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Farewell to Semi Ojeleye: A model player

     Semi never filled up the stat sheet on the Celtics, but he gave you everything he had on the floor. Some guys on the bench just mail it in and are content with the role that they have. Semi Ojeleye , on the other hand improved each and every day and had he actually had consistent minutes maybe he would have developed more.       Whether the Celtics needed Semi to start or come off the bench he was always ready. When Giannis needed to be guarded Semi was willing to take on that humongous challenge and now they are teammates. Semi offers a lot to a team and the Bucks see that. He's a strong yet athletic player. He can knock down the occasional three and get to the hoop. He also is willing to do anything on the defensive end.       Guys like this that work their butts off to make and keep their roster spots are those that should be applauded in the NBA. They push their more highly-decorated teammates in practice to get better. He was a Celtic with heart and a person of faith . I
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Point guard or big man for Celtics in free agency?

  NBA free agency starts at 6:00 PM today , and be assured that Brad Stevens is far from done structuring his roster. He is in charge now, and his plans will differ, at least somewhat, from what Danny Ainge might have done. Let’s hope he’s got more up his sleeve. This roster looks weird right now. — Cyladin (@cyladin) August 1, 2021 The better chance is that Stevens does not retain newly-acquired Kris Dunn , and that would mean the point guard situation would remain in Limbo. The main question centers around Marcus Smart. Does Brad consider him enough of a point guard to go with him in that role, considering that Al Horford and Jayson Tatum can supply an ample number of assists. Or does Brad go for Patty Mills or Lonzo Ball Count me as concerned about the health of Rob Williams in the long term. If my concerns are valid,  that leaves the Celtics center spot a bit shaky once we go down the bench when Al Horford comes out. Former-Celtic, Kelly Olynyk is only 30 years old - is an u

Brad Stevens: Is The Mad Scientist back

      Brad Stevens as a coach was known for taking many different pieces and ingredients and making them work as a cohesive unit early on in his Celtics coaching days. It's like a masterful chef who can turn leftovers into an award winning dish. Later in his coaching career he had the top of the line ingredients and some of those meals weren't up to standard. Now as we watch him develop in his new role, what do we think?      He was able to unload Kemba Walker and his albatross of a contract for basically Al Horford, who in his time, brought a lot of consistency to Boston. This past week he traded away Tristan Thompson who spent a ton of time on the Covid list for Kris Dunn who may, if still on the roster, bring some toughness and defense off the bench.. Following that, he traded for Josh Richardson who always seemed to kill the Celtics. Maybe now that he's wearing Green, he can take it to other opponents as well.       Richardson is a tough minded, get-in-your-face def

Free-agency opens at 6:00 P.M. tomorrow - who does Brad Stevens call?

 The bigger question is, who calls unrestricted free agent, Evan Fournier ? With Fournier's strong play for Team France, he will most-likely command a salary that the Boston Celtics won't want (be able?) to shell out. Lonzo Ball remains a viable target for the Celtics Brad Stevens as he would make an interesting addition to Boston's back court. Ball would be capable of playing three positions under coach Ime Udoka, and his size (6'6") and defense would fit as well. Lonzo will most-likely command a salary somewhat above $20 million . That would mean creative financial maneuvering for Stevens.  The buzz on former-Celtic, Daniel Theis , is that he may be heading to the Rockets for roughly $8-9 million per season. I always felt the center/forward was a good fit in Boston with his size (6'8"), defense and rebounding. His return to Beantown appears improbable - but can't be totally discounted. With the recent additions of Kris Dunn and Josh Richardson -

Kris Dunn fills need for defense & dollars, but not durability

 Recently-acquired 6'3" guard, Kris Dunn , may supply the defense sought by Brad Stevens , but his durability comes into question. Dunn, taken at number-5 in the 2016 NBA draft, was never expected to be a major scorer, but his defense and facilitation prompted the high-lottery pick . His best season occurred in his sophomore season with Chicago when he averaged 13.4 PPG, 6.0 APG, 4.3 RPG and 2.0 SPG . The trouble is that he never has produced those numbers in the following seasons as injuries continued to plague him. Brad Stevens always seeks the 4-Ds in his pick-ups - defense, durability, dollars (right contract) and dimensions (vertical, as in height). Kris checks only two of the boxes - defense and dollars ($5 million expiring deal). But that may suffice if he can avoid injuries and stay on the court. At 6'3" and 205 pounds, he does not present a significant liability on defense, and he could fill some critical minutes this coming season - although Stevens may

Celtics accelerating on the trade front

 Thursday's quiet draft night for the Boston Celtics has turned quickly into a trade whirlwind, starting with sending center Tristan Thompson on his way while acquiring Kris Dunn . The Celtics are trading Tristan Thompson to Atlanta for Kris Dunn, and a 2023 second-round pick, sources tell ESPN. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 30, 2021  You may remember that many Celtics fans were promoting Dunn as the Celtics choice for the number-3 pick, when Danny Ainge instead went with Jaylen Brown . Kris will earn $5 million this season in the final year of his contract. Now we have B rad Stevens working a deal to bring Josh Richardson to Boston. The 6'6" guard/forward fits right in with Boston's all-wing corps. The Dallas Mavericks are finalizing trading G/F Josh Richardson to the Boston Celtics, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium . Richardson is exercising his $11.6 million player option for the 2021-22 season for the deal. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) July 31, 2

Red Auerbach: A color-blind winner who saw only talent and character

      Isn't it ironic that a guy nicknamed "Red" could be so color-blind when it came to choosing his players. He only saw talent and character .  Arnold Jacob "Red" Auerbach should be referred to as one of the greatest coaches of all time! A man of morals who stuck up for his players when dealing with racial issues. A innovator as a coach who went on to win 9 titles as a coach and when he served as GM and President in the front office he was part of another 7 titles!        Before he was coach of the Boston Celtics he was coach of the Washington Capitols and Tri Cities Blackhawks how many of you knew that? When you hear the name Red Auerbach you think top coach in NBA history. He amassed 938 wins! He was coach of the year in 1965 and executive of the year in 1980. Think about this number of 16 titles in 29 years.       Red was the coach who put together the modern game with his coaching style. He redesigned basketball . He made sure his teams were dominated