt .45 ACP pistol but that would be a last resort - and might not stop the animal right away anyway. Then she appeared, and she was pissed. It was a cow moose and the ears were back, and the hackles along the neck and back were up - and she was coming for us. I can only think after the fact that she had a calf nearby and felt we were a threat. I kept facing her as we backed

Trade deadline deal most Celtics fans hope not to see

  February 8, 2024 @ 3:00 PM ET. That is the NBA trade deadline, and Yahoo!Sports has broached a potential deal that most Boston Celtics fans, including this one, never wanted to see (per Jake Fischer): Marcus Smart blocking The Greek Freak "While several clubs — including the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers, sources said — have phoned Memphis about obtaining defensive stalwart Marcus Smart, the Grizzlies have shut down any overtures for the veteran guard, sources said." When Smart was sent packing to Memphis , he was not thrilled with hearing the news via social media. Marcus had his share of critics among Boston fans, but most never wanted to see " The Wolverine" return to Beantown as an opponent - ready to defend any member of The Green, regardless of size or ability. The Grizzlies Ja Morant is out for the season with an injury, and center, Steven Adams (also out for season) is heading to the Houston Rockets. This season is a lost one for Memphis , and

Are Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown "too nice"?

 "(Jaylen) Brown and (Jayson) Tatum are great players, but they are nice guys. I never met a great player  that was really, really a nice guy". --- Charles Barkley That is what Sir Charles had to say about a Celtics team that had been destroyed (114-105) by a Lebron-less, Brow-less Lakers crew. Is it true? "You can't tweak your little finger without your brain initiating the action." --- Tom Lane This is not simply part of a bad stretch for Boston. Their minds are not into the regular season, and they are once again bored with the 82 games that lead to the post-season. "I'm almost off their bandwagon... They don't win on toughness and defense." Chuck sounds off on the Celtics' first-half performance — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) February 2, 2024 The "toughness" and "defense" Barkley mentioned as requirements for Titles were sorely missing in last night's contest. Do any long-time Celtics fans

Lakers Celtics a Rivalry?

Celtics and Lakers have been linked thru out NBA history, it's a Rivalry yet the C's own this one. The amount of total wins the C's have vs the Lakers is a 33 game lead in the regular season and a 12 game lead in the post season. If my math is correct that means we own a 45 game lead. Not to mention we don't count titles owned by other franchises. The Lakers "claim" five owned by Minneapolis which they only started claiming to show they were close to the Celtics. The only reason the Lakers "tied" the C's at 17 is because of that Disney produced bubble farce. Oh and let's not forget these Fakers own the first ever IST title which means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA! In my head I hear the voices of past Cs fans in the Garden chanting this... 1Q ☘️ It figures that both Leflop and Mr Glass aren't playing tonight. People payed their hard earned money to watch them flop and complain to the refs. Shame on the league for not makin