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Tom's Life & Longevity Tips - #1

 So here we go! After close to 30 years as a Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant and Health Coach - in addition to being an-almost 78-year occupant of the planet - this is the first brief idea that some folks out there may want to follow. You are not a test tube! A test tube is an inert glass vessel to which are added various chemicals to produce a known reaction. That is not you. You are a distinct individual . There is no one in the Universe exactly like you. Carl Sagan said it best. So whatever your goal - weight loss, strength gain, added muscle, longer life, etc. - you need to EXPERIMENT to see what works for you as an individual.  "You become what you eat", so I will devote much attention to nutrition. I began my health and fitness career after working as a research engineer and police investigator, so don't expect the mundane or run-of-the-mill.  Tip # 2 will revolve around the idiotic adage, "Eat breakfast like a king and supper like a pauper&quo
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Assignment for Celtics: Watch Toronto rookie, Scottie Barnes', hightlights

 At least the Celtics/Knicks game was forced toi two overtimes prior to the eventual loss. Last night's 115-83 loss to the Raptors was a drubbing .Here are some synonyms for "drubbing": beating - thrashing - walloping - thumping - battering - pounding You get the idea! But do the current crop of Celtics players understand it? The conclusion is tough to miss. The cure for some of the many Celtics shortcomings would be to repeatedly watch the performance and effort from the 4th-overall pick in this year's draft by the name of Scottie Barnes . If you watch the video, pay strict attention to his play at the 3:11 mark of the fourth quarter , with the came well out of reach for Boston. The assignment for the Boston Celtics today: Watch Toronto rookie, Scottie Barnes, help take The Green apart. My upcoming article is a 2-minute read. Take it in. Scottie Barnes 25 PTS 13 REB Full Highlights vs Celtics - October 22, 2021 via @YouTube — Tom Lane (@Celti

Disappointment from last year remains in place with Celtics 115-83 trouncing by Toronto

      Random Thoughts - First Half       Al Horfords impact was felt like the cool wind on a hot day . Blocking shots, dunking the rock, and just being the true professional he is. The double big with him and RWill is a nice weapon to have out there.        RWill can honestly do it all. Blocking shots, slamming alley oops, he's a human eraser . He cuts hard, and gave up his body with reckless abandon. He's a stat machine, and honestly if he can keep this energy going,  should be a great game for him.        JRich had a nice impact on the floor knocking down threes and bringing that swag , bringing a hard nosed attitude.. Dennis Schroder is a pest and Celtics fans love it. Now that he's on the right team, you see how good he really is. He's going to drive other teams nuts!      It wasn't all good. Defensive intensity was lacking - way too many turnovers. The Raptors had their way and the Celtics needed to push back and didn't . I want to see the Celtics get

Possible reason for Enes Kanter's total lack of floor time versus Knicks

 With the Celtics sloppy play , coupled with Jayson Tatum's poor shooting night , fans may wonder why no appearance from center, Enes Kanter . It may have been a move by Ime Udoka and/or Brad Stevens to keep Kanter out of the spotlight after comments made by the Turk on Chinese government repression Dear Brutal Dictator XI JINPING and the Chinese Government Tibet belongs to the Tibetan people! #FreeTibet — Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) October 20, 2021 In "The City That Never Sleeps" , it would seem a good idea to not put Enes on display - or in harm's way - if that indeed was the strategy for not putting him out there. I would expect to see him on the parquet in the more-friendly environment of Beantown .    .

Payton Pritchard receives the inaugural Sentinel Citation Award

      Here at Celtics Sentinel we love our Boston Celtics franchise. What it takes to be a Celtic is giving your heart, soul, and all around everything to this team. The Celtics are a way of life according to the late great Red Auerbach . We feel that way here at Celtics Sentinel! Writing about the Celtics is a way of life! With Celtics Pride!      In a collaborative effort, we have decided to present the Sentinel Citation Award for each game, given to the Celtics player who just gave it his all - left his entire being on that court on that given night. To have this award attached to your name means you Bleed Green out there! Playing for Celtics as if it were a way of life, as Red so proudly stated. Payton Pritchard nose update: — Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) October 17, 2021      So the dynamo-of-a-point-guard, Payton Pritchard , is the first recipient of the award for his dogged determination versus the Knicks. Despite the broken beak, he really stuck his no

Instant Images from Celtics 2OT, 138-134 loss to Knicks

  The "Instant Images" thing is new . You may see it from time to time after closely watching the game and reviewing the stats. Concise and to the point is the goal. Hope it works for our readers. Thought starting Grant Williams and big minutes (31) for him was a bad idea until he just seemed to get better and better as the game progressed. Production: 15P/5R/4A/1S/1B/6-of-9 FG/3-of-5 3s .   I bitterly regret not grabbing Rob Williams in Fantasy. He is a wonder to watch! What a stat line - 45M - 16P - 10 R - 3 A - 3 S - 5 B - 6/6 FG - 6/8 FT (he is improving at the foul line). Is Jaylen Brown even quicker on his dribble moves? Looked it to me . He was phenomenal, but he looked sluggish towards the end - his missed dunk being Exhibit A.  Carelessness abounded throughout the game for Boston , but things really got out of hand in the second period. On-court leadership was sorely missing in this game . Here's hoping Al Horford's return from COVID protocols will erase th

First game thoughts from The Big Apple as Celtics drop opener

      Random Thoughts from the first half.       In the 75 year history both of these teams have never left their homes unlike let's say the Fakers. The Celtics have 115 more wins than the Knicks. Not to mention 15 more titles. They may be big apple, but we have made them look quite small historically.           The first quarter started slow but once Jaylen Brown got going, things changed . He was getting to the hoop, knocking down threes, and running the break . His turn around were sweet and his ability to elevate over the defense was nice.        Jayson Tatum had a slow start, with that said, offensively he played a more complete game. He was able to get teammates involved and played within the offense. He had a nice fall away, a sweet step back and a nice jam plus one.        Romeo, PP, and 3Smith all made impactful plays . Hustling, hitting threes and making nice passes. T hese three guys that were drafted by old friend Danny Ainge look like keepers . Marcus hit a few threes