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Celtics could improve their offensive rebounding

 If's take on the importance of offensive rebounding is sound , maybe Joe Mazzulla should look into some improvement in that category ( per's John Schuhmann ): Three seasons ago, with teams prioritizing transition defense, offensive rebounding percentage hit its lowest mark (26.4%) in the 28 seasons for which we have play-by-play data (and likely its lowest in NBA history). But, with teams perhaps seeing extra value in second chances (which are more efficient than initial possessions), offensive rebounding percentage has gone up in each of the last three seasons Three seasons ago (2020-21), the Celtics were fourth in the League , collecting 10.6 offensive boards per game . This season they are pulling down virtually the same number off the offensive glass (10.7 ORPG), but they sit in 14th place - with five teams collecting more than 12-per-game. If Schuhmann is correct with his "second chances ... are more efficient than initial possessions" - and I
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Mazzulla's defensive strategy on the "Cameroonian Colossus" if Boston meets Philly

  Joel Embiid is back in the Philly fold following recovery from a torn meniscus , and the 76'ers finished the season on an 8-game winning streak . Those two facts are totally related. If the Celtics spar with Philly at some point in the post-season, the question remains of how to defend the 7', 280-lb. "Cameroonian Colossus" . Joe Mazzulla's strategy of putting d efensive whiz, Jrue Holiday , on Embiid during the regular season worked quite well. Jrue Holiday defense ✅ Jrue Holiday offense ✅ — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) November 9, 2023 Jrue did a commendable job on Joel on the perimeter and worked his butt off making it hard for the big man to gain ground in the paint. Holiday often had Kristaps Porzingis coming over as a second defender, but don't be surprised to see Xavier Tillman given the task of covering Embiid for limited minutes. As Joel Embiid goes - so go the Philadelphia 76'ers. Mazzulla will go w

Mike Gorman Day!

  GOT IT! Yes Mike Gorman you have always had it! I can't believe we are saying goodbye to you being on Celtics broadcasts. Plenty of beautiful memories during today's game. So much so that it choked me up. For multiple reasons today has been an emotional one. All I can say is Celtics games will never be the same. No more Tommy, and now no more Mike. Celtics need to send Mike Gorman out with a bang, bring home Banner 18. How many of those highlights with Mike did we all see. I know I've seen them over and over again. Yet it felt like the first time! Chills and emotions throughout the entire highlight real.  Today's game showed us yet again how deep this Celtics bench goes. I have full confidence in any one of these players with what is right on the floor. Payton Pritchard once again showed why he's a huge piece to Banner 18 coming home. That young man plays with heart, and is heck of a baller. The C's must put him in situations that will help him succeed in thes

Funny moment between Coach K C Jones and Larry Bird

The late KC Jones was definitely the right coach for Larry Bird and his cohorts in the mid-1980's. KC's fine manner and ability to handle men made him the right man to lead one of the most-talented, veteran teams in NBA history to success. Here is one interchange between Larry Bird and Jones - as told by KC himself - that illustrates the synergy between the two: (K C Jones): "Larry shooting a 3-pointer and then I call a timeout - and they didn't count the 3-pointer." "So he's pretty upset. So I (KC) diagrammed the play, and he (Larry) says "Heck with the play, Case, give me the ball and tell the rest of the guys to get out of the way." So I say, "shut up Larry, I'm the coach here." (KC than lays out the play)): "Okay, Dennis, you take the ball out - get it to Kevin - then throw it to Larry and everybody, get the Hell out of the way." K.C. Jones explains two Larry Bird stories . via @YouTube —

Subs Take Center Stage

  The C's have sat their Super Six tonight. Something tells me the NBA made an edict they play for both games on TNT. Tonight they are finally allowed to sit their guys for the rest they deserve. I do hope they take this time to refresh and mentally get ready for the playoffs.  ☘️ Nice to see the young pup Springer getting the start. Pritchard has quite the knack of finding guys where they can score easily. Great job with the penetration and finding Luke for the deuce! I love seeing him use his body to get space and free up his shot. Despite his smaller stature, he really uses his body well. PP with the three! I think he's gonna go off tonight! To be honest I don't really know anyone on this Hornets team. It's been a long time since they were relevant. Luke is a guy who just loves to play basketball. Off the Pritchard miss he follows up with the JAM! C's are scrappy tonight, playing their hearts out. PP is dominant in a very quiet way so far tonight. Gotta love him!

Going through the motions

  Celtics welcome the overrated Knicks to the Garden tonight. I'm running late for my quarter to quarter comments. It seems to me that the C's are yet again going through the motions. Finding a balance to keep guys in relative game shape, but also not risking injury. As Scal said earlier on the radio. When the C's played the Bucks they didn't give away their game plan. It seems the same is happening tonight. C's must keep their mental advantage vs these weaker Eastern Conference teams. That's why you don't unveil your game plan. Keep em guessing and on the fly come playoff time. False sense of confidence for the Bucks and now Knicks.  Not sure why the top dogs are still in this game, but it's boring to watch. I WANT THE PLAYOFFS! This Knicks team doesn't scare me at all. How they can be proud of themselves is a damn joke. C's dominated them in the regular season. As they did with every other Eastern Conference team. No one in the East scares me.

An argument for Jrue Holiday as vocal leader of Celtics

Guest article by "The Sports Machine with Slim" The 4 year/ $135 million extension for Jrue Holiday comes as a bit of a surprise to T he Sports Machine with Slim .  Why now? That is the first question I asked upon hearing the news. There are only 3 games left in the regular season. Why not just wait until the season is over and then give him the extension? Maybe the Celtics brass were afraid that Jrue would have a ridiculously good playoff run and then be in position to demand a much more expensive contract?  That seems unlikely. On this team, it will be hard for Jrue to stand out with huge numbers offensively. There are just too many scoring options. Maybe the Celtics leadership team needed this long to make sure they knew Jrue is a hard worker and a good teammate? I guess that's possible - but they weren't able to tell that a month or two ago? That gives me some concern, because it has been obvious to anyone watching the Celtics this year that Jrue Holiday is a st