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End of season thoughts...

  Does Joe Mazzulla deserve another kick at the can. I don't know, when he was asked about shooting so many threes and missing would he change, he said no. Honestly not sure I like a Coach who is unwilling to adapt. Do I agree with my mentor Tom Lane on if he's here I believe so. Was he the right choice earlier this season... No! They didn't do him any favors either. They didn't even bother bringing in any veteran assistants to actually get in his ear. Taking the interim tag off him was also a huge mistake.  About Jaylen Brown, unfortunately he played like absolute crap Monday night. He took full responsibility which to me means a lot. Does he deserve a huge max extension?! By NBA standards he does. He's earned the right to maximize his money. Would I trade him?! I don't think you would get any value near his worth. My answer is hold on to JB, he and Tatum actually like playing with each other from my perspective. You can find pieces to accompany their talent. 
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Celtics #1 decision: Joe Mazzulla - #2 decision: Jaylen Brown

 Thye Boston Celtics are out of the 2023 post-season, outsted by the Miami Heat in seven games. Time to (re)construct the 2023-24 unit. Expect present coach Joe Mazzulla to remain in place . To the best of my knowledge, the specifics on his contract have not been made known, but it is doubtful that The Green would move on to their fourth head coach in four years. And despite Mazzulla's penchant for the 3-pointer, which according to analyst Charles Barkley (and others), was their undoing versus the Miami Heat, Joe has shown enough to warrant another shot in 2023-24. Hopefully, he can make changes to strategies that failed in the playoffs. Jaylen Brown is another matter. His skills are undeniable, but many have criticized his devotion to remaining with his present team. He had openly campaigned for the hiring of a black coach, and that happened when Ime Udoka was hired.  But Jaylen has also been open about feeling the suspension, and firing, of Udoka was an overreaction on the p

History in the making?! Down 0-3 the Celtics look to make history as the series is all nodded up.

Historically speaking the Celtics are the franchise that defines the NBA. Historically they are winners, 18 true NBA Banners hang in the rafters. Countless retired numbers live in the rafters. They made their living in the 50s and 60s winning titles. Eight in a row at one point. Never seen again and never will. The 70s and 80s also brought home some more titles! The 90s and 2000s have brought only one title and lots of loss. Reggie and Len along with multiple other titles. Here we are after being down 0-3... All tied up thanks to Derrick Whites "Moment". Will that lead to not only history but also Banner 18? It has to right?! The Denver Nuggets await... Here we are seconds away from tip off. Let's go Celtics, let's see another repeat of game seven vs the Sixers. Total domination on both ends of the court. As a fan and writer I'm nervous as all heck. JT passes up the three and gets to the line. JB is cooking early! Nice timeout by Joe!  Going to need to see a Celti

Boston Celtics: Game-7 is not potential history, but rather a legacy

 Okay Celtics fans. A deciding Game-7 in the Eastern Coinference Finals will either oust Boston from the post-season - or put them into the "Final Fray" versus the Denver Nuggets . All we hear is that The Green can make NBA history by becoming the only team to win a 7-game series after a 0-3 start . As important as that may be, this current version of the Celtics has a chance to begin a legacy that will last for a very long time. Legacy (definition): "The long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past" Any one remember Red Auerbach? Bill Russell? Larry Bird? How about the 17 banners hanging from the rafters? You get the point. Not to belittle coming back from a 0-3 deficit and heading to the NBA Finals, but history refers to the past, but so does a legacy. The 1985-86 Celtics team just may be the best crew to ever fight for, and win, multiple Championships . But the 2022-23 Celtics squad has potential lasting stardom emblazone

Celtics need to avoid Clutch Time in Game-7 of East Finals

 FACT: The Boston Celtics don't do well in post-season Clutch Time! The Celtics did fine in the regular season  (2022-23) when the game was close (5 point differential or less) in the final five minutes of games. The Green ranked second in win percentage (64.9%) with a 24-13 record in such contests. But Clutch Time has given Boston the jitters in the post-season with the Celtics (ranked 9th , record of 5-6, win % of 45.5%). Miami, on the other hand, did worse  than Boston in the regular season in Clutch Time games (ranked 6th, 45.7% win percentage, 32-22 record) but better in the 2023 playoffs (ranked 2nd, 66.7 win %, 6-3 record). The Celtics were almost eliminated from the post-season in Game-6 versus the Heat - when Derrick White bailed his team out on a last-second put-back. Once again, the unflappable, never-stop-moving guard saved the day - and perhaps the season - for Boston . The lessons? The Boston Celtics need to avoid Clutch Time in Game-7. Get a solid lead - don&

Will tonight continue the steps towards history? We are live from Miami.

Well here we are at game six of the Eastern Conference Finals. Defense will set the tone and let's hope the Celtics remember that! Play as a team and absorb Miami's punches. Tonight should be a dogfight. I'd prefer the C's to go off and destroy them.  JB strikes first tonight... Going to need to see him come out strong tonight. JB hits his patented jumper and is off and running. C's need to keep the ball moving. Great D overall from the Cs! Need to keep it up! So far we are deadlocked and tied up.  JT hasn't found his rhythm yet but it's coming. There he goes to the rim and scores! JB is cooking early! Why do the refs treat Butler like he's an all time player? Clearly he's NOT! Martin is playing so far above himself it makes me sick.  Decent first quarter for the C's to this point.  Need a big quarter from JT. Marcus just made Vincent look weak and too small! Grab that AND ONE! C's need to work on their three point defense. Right now Vincent

"3-and-D" formula works as Celtics roll over Heat, 110-97

 A combo of in-your-shirt defense and efficient 3-point shooting (41% on treys) worked to pefrfection as an energized Celtics squad rolled over the Miami Heat, 110-97 - bringing the series to 3-2 in favor of Miami. This game never seemed in doubt as The Green never took a play off, at either end of the court . The extra effort was always there, hitting the floor - grabbing offensive boards (Al Horford with 11 rebounds, 5 offensive) - and disrupting virtually everything the Heat attempted.  And then there was the offense. The Celtics shot selection was close-to-perfection. They hit 50.6% of their field goals and 41% on threes. ( per Joe Mazzulla ): “The last two games we’re getting the advantage quick,” Boston coach Joe Mazzulla said, “and then the two-on-ones are there, and then we’re reading the two-on-one. When we play fast but organized, that’s when we’re at our best.” For a change, the two high scorers were not named Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown . It was the starting backco