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Police and the history of "street justice"

 You don't hear the term, "street justice" , much anymore, but it was used and practiced when I started my law enforcement career in the early 70's. On my very first arrest for public dunkenness, the veteran booking officer at the neighboring police department came around the counter and punched my prisoner in the face for no apparent reason. The unfortunate drunk fell to the floor with blood flowing from his nose ( per U. S. Department of Justice ): "Street justice is a police response to a community mandate calling for action to be taken when formal institutions will not or cannot respond for various reasons. This street justice function has created widespread concern, particularly when police officers simultaneously display ethnic or racial prejudice." Street justice was dealt by a number of officers, and hardly a peep was heard from the victims, their families or the media . Things changed in the ensuing years, and particularly in liberal Massachusetts,
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Life without Marcus Smart taking toll on Celtics

 The Celtics record this season with Marcus Smart on the sidelines is 5-4 (.556), including a 3-game losing streak in the team's last three games. With The Wolverine on the court, the team is 30-11 (.732).   So what are they missing when Marcus is out of action? No stats really stand out, so I will go with the subjective factors such as "energy", "fire" and "intensity" . This present Celtics crew maintains a tenuous hold on the number-one spot in the Rankings, but they are still prone to relaxing at certain points in games. That doesn't happen as often with Marcus directing the offense and bugging the Hell out of the opposition on defense.   He remains the unofficial leader of The Green , and they are not the same without him. When his latest ailment heals, he will be welcomed back to help reverse that bothersome losing streak.

Celtics with a heartbreaking OT loss to hungry Knicks

  1st Quarter ☘️ We have some reinforcements playing tonight, it's time to get back to our winning ways. They call this a rivalry game, I'd say it's pretty lopsided in favor of the Celtics! Keys to the game, are pushing the pace, playing D, and rebounding!  I want to see a Blowout!  JB opens up the game with his patented mid range jumper! DWhite with a nice take away on D! He's been very good on the defensive end. Love seeing JT posting up and getting the score inside. He can do that all game if he wants. The more he develops that post up game the more unstoppable he can become. Back to back THREEEEEEEEEs for JT!!! Al said I can do that as he drains a nothing but net three! Timeout by the Knickerbockers, these Celtics should be able to dominate this team. Love seeing JT get in the paint and score with that one handed floater. He's showing a bit of everything in his bag tonight.  Great job by DWhite getting inside and initiating contact. Having him in the starting li

A midnight knock at our remote cabin door

 A new movie about to come into theaters, Knock at the Cabin , brought this incident back from the past. Our camp (I never called it a cabin) perched above a remote lake in Western Maine - in the middle of a vast wilderness containing very few folks . My wife and two young kids were asleep inside during one of those nights where there was absolutely no natural light - no moon, no stars. Only blackness. The sudden knock on the door had no warning that there were any other humans other than a family down the lake in the area. In our 30-plus years on the lake, the knock was the first-and-last we ever heard. My daughter, Lisa , was probably the most-alarmed due to her habit of reading some of the most-gruesome horror books while at the camp . You know the kind - stories of innocent girls being pulled outside of their cabin through a window by cannabalistic monsters. That kind of stuff. Well, the guys at the door weren't cannibals. They were wilderness tour guides leading a group of

What am I missing on Joe Mazzula "flipping out"?

 Please help me here! In 20-plus years in law enforcement, I have seen enough bizarre behavior from my officers and the public to fill a novel. So what is up with Joe Mazzula doing a somersault  in front of Marcus Smart (per NESN's Adam London)? According to The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach, Mazzulla walked past Marcus Smart in the Celtics locker room before the game,  did a full somersault  in front of the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, said “you can’t do that” and walked out. Smart made it clear to Himmelsbach that the theatrics weren’t an inside joke between him and his coach. “We need to stop giving him sugar,” Smart told Himmelsbach. The best chance here is that the act was simply a light, spontaneous moment by a rookie coach trying to lighten the pre-game tension . I obviously wasn't there to see the acrobatics or Smart's innocuous response, but the incident-as-described has bizarre aspects to it . But right now, I will go with the incident being just spur

Dave Cowens: Celtics Savior of Sorts

 Ten-time Celtics Champion, Sam Jones , was expected to retire after the 1968-69 season, but Bill Russell calling it quits was a bit of a shocker . Sam was going to be sorely missed, but John Havlicek, JoJo White and Larry Siegfried were still arouind to pick up some of the slack. But who was going to replace the seemingly-irreplaceable Russell? Well, it wasn't going to be 7-footer, Hank Finkel , traded to Boston prior to the 1969-70 season. Finkel had his best statistical season in his first stint in Beantown, but he was not Russ - not even close . As Hank's wife, Kathy, said at the time - she knew her husband was not Bill Russell every time she saw his paycheck. Then came "The Savior". 6'8.5", 130 pound Dave Cowens, taken at number-4 in the 1970 NBA draft.. "Too small to play center in the NBA" is what many critics uttered, but "Big Red" proved them wrong. He never lived-and-breathed basketball, but once on the court, he gave you eve

The Heat is on as the short handed C's visit Miami.

The Celtics are a way of life☘️🏀🍀 Anyone else feel tonight's game has lost some pizzazz? Does it really matter in the long run?! By the looks of how many guys are sitting I wouldn't look to much into tonights game. It seems as though these Celtics are saving their guys, the key is their health come playoff time. Celtics 4 Life!   1st Quarter ☘️ I love the fact that Payton Pritchard is getting the start tonight. Expect a big game out of him tonight! Going to need all hands on deck! Let's hope this team is ready for a fight especially being short handed. Where are the fans tonight?! Empty seats all around!  DWhite gets inside and takes it to the flopper Lowry! Post him up all damn game! JT gets a quick basket early, no one is stopping him tonight. Right on cue Lowry just tried to sell a horrible flop! Boy does his game just get me annoyed! Tatum gets inside once again off a great set play! Refs are starting early giving the Heat a bogus call. Grant tends to start slow when