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Brogdon and Gallinari acquisitions strengthen Celtics immediately

 The Boston Celtics picking up Danilo Gallinari off the waiver wire and Malcolm Brogdon via trad e - while sending both Daniel Theis and Aron Nesmith away - makes The Green stronger right away. Theis didn't see the floor as much as many expected in the 2022 post-season. He averaged 12.5 MP, 4.3 PPG and 3.3 RPG - with a plus/minus of -2.6. Nesmith only averaged 3.5 MPG in the playoffs and had trouble hitting from the field (4-of-17) and beyond the arc (1-of-11). It became obvious that Coach Ime Udoka didn't trust either player for extended play with Banner 18 on the line. Enter Gallinari and Brogdon. The worry on both is that they have injury histories . For Danilo, we can add that he has never been known as the kind of defender favored by Udoka, but he is a "shooter with size" (6'10") that can rebound the ball .  Conversely, Malcolm does everything out there on the floor. Last season, he averaged 19.1 PPG, 5.1 RPG and 5.9 RPG. In the 2020 playoffs, in f
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Let's Gooooooooooooo

 So anyone notice anything about today's NBA festivities?! A Celtics team that was two wins away from an NBA title, just added two huge pieces and didn't lose from their top 8 players from last year! Plus they still could add to this roster?! Anyone hear that the Boston Celtics have signed the Italian Stallion Sharp Shooting Danilo Gallinari?! Talk about a guy who can spread the floor especially alongside the Jays. Imagine if during the finals this season what he can do to bring banner 18 home knocking down huge threes when the Jays drive and kick! Just need him to work on his D, I expect Ime will make him earn his time on the floor by actually playing D!  Oh anyone else hear that we have traded for a spectacular point guard who not only pushes the rock but finds guys where they want to score?! A guy who historically has given the C's issues?! Just fathom him coming off the bench alongside the Jays and it's a huge game in the Finals and he finds either stud for the game

Malcolm Brogdon acquisition was unexpected, and huge for Celtics

 Here we go Celtics fans! This is a huge piece to be added to the Celtics bench and team! He's a perfect fit as a facilitator and scorer when need be. He is ideal IMO. More to come!  Theis, Nesmith, and a first round pick heading to Indy. Also Stauskas, Morgan and Fitts.   Brogdon is the perfect fit to this team off the bench. A passing point guard who can get to the rack. He will be a guy in crunch time who will be able to find the Jays where they want the ball. He and Smart are going to be a two headed monster.  His defense is what intrigues me the most. He should fit in nicely to what Ime and the Celtics do. Is Brad done or are there more moves to make. 

Breaking: Danilo Gallinari reportedly to sign with Boston Celtics

 Looking more and more as though the Celtics are bringing in veteran and professional scorer Danilo Gallinari. Offensively he brings out some very good things. Defensively he's a little liable out there. We all know he's got some good range and can back down smaller players. Once the San Antonio Spurs finalize the expected release on forward Danilo Gallinari, his preference is to join the Boston Celtics upon clearing waivers, sources tell ESPN. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 1, 2022 He should definitely spread the floor for the C's come next season. Having him on the floor with the Jays could be very beneficial. I don't think the Celtics should be done and still need to keep adding pieces. I like his offense but his defense needs work.  

And I took that personally

  Celtics studs aka the Jays need to learn a lesson from one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. What do I mean by that, well watching the Last Dance yet again Jordan shows us what fueled him to success. The Jays need to find that within themselves.  Take this finals loss and let it fuel your off season. For all the crazies who ever and still want to trade JB, let that motivate you JB to prove to them wrong. Every time you hit that floor vs KD or anyone go out there for the kill! MJ used other players who his own GM coveted to spur kicking their butt! I fully expect JB to be on a seek and destroy mission this entire season. After every fall and miss step by Jordans Bulls in the playoffs they came back ready to fight and eventually win a ring. If I'm JT this off-season I'm getting myself into that mindset as he moves forward in his career. Use that loss against the Warriors to get you and the team better. Come back next season frothing at the mouth to bring home Ban

NBA News Update

If anyone was thinking Bradley Beal to the Celtics, doesn't look like it as they make deals to improve their team.  For those of you also thinking Celtics could use their TPE for Alec Burks he's on his way to Detroit. Knicks are looking to lure Brunson away from the Mavs.  John Wall ends up getting bought out and signing with the Clippers, the rich get richer out in LA.. In other NBA news Russell Westbrook has opted in to his deal with the Lakers, and all signs point to Kyrie Irving going back to Brooklyn..... Unless this is just step one for him to be trades? In coaching news Celtics assistant Will Hardy will become the next Utah Jazz coach.   

What Grade Do This Years Celtics Deserve?

Well well, what a ride it was this season. A team who was 11th in the Eastern Conference made it within 2 wins of an NBA title. Unfortunately they ran into a ultra special talent in Steph Curry and this times version of a basketball dynasty. Let's give out some grades!  Ownership - given they didn't truly believe in this team and wanted to shed salary to avoid the tax. My grade for the ownership group is a solid C. Retiring KGs number gave them a fighting chance at a B, but given they traded away JRich who could have been key for them in the finals has me sticking with a C. Another feather in their cap was promoting Brad and hiring Ime.  Brad - what an incredible job by Brad overall given he had to work within a money conscious construct. Let's look at getting Al Horford back here for Kemba. That's an Auerbach type trade that paid off huge for this team. Getting JRich here was awesome and he was rounding into that huge bench scorer we needed. He also flipped JRich for D