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Joe the Maestro Mazzulla has unlocked the Celtics potential.

What if I told you the Celtics would have a tumultuous off-season losing their coach, who brought them to the Finals. Only to then bring in Joe Mazzulla as the interim. Would you have imagined that he would be the Maestro to an offensive onslaught?! While he is slowly rounding them back into the defensive warriors they were last season...  We have been witnesses to some extremely beautiful basketball offensively. Some nights the C's are lighting up with scores in the 120/130s! Even in their less potent games they are still getting over a 100 points. Kudos to Maestro Mazzulla for coming up with a spectacular symphony on offense.  There have been so many possessions where every man on the court gets a touch which leads to an open look. It's amazing to watch, that each guy in the court trusts and believes in one another. There have been some choppier games yet they are finding ways to win!  Defensively last night we were privy to what we saw last season. Locking down the other tea
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Rob Williams still a somewhat-unfinished product

  Rob Williams ceiling still remains in question. His skills and athleticism are beyond question, but his injury history and transgressions in his younger days linger. His 61 regular-season games last season were a career high, but he only saw the floor for an average of 38 games his first three seasons in the League. He was suspended for two games for violation of university policy at Texas A&M and had a few glitches making appointments after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. Then there were the negative vibes on his game prior to the draft . Weaknesses:  Has a tendency to leave you wanting more. Disappears for stretches of games, particularly offensively … Competitive level has been questioned by some … Doesn’t always seem in control on the court, opponents can speed him up and make him uncomfortable … Has been working to extend his range, but still lacks any consistency with his jump shot … Very poor free throw shooter who needs work on his shot mechanics … Sometimes relie

North of the Border eh! Celtics travel to Toronto.

  1st Quarter ☘️ No Al tonight, but we do get Blake Griffin in the starting lineup! JB opens up the scoring with a rainbow floater! Blake Griffin is making an impact on both ends of the court. When he's been called upon this year he's played some solid ball. Great signing by the C's.  We have been seeing the C's come back down to earth offensively. The shots haven't been falling as easily over the past few games. The key is they keep fighting and grinding while never giving up.  Lots of subs early given this is the second of a back to back. Hopefully the C's can assert themselves and push the pace. Toronto seems like a team that would like to muck it up.  Great defensive sequence by the C's! Blocking back to back shots. What's that saying DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!  Haus Money is taking after the Franchise (JT) hitting a nothing but net three! JT and Hauser seem to be finding their shot tonight! After one we see the C's up 27-25.  2nd Quarter 🍀🍀 H

Jayson Tatum latest Celtics "Franchise Player" since Paul Pierce

 It just may be time to attach the "Franchise Player" label on superstar, Jayson Tatum . Exactly when does that mean? FRANCHISE PLAYER: (per Wikipedia) In  professional sports , a  franchise player  is an athlete who is both the best player on their team and one that the team can build their " franchise " around for the foreseeable future. Hard to dispute the 6-season star's checking the first box as "best Celtics player" . Can ownership build the team around Tatum? It seems thay already have done so. The most-recent franchise player for the Celtics was most-likely Paul Pierce. The Truth was a 10-time All-Star , in addition to 2008 Champion and Finals MVP. Jayson has 3-All-Star stints to his crfedit, but lacks a Title and Finals MVP Award. But his stats thuis far this season are solid:' 30.7 PPG - 8.1 RPG - 4.3 APG - 1,0 SPG - 1.0 BPG - 48% FG - 36% 3s - 87% FT There is no official trophy for franchise players, but Boston has had a number of them

Empire State of Mind as the C's face Brooklyn

Unfortunately we have no Marcus tonight, it means next man up!  Keys to the game - attack KD on defense and make him work on both ends. Run, this Nets team doesn't like to play defense.  Move the ball with pinpoint accuracy, less hero ball than last game. Let's see Payton Pritchard get some run tonight.  Side Note- personally I'm not a big fan of watching either malcontent KD or Kyrie.  1st Quarter ☘️ What is this horrible Brooklyn chant, very weak just like this team. Oh this homecourt design and color sucks! No arena touches the Boston Garden! The refs are already starting to give the Nets calls, and we aren't even a minute in. Terrible defense by the C's right now, need to step it up. WHAT are WE doing out there?!! No energy or effort to start.  Thank You GWill for going to the hoop! Just like that we get. GWill for THREEEEEEEEE!!! They should have paid this man in the off season.  Excellent D by the C's swatting away Kyries weak layup! Nice answer by the C&#

A Cool Boston Night and the Heat is on. Celtics look for six in a row.

1st Quarter ☘️ Despite a cooler start, the C's are rounding themselves back into form! Kudos to Coach Mazzulla and his sand castle metaphor to inspire his team. So far we are seeing a very tightly officiated game.  Marcus Smart with an amazing rebound! Jumping over the entire Miami Heat team! Boy do I love the Wolverine! He does everything the perfect teammate should.  JB taking it hard to Deadmon who looks like he's been hardened by the league. He and Haslem have a combined age of 96!!! Tonight is being played at Miami's pace. I don't like it! Time for the C's to exert their will!   We need to see the C's move the ball and get those open looks we are used too. By the way those Heat uniforms are awfully ugly! It looks like each individual uniform has different colors on the numbers.  Great job by Luke on D against Bam! Brogdon with a nice three for the lead!!! I absolutely love the way Malcom plays basketball!  Celtics and Heat all tied at 27.  2nd Quarter 🍀🍀

Al Gets Extended!

 Celtics show Al some love and give him and extension! ☘️🍀🏀🔥