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Notice to Jayson Tatum - team success drives individual awards

 NBA Champion NBA MVP NBA All-Star All-NBA Team The above-four honors are the main indicators for lasting fame in the NBA. Bill Russell, Dave Cowens and Larry Bird hold a combined 81 awards from the four categories. Notice that of the four honors, only one can be attributed to a team effort, and that is NBA Champ. Take notice, Jayson Tatum! But even the three individual awards depend somewhat on team success . Making All-NBA often relies on a player being on a team with at least a moderately-good record. For example, Russell Westbrook is having one terrific season, recently breaking Oscar Robertson's record for triple-doubles in a season, but there is some doubt that he will make All-NBA this year because his team, the Wizards, own a 32-38 record . The Celtics Jayson Tatum has already achieved star status in the League, but to separate himself from the pack and get into serious consideration as future MVP or top-5 status , he needs to grab that leadership role next season and
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Charles Barkley does serious finger-pointing at Celtics lackluster season

Charles Barkley rarely holds back on his analysis on what is going on in the NBA. His commentary is as flamboyant as his former play in the League. And this time, he squarely put the blame for the Celtics lackluster season on boss, Danny Ainge, and coach Brad Stevens . “Danny Ainge is a good friend of mine, but he’s not done a good job with all those draft picks he had,” Barkley said. “He hasn’t done a good job because he made a mistake with Kyrie Irving, I think he made a mistake with Kemba Walker, and, um, that team is not very good at all.” That's Sir Charles' take. Here's mine: Kyrie Irving - Right player, wrong person, wrong outcome Danny Ainge and his multitude of front-office folks were privy  to a lot more inside info than fans and media with regards to the level of arrogance possessed by Irving. No one can deny his superior skills on the court, but he comes up short as a model citizen in the NBA. He wanted to be "The Guy" in Beantown, and that may hav

Jaylen Brown's season-ending injury can clarify Celtics future

 If the playoff picture for the Boston Celtics was rosier, I would be writing that Jaylen Brown's season-ending wrist injury was a tragedy. But with the information on his torn wrist ligament coming just prior to the playoffs, it is tough news for the All-Star, but not so horrendous for a team most analysts pegged as going nowhere this year. Jaylen Brown will miss the remainder of the season after tearing the scapholunate ligament in his left wrist. He will have the ligament surgically repaired later this week. — Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) May 10, 2021 Prior to the bad news, NBA analyst, Jalen Rose , had already stated the Celtics were heading to a first-round exit in this season's play-in tournament. The analysis this morning isn't any better with most pundits now in agreement with Rose. Any pressure to go deep into the post-season is now kaput . The expectations can not be any lower for The Green. Both Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens need to take full opportunity of the

Celtics possible "first-round exit" this season, but bright future

 My personal quote, used often, is "A brain can get you through almost anything" . Well, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have brain power in abundance, but it sure as Hell has not been evident this season. Exhibit A is NBA analyst Jalen Rose stating, "The Boston Celtics look like a first-round exit this year." I agree. I would not be shocked to see them swept out of the play-in tournament and head home. Hard to believe I am writing about a team that came back from a 32-point deficit versus the Spurs to take a 143-140 victory, with Jayson Tatum exploding for 60 points . So what's the good news. I'll start with rookie Aaron Nesmith, alias "ThreeSmith". Where has he been all season? It has become apparent this this hard-nosed kid is part of the solution for some of the Celtics shortcomings. Except the Celtics are 12th in 3 point attempts, right in the middle of the NBA team rankings behind some really good teams. What's actually concerning is 21

The Magnificant-7. Top-NBA stars, All-Time. Join in.

 As a hopefully-welcome diversion to a disappointing Celtics season, I broach the following to my readers - and welcome them to join in. Here are my choices for the Magnificent-7 , along with a few guidelines in choosing them.   I broke my own rule when I put Russ into The Magnificent-7. He had a weakness. he could not shoot - at least beyond 10 feet. Only 15.1 PPG for his career, along with 56% on free throws. See my reasoning tomorrow and join in. — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) May 7, 2021 As I stated in the above tweet, I did break my rule for "no significant weaknesses" in putting Bill Russell into the mix. He would never be compared to Sam Jones as an outside shooter, nor would he be close to Bob Cousy as a ball handler. But he was so damn dominant in most other categories - and such a winner - he can' be left out. As far as picking the sole player still on the hardwood, Lebron James , many may not like him as a person, but this guy has bee

Marcus Smart's contract - lessons learned from the Allens (Tony and Ray)

  Marcus Smart will go into the final year of his 4-year deal next season, earning a team-friendly $13.8 million . Both Allens from the 2008 Championship team left the Celtics of their own accord, and there may be lessons there from the departures of Tony and Ray Allen that Danny Ainge may take into account in dealing with any new contract for Marcus. Ainge openly lamented that he let Tony Allen walk away in the summer of 2010 to join the Memphis Grizzlies. The "Grindfather" , as he was later known, admitted that he left, in part, because he felt overshadowed by Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.   Ray Allen left the team in 2012, rejecting a 2-year, $12 million deal from the Celtics to accept a 3-year contract for $9 million with the Miami Heat. He, like Tony Allen, may have felt less-than-appreciated in Boston ( per Sporting News' Sean Deveney ): Perhaps that’s where the problem started, then. In the book, Allen seems genuinely unsure of why Rondo turned on him so complet

Danny Ainge got more than "shooting size" with Evan Fournier

 Celtics boss, Danny Ainge , said it a while back - that the Celtics needed some "shooting with size" . Well, he may have accomplished that goal by trading for 6'7" Evan Fournier . Danny Ainge on 98.5 on what @Celtics need.... "I would say maybe shooting, with size. ... We could use shooting, we could use passing. But you always need defense. ... I think that shooting at the big position is something we haven't had." — Sean Deveney (@SeanDeveney) February 4, 2021 In last night's runaway 132-96 win over the Orlando Magic ,  the French import contributed 18 points, five boards, four assists and two steals in 29 minutes of action . Evan started the game at the forward spot in place of the ailing Jaylen Brown. .  Fournier hit 8-of-14 shots from the field and 2-of-5 beyond the arc. His shooting and scoring were expected. But his other contributions are a bonus .  His size allows him to play at least two positions on the court and makes him effective de