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Derrick White chosen over Jalen Brunson for USA Basketball roster

 With Kawhi Leonard withdrawing from Olympic competition , the Celtics Derrick White will apparently replace him on USA's roster. Leonard must still be recovering from a knee injury suffered last season with the Clippers and will be focusing on rehab rather than international competition . The choice of White over Jalen Brunson for the open spot is a clear indication USA Basketball is looking for perimeter defense - with the plan of often pairing the Celtics Championship backcourt duo of White and Jrue Holiday. Good guy Derrick White is headed to the Olympics — Cameron Tabatabaie (@CTabatabaie) July 10, 2024 This is simply good news for the Boston Celtics. A Championship and a gold medal for three of The Green's starters in the same year would be remarkable. 

Celtics seem satisfied with their 5-headed center coverage

 With free-agent centers such as Andre Drummond and Daniel Theis , recently signed by other NBA teams, the Boston Celtics may be content with their present center quintet of Al Horford, Kristaps Porzingis, Luke Kornet, Xavier Tillman and Neemias Queta.  Horford has shown he is not ready for the rocking chair quite yet. Porzingis may be fragile, but he is a positive difference maker when healthy . Simply stated, he does everything out there. Kornet gives the team size, rebounding and rim protection. Ditto for Queta . Tillman adds muscle and defense, particularly against opposing brutes. That all adds up to a ton of versatility at the 5-spot . Brad Stevens was intent on keeping the entire 2023-24 unit intact as much as possible, and he has done that. Add me to the list of fans concerned with Horford's age and Porzingis' fragility. But the three backups at the 5-spot have proven they are up to the task.

Surviving past Eighty: This is what drives me!

  “Today I will do what others won’t,  so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” You just read it! When I try to talk myself out of my morning 2-mile walk - or my 30-minute strength training session - this is what drives me at 80-plus years of age .  "If you stop doing the difficult things in life, you lose the ability to do them." -- Tom Lane That's it!   I live in a 3-level home and make excuses to climb the stairs repeatedly during the day - so I don't lose the ability to do so . The first-half of my morning walk is mostly uphill, and I do it to keep my heart working at a viable level . The strength training is obviously to stay strong, but also to keep that ":metabolic reservoir" in the event of a traumatic event - and subsequent recovery.  Author at site of Old Man of the Mountain, Cannon Mt., NH The above photo of me - and the humor - was via my daughter, Lisa, four days ago . At 80.5 years of age - and at 5' 8", 159 lbs . - my best frie

Larry Bird on Lebron James (and himself) as best, all-time

 In an NBA TV segment called, Basketball Stories: Indiana Glory , Former-Celtic, Larry Bird , sat down with Isiah Thomas and Reggie Miller to discuss many subjects, including the "Mount Rushmore" of NBA superstars.  Larry stated the following: "I always knew how good I was. I didn't care what you thought about my games. I knew in the majority of the games I played in - with the team we had - we're gonna win most of them." "Quit whining about Lebron (James). Enjoy him while he's here. He's unbelievable. He's one of the greatest - if not the greatest ever." It is fitting that Bird mentioned himself in "the best ever" conversation. He belongs there . And it particularly noteworthy that Larry sent accolades "The King's" way. Lebron may not be the most-likable individual on the planet, but he has to be included in the "Best Ever" talk because of his skills, longevity in the League, his conditioning, his ve