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Former-Celtic, Moritz Wagner, continues wayward ways

 In a past Celtics-Magic contest at TD Garden, it just seemed strange that normally-mild-manner Al Horford would get ejected after an alleged flagrant-2 foul against Orlando's (and former Celtic), Moritz Wagner . The referees took some time analyzing the supposed infraction and ruled that Horford had elbowed Wagner in the groin area. Al Horford ejected early in the 3rd quarter vs. Orlando Here's a look at what happened. #ORLvsBOS — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) December 17, 2022 But on Wednesday, when Orlando faced Detroit, it was Wagner's turn to get ejected . In the confrontation with Al Horford, it was Moe that instigated the incident by fouling Al on a Celtics in-bounds play. On Wednesday, it was Wagner once again acting as the instigator when he pushed Detroit's Killian Hayes out of bounds. A scuffle of players from both sides took place, and Wagner and many other players from both teams were ejected. Tempers flare in D

Luka Doncic rates The Jay Team best duo in the NBA

 The best duo in the entire NBA? Mavericks star, Luka Doncic, thinks it is the pairing of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown   ( per Yardbarkers Darryn Albert): Luka: “They’re probably the No. 1 team (Celtics) in the league, and they probably have the best duo (Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown)  in the league too,” he said of Boston,  per ESPN’s Tim Bontemps . “And we’re in the Garden. It’s always a special game. You have to come 100 percent. If you’re not, you’re probably going to lose. It’s a big game.” The Celtics star duo bested another standout pair in Boston's 116-110 win over ther Clippers last night. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard need to be mentioned in any such discussion. The same with the 76'ers Joel Embiid and James Harden - Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kris Middleton (Milwaukee) - and Lebron James and Anthony Davis (Lakers). But when both Tatum and Brown are on their games - raining jump shots down on opponents and getting to the rim - they often seem unbeatable. One th

Time to payback an earlier loss as the Clippers visit the Garden

Last game of the Garden in the year 2022, let's finish this year strong!    1st Quarter ☘️ C's win the tip, and the revenge game is on! What an incredible pass by Marcus but Al can't finish. C's are cold at the start, what a shock! No not really, this seems to be the norm lately.  C's are allowing the Clippers to dictate the pace of the game right now. C's finally take the reigns and run in transition for the deuce. Some very excellent passing and cutting leads to a nice score!  JT for THREEEEEEEEE!!! That should be the start of multiple points scored tonight. Celtics D needs to toughen up, JT gets to the rack and jams it home! DWhite going trying to the basket! Sending Reggie Jackson to the floor in the process!  Clippers are destroying the C's on the glass right now. That's gonna need to change if we want to win this one. Where is Rob gets em in there and those numbers will change!  Marcus pushes the pace and finds JB for the dunk! Give me more of that

Here come the Nets! Fluke or Brooklyn's destiny?

 The Brooklyn Nets have suddenly surged into second place in the 2022-23 NBA Standings . A 10-game winning streak can tend to do that! There are five teams in the East with records better than .600 - led by the Boston Celtics with a record of 25-10 (.714). At least for the present, Brooklyn appears to be the major block to the Celtics chances of coming out of the Eastern Conference in the post-season.  The Nets do it with scoring . They rank first in the League in Offensive Rating (123.4 PPG), Field Goal Percentage (54.8%) and 3-Point Percentage (44.2%). No surprise that Kevin Durant leads the Nets' attack with 29.9 PPG, followed by (major sigh) Kyrie Irving at 26.1 PPG.  How about Ben Simmons , you may ask. He is averaging 8.3 points per game and remains a question mark for whatever fortunes await the Brooklyn Nets.  Is Brooklyn's 10-game surge a temporary fluke - or a reflection of their destiny for the 2022-23 season? Time will answer that question, but any team dependin

Beach Ball (Holiday) Classic: High school stars on display in Myrtle Beach

 Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby and Rudy Gay . They all participated in the holiday high school basketball tournament known as the Beach Ball Classic - held in Myrtle Beach, Couth Carolina yearly between Christmas and New Years. The 2022 version of the Classic is now underway with the action starting yesterday, Tuesday, December 27, 2022. My wife and I are in that area for the next three months and will be taking in the action.  One of the big names in the Tournament this year is 6'5" Karter Knox , a shooting giard in his junior year at Tampa Catholic High School in Florida, His team defeated a local entry, Myrtle Beach, by a score of 88-51. Knox notched a game-high 27 points on 12-of-21 from the field . Here is one of his six dunks. The youngster also took down nine (9) rebounds and racked up three steals - pretty good for a shooting guard. Dunk of the Day! @thekarterknox or @tampacathhoops at the BBC in @MyMyrtleBeach

Rockets Red Glare as Boston welcomes Houston, can the Celtics run them off the floor?!

  1st Quarter ☘️ No Coach Mazzulla, he's out with an eye infection. Let's see what Damon Stoudamire has to offer as Coach tonight. C's need to jump all over the Rockets early on. If ya do that they will mail it in.  C's D forces the Rockets into a terrible first shot. The C's are already shooting too many threes. Time to take the ball to the hoop. JB gets inside and scores, that's what we need to see tonight.  How is it lately, that every time we play a team that's inferior we fall behind. Is it lack of energy, effort or no defense? JT takes the ball in transition and stuffs it home! On their best offensive possession of the game the ball touches everyone and they score! Give me that all game please! That's basketball at it's best!  Kudos to JB for passing Ray Allen on the all time three point list in Celtics history. JB is a guy who always puts the work in. It's evident by what we see on a regular basis from him. I've loved his game since he

Prime Time Christmas Day Matchup Bucks Vs Celtics

A year to the day the C's played in Milwaukee on Christmas day. The site has changed and we get an epic slugfest from the Garden. My hope is we get the best of the Celtics. It's another present for me especially since I love JT and the Greek.  1st Quarter ☘️ Al opens up the scoring with a three!!! Followed up by a JB for THREEEEEEEEE!!! We are going blow for blow right now! JB is looking good so far tonight! C's have found their flow on offense so far. If they can get the O going watch out! The C's offense seems to be clicking, keep that rock moving. Need to see the defense step up. Let's tighten up and send em home early. Seems like tonight is going to be a dog fight. Despite my wanting a blowout it's gonna be close. So far we have seen the better parts of the Celtics offense. Some good ball movement and quick passes. Defensively they have not shown me that lockdown D. Haus Money goes off the glass for threeeeeeeee!!! C's lead after the first 36-28.  Celtic

Joe Mazzulla defines his team in a nutshell

 In his post-game interview, Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla looked somewhat uncomfortable when questioned about his team's propensity for taking 3-pointers - even when they aren't falling. Despite the 121-109 win for Boston, the guys in green only hit 28% (13-of-46) on treys . But the rookie head coach finally got down to the nitty gritty with one statement that clearly defines his crew: "If we're physically and mentally tougher - and we work at it - the talent will take care of itself!" AMEN to that! Mazzulla, without specifically saying it, knows his guys take their feet off the gas peda l too often, particularly of late - and the losses pile up. After closely watching six decades of Celtics stars come and go, I label the talent level on the 2022-23 crew as very high-level . And the SYNERGY  between the various players can make Mazzulla's team almost omnipotent. But the physicality and mental toughness are too-often not on display. That is the issue. Take fi

Rain aludes to cold as the C's welcome the Wolves on the night before Christmas Eve.

  1st Quarter ☘️ C's open up with free throws, let's hope we see them attack the hoop tonight! Make the refs work for their money! Why do the T-wolves uniforms look like an old cassette tape? DWhite scores early, let's go! DWhite has answered the call! My article earlier must have motivated him! Marcus the Wolverine Smart for THREEEEEEEEE!!! It's great to have you back Marcus! Set the tone on defense tonight! Sam I am with a great pass to DWhite for the JAM! C's are playing with more energy to open up tonight's game.  Celtics defense stinks once again... Great board by Luuuuuuuuuke Kornet, that's a Tommy point! How is it we find ourselves trailing yet once again. In other news Luuuuuuuuuke Kornet saves a possession which results in a deuce!  C's trail by seven, what are we doing?!? 29-22 after the first. 2nd Quarter 🍀🍀 C's look to be a bit better to start up the second. Still not where they should be, STOP SHOOTING THREES! What a play by Marcus get

Fire & Ice: Are they lacking in the current Celtics team?

 FIRE AND ICE! I'm tralking about Celtics players that had both the fierce fire to keep competing - and the ice in their veins to accomplish the goal. It starts with Bill Russell . How many hearts of skilled opponents has he ripped out. And he had two fistfulls of Championship rings to prove it. Dave Cowens? Yup, he has to be there. Was there any Celtic that was more intense. He would take on the little guys on the perimeter and the giants under the hoop - and give an inch - never give any quarter . If this current Celtics crew regains the killer instinct they had early in the season, the El Deguello-no quarter-throat-slitting bugle call should be played in Crunch Time. When the Boston Celtics regain the fire & ice they displayed early this season, the El Deguello (no quarter-slit throat) bugle call should be played in crunch time. Deguello (No Quarter - Slit Throat) (The Alamo) via @YouTube — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) Dec

DWhite where have you gone?

  DWhite where ya been?! I need to preface this that I love what Derek brings to this team. Early on in the season he was lights out from three. He was stout on D, and was getting to the rack with ease. He was looking like a huge piece to Banner 18. He still is, but lately he's been extremely off.  Now we see a guy, who can't hit the front side of a barn. His shot like this team lately are as cold as ice. I still see his hard work on D. He still makes plays as a passer, but hes going to need to get cooking again. I think his skills are off because the entire team is. If this team can find themselves his game will come along. The ball movement has slowed as of late, and the defense tends to lack effort. My hope is that DWhite has a big game against the Twolves. Even if the three isn't falling, take it to the rim DWhite. I trust you and this team to find their way back to the top of the East. It's going to start on the defensive end, then we need to reconnect with moving

Real World fat loss while maintaining muscle mass/bone density

 From "Average" body fat (25%) to Elite Athlete (16.0%) in 14 weeks!  She (name withheld) pleaded with me to help get her back to a high level of fitness this past summer. The 56-year-old lady was up to 174 pounds, and as a ski instructor, that wasn't going to fly come winter. She had already achieved a loss of 12 pounds when we started: Starting weight: 162.2 lbs. Starting body fat: 25.0% (Average) Ending weight: 145.6 lbs. Ending body fat: 16.0% (Elite Athlete) She was part of a small group of three individuals . They worked with me on strength training two times per week, but most important - they all restricted calories on a plan that has worked so well for so many of my clients. They all lost weight and body fat - while maintaining muscle mass and bone density (lean mass).  All three clients accomplished their fitness goals during the holiday season. Not easy. But the hard part started with their departure this morning from my gym. Maintaining their fitness level

Sam Hauser the reason Aaron Nesmith was expendable

 Their games are similar. Both Sam Hauser and former-Celtic (now Pacer) Aaron Nesmith are wings that can shoot the ball and work hard on both ends of the floor. For this season, their per-36-minutes stats are very close:' Nesmith: 14.4 PPG - 5.8 RPG - 1.8 APG - 43% FG - 38% 3s Hauser: 14.6 PPG - 5.7 RPG - 1.5 APG - 46% FG - 42% 3s In the 117-112 loss to Indiana last night, Aaron started the game and logged 28 minutes . He finished with 15 points, six rebounds, three assists and two steals. Sam came off the bench - played 17 minutes - and supplied 10 points, six boards and two steals . He shot 50% from both the field and 3-point range, while Nesmith hit 46% of his field goal attempts and 20% from 3-point territory. Brad Stevens obviously saw that Hauser could fill Nesmith's role with Boston and sent Aaron to Indiana as part of the summer deal that brought Malcolm Brogdon to Beantown. Thus far, the transaction seems to be working for all parties involved,

Pacing into the Garden as we welcome Indiana to town.

Keys to tonight, move the ball efficiently, place with pace, and bring that fire. Let's get back to Celtics basketball.   1st Quarter ☘️ PP gets the start for the C's tonight, I have to say I love it. No Marcus Smart tonight, with an illness. Time for everyone else to step up! First play on the offensive end sees JT drive to the hoop drawing a foul. That's the mindset we need to see tonight.  JB taking it strong on the drive and dropping the hammer! Follows it up with another drive and layup! JB has the ability to get to the hoop whenever he wants. If he keeps doing this he can be unstoppable.  JT for THREEEEEEEEE!!! It would be nice for him to find his stroke from deep. For some reason that trickles down to the other aspects of his game. Time to get that unstoppable JT back!  C's find themselves trailing early on, talk about not being ready to go. C's are getting rolled yet again on defense, and shooting way too many threes. A much needed timeout by Coach Mazzulla.

What Basketball Means To Me

Basketball means so much around the world. I'll share with you what it means to me. Basketball can be played anywhere. Basketball can be played by anyone. Basketball is beautiful!  Growing up basketball played a huge role in my upbringing. My grandfather's were huge baseball guys, but dad fell in love with the game of basketball. We always had a hoop in my grandparents driveway, since we lived on the same street! They had the better court for sure!  Countless times growing up I was able to witness my dad and uncle have epic one on one battles. Eventually I had my own turn, to challenge dad. Early on he kicked my butt, but as I practiced and got better eventually I returned the favor. My dad was also my coach for many years, thru his tutelage I always made key plays every year. We won quite a lot.  Every summer mom and dad would send me to UMass basketball camp, during the Calipari years. I tell ya those were the glory days. Not only did I get a week of all basketball, but I was

Celtics sputtering offense: What's going on?

 The Boston Celtics once-grand offense has fizzled in the last five games - resulting in a 1-5 record in that span. What's up? The Green have been toppled by the Milwaukee Bucks from top spot in the League Standings - but still are number-one in Offensive Rating (116.8 points) for the season - but are dead-last (101.0 points) in that category over the last five games . The main reason? T heir field goal and 3-point shooting have hit the skids. The Celtics players are taking more treys and hitting fewer of them . They average 41.9 treys per game (attempted) for the season, and make 38.1% of them. Not so for the last five contests. For that span, they are up to 44.0 3-point attempts/game and hitting a mere 28.6%. And their assists are down from 26.3 APG (season) -to-22.0 APG while racking up four losses and one victory. The rebounds, turnovers and Defensive Rating have not changed much for the Boys from Beantown, so it appears that the main issue in their lackluster play in the la

Celtics Magic Part Duex

  1st Quarter ☘️ Will the C's be able to solve the puzzle that is the Magic today?! So far the C's are rebounding better today than at any points Friday night.  JB getting hosed by the officials early on. Will C's learn to start following their shots?!?! Come on now!  If the C's lose back to back too Orlando my TV may need repairs. C's have to start getting to the rim. Way too many threes and we are down by six early on. Rob with a JAM!  KUDOS TO DWHITE, grabbing the offensive rebound plus drawing a foul. The once historic offense the C's had is now gone. The defense is invisible as well. It feels like we are back to last year, lately with how we are playing.  The WOLVERINE WITH THE LEFT HAND!!! LETS GO!!! Orlando is playing well above who they are lately. Man is the Celtics offense U G L Y lately. Wake up!  You play this way against the Bucks Christmas day and you are gonna get rolled.  I'm just disgusted watching this right now. This isn't a championsh

Ghosts-of-past-bad-habits return to haunt Boston Celtics

 The Boston Celtics just can't rid themselves of their live-or-die-by-the-3 pointer mentality . They get lazy - ignore active ball movement - and heave 3-pointers far too often. After their tiring 4-2 road trip, some of that can be expected, but the 117-109 loss to the Orlando Magic should not have happened. The culprits for Boston were numerous, but their 11-of-46 shooting from deep took center stage . They are second in the NBA in 3-point attempts (41.7 per game) , and that may be fine when those shots are landing. The other culprits? Let's start with the paucity of passes - only 17 assists for a team that averages 26.4 APG . Rebouding is a basic fundamental for winning, and The Green only took down 38 boards , even fewer than the 42.6 RPG that puts them in 23rd place this season. The boys were tired. That was obvious. But three losses in the last four games for the number-one team in the NBA had better not be a downward trend that gains any kind of momentum . Expect a resu

Will Robs Return Bring Magic to the C's.

Rob is back! I tell ya I need to see a Rob Lob tonight!    1st Quarter ☘️ Al for THREEEEEEEEE!!! Welcome back Al! C's need to push the pace and move the ball! Al for yet another threeeeeeeee!!! Let's Go Defense! Marcus with a huge BLOCK! Get that weak crap outta here! JT seems locked in right now! JT is a master amongst these Orlando Magic players.  On this seven game stand we need to RACK UP THE WINS! Anyone else looking forward to the Christmas day game vs Giannis and the Bucks? I know I am!  Al looking spry on D! Sending weak shots into oblivion! JB for THREEEEEEEEE!!! RWill has MADE HIS RETURN! What a sight for sore eyes! His return reminds me of all the good stuff he does. He does all the little things needed to win.  The ROB LOB IS BACK!!!!!! MY GOODNESS HOW I'VE MISSED IT! I truly love this team....  Magic are sprinkling some lucky dust so far tonight. Just like that GWill for THREEEEEEEEE!!! He's been lights out!!! He's clearly looking for the next contract.

2022-23 Celtics scoring ranks favorably with early 60's Boston teams

 The highest Celtics scoring occurred in the 1959-60 season , with The Green averaging 1 24,5 points per game during the regular season - good enough for 4th-all-time in the NBA . Tommy Heinsohn was the main gunner (no surprise) at 21.7 PPG, followed by Bob Cousy (19.4), Bill Sharman (19.3), Bill Russell (18.2), Frank Ramsay (15.3) and Sam Jones (11.9). During the four consecutive seasons, starting in the 1959-60 campaign, Boston teams occupy slots in the top-40, all-time, in scoring - while also averaging a point-differential of +8.4 points over the opposition. It should be noted that The Green won all available Titles in the 1960's, except for the 1966-67 season. Forward to the present. The 2022-23 Boston crew currently ranks 27th-all-time, in NBA scoring (119.4 PPG) with an average point differential of +6.8 points over the opposition . Jayson Tatum (30.2 PPG) and Jaylen Brown (26.6) are the big guns for the Celtics, followed by Malcolm Brogdon (13.9), Marcus Smart (11.7),

Late night LA times two as the C's visit the Fakers.

Let me start by saying this, the Fakers are the owners of 11 and a half titles. Why do you ask, because Minneapolis owns five of them. Plus the bubble boy title is only worth half! How you in good conscience claim five titles that are not LAs makes me SICK!  I borrowed some lyrics of Man in the Mirror and made a few adjustments.  I'm starting with the team on the court I'm asking them to change their ways by shooting less threes And no message could've been any clearer If they wanna make the game a better place they need to play defense  Take a look at yourself and then make a change, move the basketball on offense 1st Quarter  ☘️ C's open up the scoring tonight, that better mean good things. An excellent pass from JT to JB! Here we go! These Fakers uniforms are hideous. Nice to DWhite getting off to a good start! He liked it so much he did it again!  The Celtics passing has been very crisp so far tonight. JT for THREEEEEEEEE!!!! C's on an eleven nothing run! The C&

A late, late night in LA. Will the Celtics bounce back vs the Clippers?

Keys to the game, find your offense its been missing in action. Match up on D and win those battles.  For me personally stay awake!  1st Quarter ☘️ Love hearing Max on the broadcast, refs already making a negative impact. Seems like there is good amount of Celtics fans tonight in LA. Great move by JT getting to and rocking the rim! Excellent passing and rotation by the C's for THREEEEEEEEE!!!  Great pass by JB, hitting Blake for the lay in plus one! Celtics D is lacking tonight, wake up please. JB pulls up for the beautiful jumper! Much needed time out.  Knock, knock, defense where are you?? I hope the C's aren't hitting a wall. I tell ya right now they don't look like the team we are used to seeing.  Like Max just said let's knock the rust off the tires. If not it's gonna be a long night, not sure what we are doing right now. RIP Paul Silas, eternal be his memory. A heck of a player but even better person. To many of our Celtics family are joining basketball He

Contrasting tales of life and death in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

I recently watched the movie, Infinite Storm , starring Naomi Watts in the role of Pam Bales , an expericed, and very well prepared hiker who took a solo Fall hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire . Bales not only saved her own life that day when the weather up high turned bad - but she also saved the life of a manwho was ill-prepared to venture into the mountains - and probably bent on ending his own life Pam wrote about the ordeal  in The tale sounds eerily similar to the horrible tragedy experienced by the late Emily Sotelo  in the Fall of 2022, although with a happier ending. Bales was not only a well-prepared hiker, she was a member of a New Hampshite Search and Rescue team . She knew what to do in the White Mountains - how to do it - and when do do it.  Pam's tale was as bizarre as that of Emily Sotelo, but she saved two lives that day - her own and that of "John". Sometimes we create our own happy endings.

NBA analysts need to comment on team "synergy" rather than "chemistry"

 As a former Chemical Engineer , I have always had an issue with NBA analysts using the term "chemistry" when describing positive player-pairings or textbook team play. The reaction of various chemicals can be either destructive or "synergistic" . Let me explain. A stick of d ynamite or container of Tennerite requires a blasting cap or high-energy bullet, respectively, to explode . I have witnessed the explosive power of both, and the destruction each can cause. May I suggest the destructive effects that the inclusion of the volatile Kyrie Irving had on the welfare of the Boston Celtics. SYNERGY: (Definition) mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (such as resources or efforts) "Synergy" , on the other hand, suggests a beneficial combination of participants in an endeavor. There are no negative connotations here . Let me mention the extention of Al Horford's contract and the addition of Malco