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 Welcome back to Boston Sam! I'm sure there are plenty of Celtics fans who remember Sam Cassell as a Celtic in that special run. He was also an incredible asset to the Rockets as well in their title runs. To me he's a perfect asset to have on the bench. Someone who has balls and won't be afraid to tell Joe or the players what to do. He also could be a possible Joe replacement. I'm super pumped about this move. 
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Danny Ainge Chooses.....

  So did anyone else catch what Danny Ainge had to say?!?! Here ya go.... Danny was a player I always loved to watch even when he wasn't on the Cs. I also thought he was a pretty good coach and a good GM. His teams underachieved and he hoarded draft picks but that doesn't take away my love for Danny. I know he had a relationship with Joe but Ime brought this team to the Finals. Joe did not. So how are you making this assessment Danny? Is it because there's something more....  I believe Danny - in his own way - may have supported the rumors that the woman Ime reportedly had a relationship with was married to a minority owner , and like Ainge, is also a Mormon. Why else would Danny be so quick to say Joe is the better Coach?! Clearly the results are in favor of Ime. Are Danny's feeling warranted because he knows Joe or because of anger towards Ime. I'm going to say it's because Danny knows Joe and loves him. But.... there is more to the story. Of which we will ne

Where does Danilo Gallinari fit in Celtics plans?

  Danilo Gallinari is expected to be ready to take the court for the Boston Celtics for the start of the 2023-24 season. He should be fully-recovered from the torn ACL he suffered in overseas play for the Italian National team prior to ever playing his first game for Boston this past season. Problem #1 is that the Italian import had previously suffered the exact same injury - to the same leg - in the 2013-14 season . And he will turn 35 prior to the start of the upcoming season. Gallo also has a player option for the $6.8 million he is due this season. Whether he will exercise it or not remains in question. The decision deadline is 6/20/23 . The 6'10" PF/SF is a pure shooter - from everywhere. Brad Stevens recently has talked about his team needing to "take good shots" , and Gallinari could thrive in a bench role for The Green - if healthy . Therein lies the issue. Gallo has quite an injury history , and his age certainly doesn't lessen the chances of him g

Changes in Celtics roster may be few, but every member is under fire

Wic Grousbeck: "Play with some balls" did not mean "play the next game with multiple basketballs".  Brad Stevens has firmly stated that coach Joe Mazzulla will remain as Celtics head coach, and he wants Jaylen Brown to stay in Boston. Stevens also inferred that Joe did make decisions that he would like to have back - and this present crew needs to focus on dedicated play for a full 48 minutes every game , particularly in the playoffs. So it appears that changes to the present roster will be minor tweaks only. It was Brad's way of getting across that both coach and players need to make changes , but the present roster is capable of accomplishing magnificent things. Former NBA star, Tracy McGrady seems to agree with that stand: Boston's Brad Stevens said today that Joe Mazzulla will remain the Celtics' head coach, but what about Jaylen Brown? Boston's future with Brown is a bit more complicated, but Tracy McGrady has strong feelings on what the Cel

Firing off some random thoughts.

  The Detroit's Pistons have hired Monty Williams as their next head Coach. Monty had a nice run with the Suns but lost in his only Finals appearance. I wonder if him getting fired in Phoenix has anything to do with Kevin Durant being there?! Personally I feel Detroit has a good voice to coach their young talent. Unlike the C's who have a three point happy coach in Joe Mazzulla.  Joe Mazzulla is going to lose members of his coaching staff to Ime Udoka and the Rockets. I don't blame those guys at all, if it were me I'd run from Joe's three happy offense and lack of defense and in game adjustments. C's are going to need to add several veteran coaches as a crutch for Joe. Hopefully they can stress to him that stupid stand behind the three point line offense. Let's miss over thirty threes and keep shooting more. Angers me to watch such a poor basketball product.  Nick Nurse heads to Philly if anyone can maximize Embid and that team it could be him. Question is w

Rethinking Joe Mazzulla as replacement for Ime Udoka

 Prior to the start of the Celtics 2022-23 season, I went on record as being against Joe Mazzulla taking the helm as coach of the Boston Celtics after Ime Udoka was suspended. My argument was based on an alcohol-related incident where Joe reportedly grabbed a woman by the neck and was charged with domestic battery . Using my 20 years in law enfoprcement, and after doing further research, I cited the specific, and sinister, nature of such an act (per Wikipedia): "Strangulation is sometimes fatal. According to a large U.S. case control study, prior strangulation is a substantial and unique predictor of attempted and completed homicide of women by a male intimate partner. A special issue of the  Domestic Violence Report  devoted to the crime of strangulation states: "Many domestic violence offenders and rapists do not strangle their partners to kill them; they strangle them to let them know they can kill them—any time they wish. Once victims know this truth, they live under

More Celtics asst. coaches expected to leave. How about Rajon Rondo.

 The Celtics coaching staff may be about to be depleted even more. Per the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn , assistants Ben Sullivan, Aaron Miles and Mike Moser are expected to join Ime Udoka's staff in Houston. Former Celtics assistant, Damon Stoudamire , already left Boston to be head coach for Georgia Tech. So here come more headaches for Celtics head honcho, Brad Stevens . He may be still mulling whether to keep going ahead with Joe Mazzulla as head coach, and Celtics fans appear to be divided on that same subject. In my recent Twitter poll, the majority of responders chose to keep both Mazzulla and Jaylen Brown (43.8%), while 18.1% voted to get rid of both. We will be following & writing about the Celtics reshaping the team somewhat over the summer. Started with the situations of Joe Mazzulla & Jaylen Brown. We are interested in your input. — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) May 31, 2023 Maybe it's time to bring another former NBA player into