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Cue the Dramatic Music! We are Giving Out an Award!

      Franchise player anyone? These type of players only come around so often. Embrace this young talented young man. We here at the Sentinel do.       Try these stats on for size 51 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists! Given the outcome of Fridays debacle, you could see this team going in two ways. Come out and fight or lay down, thankfully they fought.  We saw this young stud come out and DOMINATE!      Anyone out there thinking about trading this star is not in their right sports mind. I've said it before and will say it again. He will be the reason we will raise banner 18 . The kid has it all and is still young! His basketball mind and body are maturing before our eyes!         Congrats on winning the Celtics Sentinel Citation Award! JT! My guy! 
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Is Celtics malaise a temporary affliction? Might be turnaround time!'s Sreve Aschburner just wrote what I, and many other Celtics fans, have been thinking since the start of this season - namely, that the talent on the Boston roster is too damn good for this level of mediocrity to continue. Steve Aschburner:  Maybe I’m just analyzing according to laundry at this point, but  the Boston Celtics thrashing around at .500 or worse  for much of this season has surprised me. Having two tremendous wings in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown somehow has turned into the my turn-your turn dead end of the unsatisfying Paul Pierce-Antoine Walker days. I get that point guard has been an issue and Al Horford is well past his prime, but Marcus Smart is tough, Robert Williams III is delivering in the middle and I simply assumed Brad Stevens taking his coaching chops upstairs meant he would replace or surpass them with his choice of sideline successor (Ime Udoka). I get it, they’re vertically challenged defensively, but I cannot believe this mediocrity is go

Can The Celtics wash away the Wizards

      1st Quarter             So far the Celtics are coming out with purpose. If this team doesn't play with purpose the season may be lost. If they can find some motivation and purpose this could turn into a very special season. With that said play some stinking D! How about a shout-out for GWill nailing threes like Steph Curry.              And just like that the lead has shriveled up. This group can't handle a lead at all. I miss the Big Three, both versions. I'm sorry but today's brand of basketball is trash. Until we get a coach who is willing to embrace quality basketball we are going to struggle.        2nd Quarter       We need an overhaul of our other pieces.  JB and JT are in it for the long haul. Can a GM and Coach actually maximize this these two?  Right now Brad and Ime are not. We needed a real GM and Coach and we got rookies in that area. Unacceptable!      Will we actually find a real point guard? That would be nice,  because right now we are not there.

Celtics players in the clutch: The good and the bad

  If you read my previous article , you already know the Celtics are ranked towards the bottom of the NBA (27th place) in win/loss record in "clutch time" . Here's the good and bad from the Celtics players in the final five minutes of a close game (score differential five or less) . Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Dennis Schroder, Josh Richardson, Marcus Smart and Rob Williams all have averaged four minutes-or-more in crunch time this season. They are followed by Al Horford, Romeo langford and Grant Williams logging two-or-more minutes. Points   Tatum and Brown average a combined 6.7 PPG in those critical final five minutes. The point production drops off precipitously after that. Field Goal Attempts Ditto. Its the Jay team once again attempting a combined 5.6 shots per game . Field goal percentage Enes Freedom hits a perfect 100% of his field goals in crunch time, but his minutes are limited . He is followed by RWill (64%) and Dennis Schroder (51.5%) . Brown hits a respe

Celtics choke in the clutch! Here's the season breakdown.

 The Boston Celtics sit in the 27th spot - 4th from last - as far as wins and losses in   the last five minutes of a game in which the point differential is 5 or less. In 26 games in which The Green found themselves in "clutch time" , they show nine wins and 17 losses for a .346 record. Only the Spurs, Magic and Pacers have worse records. Here's the breakdown. What the issue? It's not that Boston can't score points in those critical five minutes. They rank second in the NBA in that category. Is it shooting accuracy? Yup! Celtics rank 19th in field goal accuracy at the end of close games and 14th in 3-point marksmanship (.416 and .299, respectively) . Don't they shoot enough with the game on the line? Not the problem. They rank first in that category, throwing up 8.0 shots in that 5-minute span. The trouble is that most of the shots don't go in. What else goes amiss? Rebounds (5th), assists (11th), steals (1st) and blocks (3rd) are not the probl

Grant Williams needs more minutes and involvement in Celtics offense

 Few question the Celtics need for scoring off the bench , and a quick look at Grant Williams' stats over the last five games reveals he may need more involvement in Boston's offense: 22.3 MPG - 7.4 PPG - 3.0 RPG - 1.4 APG - 0.6 BPG - 52% FG - 47% 3s Per 36 minutes: 12.0 PPG - 4.8 RPG - 2.3 APG - 1.0 BPG 52% FG - 47% 3s For the season thus far, GWill ranks third on the team (30 games or more) in field goal percentage (.483) and first in 3-point percentage (.424) . Grant also ranks second for the season in free throw percentage (.884) . It may be time for Coach Udoka to increase Grant's minutes and run more plays for him. The guy can shoot the ball. He needs longer stretches to either prove himself, or show that he is not up to the task on a consistent basis.

It's a cold Friday night can the Celtics warm the heart and come out with a win.

      1st Quarter       When JB hits his threes in stride it's as pure as organic honey, so damn sweet! Celtics fans can we give a shout out to Mike Gorman, just love him doing games. Just wish Tommy was still with him. Not an ideal start IMO, this is a weaker less talented team. Celtics should be coming out ready to bury them!        RWill with a huge block, yet no fast break off if it? JRich my guy coming in and making stuff happen. Drilling a three like he just struck oil! JRich with another nice offensive set with the floater that touched Heaven where my mom is. I'd like to think she guided that one home.        2nd Quarter       Celtics are getting rolled, didn't score until 9:30 left in the quarter come on guys. Unacceptable! How can an NBA team be so cold, really I don't get it. Someone needs to get to the rack and score. What is this team, because right now they look like losers. Excellent take by JT getting to the rim and the foul!        The fight is there and