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Bronny James-to-Celtics in 2024 draft one Hell of a longshot

  Where do I start? There are many potential negatives involved in the Boston Celtics choosing Bronny James in the 2024 NBA draft. Bronny's dad, Lebron James , has stated he would sign with the team that drafts his son . His present contract with the Lakers has a "player option" attached to it for the 2024-25 season. So, should he choose, he could opt out and become a free agent - able to pick his own team. But there would be no way Boston could afford the $51.4 million Lebron is slated to earn if he remains with Los Angeles. So what if agrees to take far less? Then comes to mind the massive ego and the fit and synergy with the Jay Team - or lack thereof. And how about the medical concerns with Bronny - who went into cardiac arrest this past summer due to a heart defect. That could be a major concern. Mock NBA drafts have the younger James going anywhere from the late-lottery to not being drafted at all. The incentive for some teams to go ahead and draft Bronny woul
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Coach Mazzulla may not be your "Average Joe"

  Kudos to Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla! Since taking over the reins from Ime Udoka, he has amassed a record of 71-29 in his first 100 games - a winning percentage of .710. To be honest, I was skeptical when Brad Stevens decided to go with a young coach with some negative history in his college playing days . But Mazzulla has more-than-weathered the storm. Joe Mazzulla's record through 100 games as Boston's head coach: 71-29. He currently has the highest winning percentage (.710) of any coach in NBA history. — ☘︎ (@CelticsRepublic) November 29, 2023 Per ,  Here are the winningest Celtics coaches, all-time: K C Jones - .751 Bill Fitch - .738 Joe Mazzulla - .710 Celtics fans have been through some tough times over the past decades - with the Rick Pitino era taking the "Booby Prize" . Joe has taken some hits - some perhaps deserved - but he has persevered and the initial results are in. We very likely don't have an "Avera

Chi Town Vs Bean Town

In what should be the last we hear of the in season tournament, the Celtics welcome the Bulls. Whatever these unlikable rules are, say the C's need to destroy the Bulls by a ton of points. Personally this in season tournament is a waste. It's set up for weaker teams and fan bases to claim some type of trophy. Celtics fans don't want or need in season tournament championships. We want BANNER 18 and that is all this season is about. Personally this in season is set up for someone who is very weak mentally from a sports perspective and loves to flop. It's also set up for a franchise who has been given players and calls more so than anyone else in the league. That's right the LA Fakers.  1st Quarter 🏀 JB owns the first quarters lately and he starts us off with a three tonight. Early on the Celtics ball movement looks very smooth. Jrue off his ankle injury, gets on the board with a three! Good to have him back, he's an all around complete basketball player and one o

Doubtful that Jaylen Brown replaces Kevin McHale as Celtics "Black Hole"

  Danny Ainge once (at least once) called teammate, Kevin McHale "The Black Hole" because once the ball was passed into McHale in the pivot - it never came back out . Kevin's compadres knew they would not see the ball again once the 6'10" forward caught their pass, but he had great inside moves and had a career .554 on field goals. His career assist average was 2.0 APG. Now to Jaylen Brown . Jaylen has a career assist average of 2.8 APG , and his number this season is at 3.6 APG. But rightly so, his field goal career percentage is at .475 - not bad, but not up to McHale standards. It is well-known among NBA analysts that Brown is known for sometimes forcing his offense, but if he can continue his synergy with teammate, Kristaps Porzingis , that may change. Getting it to the big Latvian for easy hoops may win a number of games for Boston this season. So, for now, there is little danger of Jaylen Brown playing second fiddle to Kevin McHale as Boston's "

Neemias Queta definitivamente necesita más miradas de Joe Mazzulla

 En 15 minutos de juego en la victoria de Boston por 113-103 sobre los Hawks, Neemias Queta aportó siete puntos, 10 rebotes (6 ofensivos), un robo y un más/menos de +5. Así es como se ve por cada 36 minutos: 17 puntos - 24 rebotes - dos robos Queta getting in on the action 🔥 — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) November 26, 2023 El mejor esfuerzo del pívot de 7' y 250 libras salió del cristal ofensivo (6 rebotes ofensivos). Puede que haya fallado sus cinco intentos de tiro desde cualquier distancia, pero su trabajo con el tablero, su defensa y su ajetreo le valieron su primer premio Tommy: Neemius Queta wins his first Tommy Award with 7 points and 10 rebounds in 15 minutes — Danielle Hobeika (@DanielleHobeika) November 27, 2023 Con Kristaps Porzingis fuera por una lesión en la pantorrilla, los fanáticos de Boston vieron a Queta acumular más minutos que Luke Kornet. Espere que Joe Mazzulla mire más a Queta en los próx

Neemias Queta definitely needs more looks from Joe Mazzulla

 In 15 minutes of play in Boston's 113-103 win over the Hawks, Neemias Queta supplied s even points, 10 rebounds (6 offensive), one steal and a plus/minus of +5 . Here's what that looks like on a per-36-minutes basis: 17 points - 24 rebounds - two steals Queta getting in on the action 🔥 — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) November 26, 2023 The 7', 250-pound center's best effort came off the offensive glass (6 offensive boards). He may have missed all-five of his shot attempts from any distance, but his board work, defense and hustle earned him his first Tommy Award: Neemius Queta wins his first Tommy Award with 7 points and 10 rebounds in 15 minutes — Danielle Hobeika (@DanielleHobeika) November 27, 2023 With Kristaps Porzingis out with a calf injury, Boston fans saw Queta pick up more minutes than Luke Kornet . Expect Joe Mazzulla to take further looks at  Queta in the next few games.

Short Staffed

  C's are down two of their super five as both Holiday and Porzingis are out. Hoping everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Sorry I missed last game I was working.  1st Quarter ☘️ C's are off to a nice start led by JB! Al Horford is playing some very stout defense! Hawks play very little defense, but love scoring points. Plenty of minutes out here tonight for the bench. Sam I am for Three Hauser, hits his first shot. PP hits his first shot as well, you guessed it a three! Derrick White looks ready to play and expect him to have a good one tonight. I have to be honest these New Balance shoe commercials are, well not good. Luke Kornet is dominant in the post so far. JT is embarrassing Matthews. He should own him all game! C's lead after the first.  2nd Quarter ☘️☘️ C's are very active on the glass tonight as a team. Atlanta is over performing early on. C's will need to tighten up their defense. Queta gets a BUCKET! JT making threes, he's heating up folks! JT again!!! Q