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Danny Ainge ignoring one Auerbach trait produced Banner 18

  Danny Ainge was generally a willing disciple of Red Auerbach , but Danny veered away from Red's practice of retaining stars well-past their prime. Auerbach traded Ainge in his prime but kept Larry Bird and Kevin McHale in the Celtics fold even when age and injuries were stifling their production. Not so Danny. It was his trade of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett that brought Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to Boston. The pair were taken with the third-overall draft picks in successive years. It took a while, but the Jay Team improved every season - learned to play team ball - and finally ended the season earning Banner 18 for TD Garden. #Celtics brothers and sisters how about a big shout-out to #44 Danny Ainge. Danny's hands are all over #banner18 . He brought us Tatum/Brown, Brad Stevens, and I could go on! — Ty Ray (@coug88) June 18, 2024   The general feeling around the League is that this present Celtics crew may not be done in their Championsh
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Close call, but Jaylen Brown truly earned Finals MVP Award

 I personally consider the NBA Finals MVP Award one of the highest honors a player can achieve , and that is what the Celtics Jaylen Brown has accomplished. It was a close call, since Jayson Tatum finished with t eam-highs in minutes, points, rebounds and assists for the 5-game series. Biu in the end, it was probably Tatum's poor shooting percentages (.388 FG, .263 on 3s) and Brown's lock-down defense that made the difference. Regardless, the present and future of The Green rests primarily with the Jay Team - and Jayson and Jaylen certainly are a team-within-a-team. Take either one out of the picture, and Banner 18 may not have happened. So congrats to Jaylen Brown . He earned this prestigious award . The Finals MVP Trophy indicates he was the most-indispensable player in the series - and in this case, it was awarded to a player on the winning side. Brown has worked hard to get where he is. Nicely done, Jaylen!  

The Morning After...

Not sure about anyone else but this sure sums it up. JT overcome with emotion and Al right there with him. I'm damn sure most C's fans were emotional seeing JT like this. Afterwards during the celebration he hoisted up Deuce! I'm sure we all were celebrating with a loved one as well. For me it was with my old man who has seen his share of Celtics rings. My nephew was with us as well. Last time the C's won he wasn't born. I thought about my mom who died from cancer, during their magical run two years ago that ended in defeat. What truly made me smile was the love in which guys like the Jays, Joe, Jrue and Al all gave to God. It's always been God and family for me. These C's have God and family for sure.  For me the Celtics have played a huge role in my life. Sharing so many games and moments with loved ones. My father and I met and shook Larry Birds hand after Magics enshrinement. Getting to meet Dave Cowens, KC Jones, and Robert Parish together. Meeting Tomm

Game 5 NBA Finals

C's enter the TD Garden with an opportunity to clinch a title! First Quarter 🏀 Tip off is next! Jrue Holiday opens up the scoring! DWhite with a huge steal on the other end. Jrue again with a sweet inside shot! Jrue has six early points, I like where he's going tonight. Al for three!!! I like where this game is going so far. Defense wins championships!!! Blow the doors off these guys! DWhite gets to the line. KP is in the GAME! DWhite for three! KP doesn't look like himself at all right now. C's need to go on a run after this timeout. It was needed and Joe called it. C's are leaving some points out there. If they start clicking tonight could be a run away. Yet it's still tight right now. C's finish on a 9-0 run and we are up ten! Second Quarter ☘️☘️ I look for the C's to push their lead here in the second. I need even more out of Tatum and Brown. They both finished strong in those last two minutes. Thanks to Jrue for controlling that first quarter. I ne

Evolving at Eighty: Part 1

 Call it evolving- or call it adapting - but remaining active and viable past the age of eighty requires a boatload of changes.  "You can't tweak your little finger without your brain initiating the action." -- Tom Lane Everything starts with your brain . Having passed the 80-mark half-a-year ago, I spend a good amount of time pondering how I will fill the next day. This is as basic as it gets . Spending eight decades on this earth creates a lot of habits - both good and bad. Lethargy wants to take you out of the action, and it needs to be fought. A lazy lifestyle is a killer and will take you out sooner than later. "Lack of curiosity in older folks separates them from the younger set." -- Tom Lane I learn more from my mistakes and those of others than I do from success. Daily movement is critical. Mental stimulation is vital. Living in the past on previous glories and not getting out of your comfort zone creates a downward slide.  My family members (dad, mo

Red Auerbach's mark is still on this team. Play like it!

  Red Auerbach may be "dead-and-gone" but his undeniable mark remains . Danny Ainge learned much from the the Celtics Patriarch and used that knowledge and experience to  wheel-deal-and-construct Celtics teams that were almost always in the fight.  And now we have Brad Stevens at the helm . He is more subdued than either of his predecessors, but he is damn  clever - and outright smart. His present crew sits at 3-1 in the NBA Finals following a disastrous loss in Game-4 of the series . But Brad's team does not consist of robots. Their Game-4 performance versus Dallas made them look like an overmatched YMCA assemblage. They went from dominant to vulnerable. But don't be fooled. This current version of The Green was masterfully put together to win Banner 18. They are good - very good. And seasoned to withstand one lousy performance . Tomorrow night they will be back home at TD Garden and out to prove just how good they are. I refuse to use the metaphor of Red smiling do

NBA Finals Game 4

  It's all led up to this moment... Celtics fans have been waiting sixteen long years for this opportunity. Get the job done! 1Q🏀  Perk picks the Mavs in pregame, to me it's a good sign for the C's. I need JB and JT to lead by example tonight. With that said it's going to take a total team effort tonight. Work hard on defense and move the ball on offense. Take it one play at a time. One quarter at a time and bring home the trophy. All I know is if these Celtics play a full 48 minutes this series is a wrap with all the fixings! Celtic Pride needs to be on full display tonight. The Jays both score early one tonight. Jrue with a nice defensive stop early on. I love Jrue Holiday! C's are in an early dogfight, but I believe if they go on a run the Mavs will turtle. C's have missed good looks so far, need those to fall for a victory. C's need to attack the cup and continue to force Luka and Kyrie to play D. C's trail early and need to get things going. Please