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Is anti-Celtics bias preventing K. C. Jones from Hall of Fame as coach?

  This just isn't right! K. C. Jones is well-overdue for induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach. Has he been forgotten - and tossed aside - in that capacity? The time is right to correct the slight. The Boston Celtics currently have the most HOF inductees , with 40 . Is the feeling among the voters that 40 members of The Green is sufficient? Well, it's not! K. C. is in The Hall as a player, which is much-deserved for the guy that took over the reins from Bob Cousy and constantly played under the shadow of Bill Russell . And Jones was voted one of the . 15 greatest coaches in NBA history. 5 #NBAFinals appearances and 2 titles as an #NBA head coach. 2 championships as an assistant. 2nd highest winning % for any head coach with 500 wins Help induct Coach K​.​C. Jones Into the National Basketball Hall of Fame - Sign the Petition! via @Change — Dan Kelley (@DanKelley66) June 10, 2024 So what's going on? I have felt for som
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Early projections of Finals MVP reveals much

 It's only two games, but some too-early guesswork of the eventual winner of Finals MVP for 2024 tells us quite a bit. The first revelation is that the Boston Celtics are loaded - but we knew that. Kristaps Porzingis came back from injury in Gane-1 and powered his team to the win. Game-2 saw Jrue Holiday prove why Brad Stevens was so smart in signing him long-term. And Jaylen Brown  played so well in both games, he has quieted his many critics. But despite his poor shooting and propensity for turning the ball over, Jayson Tatum had done everything else on the floor in the two games thus far . And don't forget Dallas' Luke Doncic . His team may be down 0-2, but he has generally excelled. Here are the basic stats for the foursome: Tatum: 43.5 MPG - 17.0 PPG - 10.0 RPG - 8.5 APG - .5 SPG - .5 BPG Brown: 40.0 MPG - 21.5 PPG - 5.0 RPG - 4.5 APG - 3.0 SPG - 1.5 BPG Holiday: 38.0 MPG - 19.0 PPG - 9.5 RPG - 4.0 APG - 1.0 SPG - .5 BPG Doncic: 40.5 MPG - 31.0 PPG - 10.5 RPG - 6.

NBA Finals Game 2

 Your Boston Celtics have grabbed a 2-0 series lead against the Dallas Mavericks. Despite shooting poorly from beyond the arc. Despite that they still found a way to win and to me that marks a great team.  I love the fact the C's had more assists then Dallas. Defensively they had more steals and blocks. As I always say defense wins championships! C's despite having multiple turnovers, Dallas won that stat! C's had 21 points off of those turnovers. You must capitalize when your opponent gives you opportunities. Celtics may not have been lighting it up but they made their free throws and closed when they needed to. Jrue Holiday and Derrick White were the back court of destruction! Offensively they made the plays and on defense they were once again incredible! JT nearly had a triple double yet still doesn't get the calls like Luka. JB once again was nails on both ends. Most national fools I mean pundits will look at the Jays and say it wasn't enough. I disagree, those

Dallas Luka/Irving duo better than Celtics Tatum/Brown? Not in Game-1

 Most Celtics fans heard the noise from NBA analysts . They chant that the Mavericks duo of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic are superior to the Celtics Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown pairing . That simply doesn't ring true, at least using a limited sample of Game-1. Using win/loss as a category, and including points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, FG%, 3-pt% and FT% , the Tatum/Brown take out Luka/Irving by a score of 7-to-3. Dallas duo wins points, steals (barely) and turnovers (barely), while the Celtics pair takes all the rest. The rebounding (17-13), assists (7-3) and blocks (4-0) for Tatum/Brown over Luka/Irving were outstanding . Also noteworthy that the Boston team as a whole took honors on blocked shots, sending nine shot attempts away - to only one for the Dallas team. It is vital for the Celtics to lose any complacency from their convincing win in Game-1 - and to take ZERO plays off in Game-2. I have mellowed on any negative feelings for Irving, but I would

Loving how Jayson Tatum performed in Game-1 of Finals

 I assume it would be difficult to be the "Latest Basketball Hero In Town" when the home team has seen the likes of Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce , etc., etc., etc. Off nights for a star can come with flak. But Jayson Tatum is up to the task . Tatum has matured and is one of the most-skilled Celtics to ever take to the parquet. But we will hear from some fans and analysts about his "quiet" performance in Game-1 of the Finals versus Dallas . His 16 points came in third place to Jaylen Brown (20) and Kristaps Porzingis (20) , he was 6-of-16 from the field and had six turnovers. But Jayson was team-high in rebounds (11) and came in a close second to Jrue Holiday in plus/minus (+19) . And he tied the backcourt duo of Holiday and Derrick White with five boards . Granted, this was not a Tatum win. It was a team win, with six guys scoring 12-or-more points. That is the ultimate goal, and Jayson knows it. Unlike previous sea

"Porzingis Power" fuels Celtics win in Game-1 of Finals

 A number of NBA analysts have stated that a healthy Kristaps Porzingis is an absolute requirement for the Boston Celtics to hoist Banner 18. I don't agree entirely, but the "Long Latvian's" performance last night demonstrated just how valuable he is. A total of 20 points in less than 21 minutes - on 62%/50%/100% accuracy from the field, beyond the arc and free throw line, respectively. Add to that three blocks and six rebounds. Porzingis hit from deep, mid-range and down low. His length allows him to simply shoot over opposing defenders. And his three blocks took a lot of air out of the Mavericks . Kristaps' presence alone altered at least a few other shots by Dallas. So Kristaps may not be vital for Boston's success, but he is damn important - so much that Celtics fans (me included) constantly worry as to whether or not he can stay injury-free the rest of the series. He will have three days rest prior to Game-2 on Sunday. Just occurred to me that the Cel

NBA Finals Game 1

The Stage is set and the Finals are finally here. The C's welcome the national media darlings in Complainer Luka and Logo Stomping Kyrie. Well we have JT, JB, Jrue, DWhite, KP, AL, and so much more. The start of Banner 18 begins tonight. I can't believe it's been 16 years since the last time the C's won it all. That's way too freaking long... 1st Quarter 🏀 Here we go! Al JAMS IT HOME! Jrue for a pure three! We get JB guarding Luka so far tonight. Gotta love seeing JT crash the boards already tonight. C's are missing some good looks so far but those will fall. Al gets a three followed by a JB steal and jam! C's are moving the ball pretty damn well tonight. KP has entered the conversation! Welcome back, no go ball out! It's been a busy first quarter as both teams are locked in. Need to see some tighter D from the C's though. Force both Luka and Kyrie to play defense. KP forces Luka into his first foul, smart basketball play. KP JAMS IT HOME! KP is a m