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Malcolm Brogdon addition boosts Celtics to #1 in Eastern Power Rankings

  NBA/com's Power Rankings are out and (no surprise) the Boston Celtics take the number-1 spot in the East - with the Milwaukee Bucks at number-2 and the Philadelphia 76'ers at number-3. Boston's strong finish to the 2021-22 season seems poised to continue into the upcoming campaign, but's John Schuhmann projects the addition of Malcolm Brogdon as a major reason for The Green to be optimistic: It’s possible that Brown’s ball-handling doesn’t get much better, but (Malcolm) Brogdon obviously takes some of the playmaking burden off the shoulders of the young stars while fitting into Boston’s drive-and-kick offense. He averaged almost six more drives per game ( 18.3 ) than  anybody on the Celtics  and had  the lowest turnover rate on drives  (4.2 per 100) among 42 players who averaged at least 10 per contest. (Derrick White had the third lowest rate.) The Celtics’ clutch offense issues were seemingly more about approach than just makes and misses, but Brogdon has
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Are you kidding me?

 When today's NBA players crap on the greats of the past, it's infuriating! Unfortunately for them they didn't get paid as heavily as today's players. So if they needed another job then kudos to them for busting their behinds. Bill Russell played in a hard core basketball era. When basketball was a man's game and you know what he did, he dominated! You would think these other teams would learn to game plan against him and the Celtics. Yet the Celtics and Bill came out on top! In 21 must win situations he won! His teams always won in the clutch.  In Russell's time of basketball they played basketball in it's purest form. No threes, and definitely no flopping! How many of today's NBA players and greats have flopped like a dead seal! I'm not naming names but you all know who I'm referring to! You could take those Russell led Celtics teams put them in today's league and guess what they still would win! Bill would dominate today's low post pla

Former Lottery Pick Coming to Training Camp

 Celtics have invited former Lottery pick Noah Vonleh to training camp with an opportunity at being on the roster. If you remember he was a high prospect drafted by the Hornets. He's from Salem Ma, so let's see if he has anything left to prove. 

Training Camp Invite

  Former 2014 first round pick has been invited to Celtics training camp. Could he have something left to offer? Let's see! He showed promise with the Jazz this summer league.   

Bill Russell the greatest winner ever has passed away.

   The one and only Bill Russell has passed away at the age of 88 in his sleep peacefully. A truly amazing person off the court and beyond compare on it. In a year that has been full of loss for me personally my mom, cousin, and baby niece. The tears are flowing for Mr Russell as I type. I never saw Bill play but I've seen and watched everything you can on this amazing human being.     On the court he was damn near unbeatable, winning 11 rings in the NBA, and 5 MVPs. He was a champion in college and the Olympics. As a player he was a defensive menace, and if he wanted to he probably could have scored like Wilt but he chose to do everything else. The consummate winner and team player. A heck of a coach as well.     Off the floor he fought for what was right, seeking equal rights for all. An inspiration to everyone to be better to our fellow man. A person that should be remembered for that being an amazing person. Seems over these past few years so many Celtic greats have made there

Where were you, when the news came out?

Where were you when you heard the news, that up and coming star Reggie Lewis passed away from heart issues? Personally on my way to dinner with my family in Disney. Dad had sports radio on and that sent me into tears. My favorite Celtic player after Larry and my first jersey bought with my own money. Talk about a gut punch for all Celtics fans, losing such a great player and person.  When you talk about Reggie he has it all on the floor and was becoming such an all around player. He could score by getting to the basket, and could nail jumpers with pin point accuracy. His jumper was one of the sweetest I've ever seen. He had pretty good passing skills, and knew where to find his teammates. He was unafraid to grab boards when needed. Defensively he had everything needed to be a menace. He had length, quickness, and a strong body. Anyone remember him blocking the great Michael Jordan multiple times in one game?! This was when MJ was at his first peak!  The outlook on Reggie's care

So Much To Do About Rumors

 I don't have sources, but where and when has JB ever come out and said I don't want to be a Celtic? As reported and probably made by a combo of the Nets, Klutch Sports, Kyrie and Pat Riley we see that there was an offer from the Celtics. I just don't see it, unless JB has said to Brad after my contract is up I'm gone.  Question is why would JB want to go anywhere, he and JT and this team were 2 wins away from a ring. They have added two huge bench pieces and still have Ime and and Brad working at improving the roster. JB has shown nothing but professionalism on and off the floor as a Celtic.  Why would the Celtics destroy their depth by adding a mal content like KD when he flames out and burns every organization he plays for. Left the Thunder for greener pastures, and then did the same to the Warriors. He had his chance to come here but honestly didn't have the fortitude to wear green and white. Let me be clear he's an offensive savant, but his age and lack of