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Celtics repairs begin with changes at the helm - more to come

  I wrote it on April 3, 2021. " Plugging holes in Celtics ship hasn't worked. Time to repair it at dry dock"  Well, the first repair is the major one. With the news that Celtics boss, Danny Ainge , is abandoning ship - that is, retiring, Coach Brad Stevens appears destined to take over at the helm in the front office, but the question is - who will come in as coach to fill Brad's role. My guess is that prime candidates are already in the minds of Danny and Brad. Celtics make it official: Danny Ainge retires, Brad Stevens is President of Basketball Operations — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) June 2, 2021 Danny expected more when coming back to Boston in 2003 to take over the reins of a team once ruled by his mentor, Red Auerbach .  Ainge was up to the task, but the game - and who controls much of it - have changed. With two heart attacks in his medical history, and the prospects for Banner #18 not looking hopeful in the next two years, Danny Ainge has called it quit