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Jayson Tatum, among other qualities, has developed "poise" - on-and-off the court

  Poise: definition Merriam/Webster: :  easy self-possessed assurance of manner  : gracious tact in coping or handling. also : the pleasantly tranquil interaction between persons of poise. no angry outbursts marred the poise of the meeting. b. : a particular way of carrying oneself : bearing, carriage "Easy self-possessed assurance of manner". "Gracious tact in coping or handling". "No angry outbursts". That describes the Jayson Tatum fans have seen and heard throughout the 2024 playoffs. I started noticing the change in the 26-year-old superstar when he took a hard foul by Miami's Caleb Martin . Tatum hit the deck hard, but bounced right back up with no verbal explosions or physical reaction, He simply walked away. #Celtics brothers and sisters all we heard for the last couple of weeks was how Tatum was underperforming. Check out the graphic below. ESPN showed this last night on Sportscenter, but you won't here achievement coming out of the mo
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Close em out!

Time for the C's to send the Cavs packing! This team isn't that good and I expect the C's to close em out. Defense is the biggest key to winning tonight's game. After that everything falls into place.    1st Quarter  Back to back three from JB and DW! DW drives and scores and the C's are up by a small margin early. C's need to blow these guys off the floor! Al for three! Finally he gets one! Early on DWhite looks locked in baby! JT mans it up and dunks on the entire Cavs D! Go get em JT no fear! Morris pushes off and gets the call. JT just nailed a pure three in Mobleys face. It would be nice if the C's can grab a big lead going into the second quarter. It's gonna take effort on D for the C's if they want this win. Right on cue DWhite draws the charge from Mobley. Joe calls the timeout as the C's D is very lax. They need to step on their throats and send em packing to Ohio. JB drives and kicks to PP for three! Now play some freaking defense pleas

Groundwork laid: Celtics as 2024 NBA Champs would be simply luck?

 It's already out there. The vibes are resounding that the Boston Celtics , mostly due to key injuries to members of opposing teams, have had - and will have - an easy path - at least to the NBA Finals ( per ): "Boston faced a  Miami Heat  team without  Jimmy Butler . Now, it’s facing a  Cavaliers  team that misses  Jarrett Allen  and just had to sit Mitchell because of his knee. Also, this is a Cleveland team that gave away  the worst t-shirts ever  used as promo. Assuming the Celtics take care of business in the next game or two ( they beat Cleveland 109-102  last night to move to 3-1 in the series), they will face either a  young, inexperienced Pacers team  with one of the worst defenses we’ve ever seen, or an  extremely banged-up Knicks squad  missing at least two starters." No kidding! Since when has good luck not been a requirement for bringing the Championship Trophy back to your home city? Granted, Butler's absence didn't hurt the Celtics

C's come up big...

  Our Boston Celtics took on a short handed Cavs team. Kudos to how hard the Cavs played but the C's were just better. Donovan Mitchell is dealing with a calf strain. I believe a similar injury to what KP is dealing with. Let's talk about JT, thank you national media for attacking our guy. Tonight he had 33 points, 11 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. He set the tone early on and despite a few too many threes he did attack the basket tonight. His ability to see the floor was damn good and played excellent defense. His brother in arms JB also had a great game. Tallying 27 points and 8 rebounds. What is becoming evident with JB is his vocal leadership. He's always encouraging and helping pick up his teammates and he did that tonight.  Let's talk about Jrue Holiday... The man just knows how to deliver and make huge plays. 16 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. Tonight he made shots that a former point guard we had would not. You can't leave anyone open o

Larry Bird and the positive effect sports stars have on society

  The female victim was young when she was forcibly raped by a big, athletic - but maniacal - attacker . I took over the case as police investigator and prosecutor. The victim was fearful of the defendant and the entire court proceedings . She openly expressed her thoughts to me as the case progressed. The victim happened to be a basketball player, and Larry Bird had already established himself as a superstar in Boston. That was my key. I explained my total respect for Bird, and stressed his work ethic, mental fortitude, dedication to the task at hand - and his ability to fight back from adversity. I further explained that I considered her attacker to be a dangerous individual that needed to pay for his actions - and hopefully to be removed from society, at least for a period of time, for the safety of the public. It worked. This young lady was on her game the rest of the way . Her testimony was solid, and she never backed down. The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to prison,

Jrue Holiday moves into the spotlight with Banner 18 in sight

  Jrue Holiday doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. Despite his less-than-expected stats in the regular season, in last night's Game-3 in the East Semis, he showed his bosses and Celtics fans just how valuable he is. Holiday inked a 4-yeat/$134.4 million deal recently, which means he will be 37 years old in the final season of the contract if he picks up his player option . Brad Stevens knows what he has in the 2-time All Star, 1-time Champ, 5-time All-Defense and 3-time Teammate of the year. Boston truly needed last night's win in Game-3 against the Cavaliers, and Jrue expressed himself on the court from the start, defending, rebounding and scoring almost at will. He came away with 18 points, eight rebounds and five assists . He was dead-on in his shooting, hitting 7-of-10 from the field and 3-of-4 on 3-pointers. The focus will always be on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown , the two main stars for Boston, but Jrue Holiday's credentials are solid . I am most moved

Time to Work

  The Celtics enter Cleveland all nodded up. They better not lose tonight or I may lose it. Go out there and work hard on defense please! Move the ball on offense and go get the W.  1st Quarter  C's must attack the cup tonight, nice to see JT hit his first shot. Jrue has gotten in the paint twice already which is great. JT with another three, maybe he's gonna go off tonight. JT to the cup for the lay in! He's going to need to keep this kind of effort and pace going all game. C's need to figure something out on D with Mobley. Not sure if it's the switches but Al needs to be on him. Great job by JT forcing him to travel, maybe that will work. C's offense seems slow at the get go. JB hits a big early three, followed up by a corner bomb from Sam I Am! The threes are falling early which should be a good sign. Last game they sucked from deep. I'm not sold on the C's defense right now, but I expect them to play much better as the game progresses. It would be ni