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B! G!

 Blake Griffin coming to Boston now! Let's Go! To me this is a good sign we need another Big type who can spell Al especially without RWill. Yes Griffin is up there in age and sometimes injury prone but I'll take it. He's got a little left in the tank and why not use it here in Boston!  In other news We hardly knew ya! 


  Looks like a possible reunion in the works?!  We have minor Woj drop, it looks like the Celtics have asked for permission to speak to their former assistant coach.  I'm all for this, from what he did as a Celtics assistant prior to can be very useful and positive for now interim Coach Joe Mazzulla. Experience is a great thing to have on your staff. I wouldn't mind if the Celtics chose to sign a true veteran, who can play that role like an Iggy does for GS.  Bleed Green! Celtic Pride! Banner 18!

The obscure upside to Rob Williams' injury

Even the most-tragic happenings can have an upside, and such is the case with the left knee injury and surgery to Celtics center, Rob Williams III . The latest timeline shows he will be out of action for 8-12 weeks, meaning he could return as soon as late November. So what's the upside? Well, clearly four long seasons in the League have taken a toll on the supremely-athletic youngster. He has averaged a mere 44 games per season over that 4-year span . And lest we not forget, he has been dealing with an artery condition in his knees for a number of years that may eventually require additional surgery. So shortening his 2022-23 season in preparation for the playoffs may be a boon to Rob and his team. In addition, fans will get to see more of the likes of big men Mfiondu Kabengele, Noah Vonleh and Luke Kornet - as will new Head Coach Joe Mazzulla.   It would seem to be the best course for the Celtics brass not to rush Williams III back on the court. He changes the game for The Gre

Where does time go?!

     Where does time ultimately go, I don't know. What I do know is here we are a few days away from the first preseason game for your beloved Celtics. It's been a busy summer after losing the finals. We saw Danilo Gallinari brought in and then get hurt. Malcolm Brogdon found his way here through a trade. Then the biggest bomb dropped when we found out that our Coach Ime Udoka was suspended for a year following inappropriate interactions with a female assistant.  During media day Celtics players were asked what they knew and really it seems they are being kept in the dark. Why, because of legalities, do you as Celtics fans feel they should be made aware?! Will this become something that haunts this season? I don't believe so, I'm confident that Joe Mazzulla despite his transgressions as a young man, is ready to lead this group to Banner 18.  This Celtics team will be must watch all year, the progression of JT and JB is something that I'm super excited to see. Their

Are conditions right to bring Jae Crowder back to Boston?

 Former Celtic, Jae Crowder is asking out of Phoenix, and both sides are trying to work out a trade. At 6'6", Crowder certainly doesn't fit the big-man role as an early-season replacement for Rob Williams, but the 32-year-old forward is a tough, 2-way player that fits anywhere. He can play either forward position and averaged 9.4 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 2.4 APG and 1.0 SPG for the Suns in last season's playoffs. News that he may lose his starting job in Phoenix may have prompted Crowder to seek greener pastures. Is it possible that Celtics fans may see 3 "Js" on the parquet for the first time? — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) September 27, 2022 Jae is in the last year of his contract and is set to earn $10.2 million this season. NBA Insider, Shams Charania lists the Boston Celtics as one possible landing spot, possibly joining two other "Js" on the TD Garden parquet "Sources tell me that both the Suns and Crowder are now working

Give us your choices for the next Celtics head coach & floor leader

  Celtics Assistant Coach, Joe Mazzulla , has been tabbed as the interim coach to run the Celtics ship for now, but I simply don't have faith that he will keep the vessel from self-destruction. Admittedly, I could be wrong. So I am throwing it out there. Many of our followers at Celtics Sentinel are very savvy and opinionated. The choice of the next guy at the helm may very well determine whether the ship sinks or sails flying Banner 18. Let us know in the comment section or via Twitter. One other thing. This team has lacked a true on-court leader for too long. Cousy, Russell, Havlicek, Bird, Pierce and Garnett "won't be walking through that door". Brad Stevens has chosen not to appoint a team captain, but beyond the title, one of the players needs to step forward and take command verbally and with his play on the court. So let us know your choice(s) on that one too. 

Dear NBA Do Not Underestimate This Team

 Not sure if I've used the photo you see here before. With all the turmoil and injuries going on in Boston, the NBA should not take this team lightly. A team that has lost their Coach is a team to be reckoned with. I know everyone is clamoring for Ime info but I just need to talk basketball and the Celtics. This group has a special place in my basketball heart despite losing in the Finals.  After the passing on to a better place by my mom and ending up almost losing my life and or hand, this group kept me on a mission. Every game they played I made sure to watch and write for all our readers. The ride they took us on was sometimes a rollercoaster, but it was a huge building block. I full expect this off-season to galvanize this group into winning Banner 18.  I personally can't wait to watch JT and JB grow even more as basketball players and leaders on the floor. Give me Al flexing on anyone, and the Wolverine Marcus Smart annoying others teams best players with his D! I'm p


 So we originally expected RWill to be out four to six weeks and now it's become eight to twelve.  If we didn't need another big before we sure as do now. Al can only do so much and honestly Kornet doesn't really make me feel comfortable. There are enough veterans out there go grab one. 

Is Joe Mazzulla an acceptable replacement for Ime Udoka?

 My answer to my title question is, "NO" . Let me explain. Most naysayers to Assistant Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla stepping into the role of head coach for the Boston Celtics would cite his two arrests within a year for alcohol-related violence. As a 20-year law enforcement veteran, I will take it one step further. Mazzulla's first arrest occurred in April of 2009 and allegedly involved his grabbing of a woman by the neck. He was charged with domestic battery ( per Bob Hertzel, Times, West Virginia ): (Joe) Mazzulla, from Johnston, R.I., was arrested and charged with domestic battery after an incident at de Lazy Lizard nightclub in Morgantown. Mazzulla allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck at the bar. Research, and my experience, shows men who strangle women (or attempt to) can be a predictor of future domestic violence, including murder :  ( per Wikipedia ): Strangulation is sometimes fatal. According to a large U.S. case control study, prior strangulation is a substan

More information as to why Ime Udoka suspension was so severe

  The Athletic's Shams Charania wrote the following on the reason for the season-long suspension of Celtics Coach, Ime Udoka: "Some members of the Celtics organization first became aware of the relationship in July, sources said. At that time, team leadership was led to believe by both parties that the relationship was consensual. But sources said that the woman recently accused Udoka of making unwanted comments toward her - leading the team to launch a set of internal interviews." If correct, this would explain the punishment placed on Udoka that many Celtics fans originally felt was too severe. Also, if the "unwanted comments" allegedly made by Coach Udoka were of a threatening nature (no information to that effect as of this writing), criminal action would be a possibility. It is looking more and more that Ime Udoka may never return to the Celtics fold, and this has to be one of the most-negative happenings in my six-decade following of The Green. Stay with


 As was speculated all day, Ime Udoka has been suspended for the year by the Boston Celtics. This is a huge blow to this team, after what Ime accomplished last season. A team primed to win Banner 18 must now do so without their Coach. What an off-season for these Celtics.  There's way too much talent on this team, to not overcome this and have a heck of a year. Let this galvanize them to show how good they are. When you break company policy ultimately you get punished. It's really just to bad to see all this play out. Ime needed to show the smarts he did as Coach yet he didn't in his personal decisions. Question is after his year suspension will he be back?! Only time will tell. Joe Mazzulla your on the clock and I believe you can lead this team!  Bleed Green! Celtic Pride! 

Getting back to basics is the right formula for Celtics off-season turmoil

 May I start with the fact that I am older than the NBA. I have weathered the John Y. Brown fiasco and the horror of the Rick Pitino extremely-flawed takeover of such a storied franchise as the Boston Celtics. Now comes the 2022 off-season, accompanied by the season-ending injury to newly-acquired Danilo Gallinari and the impending surgery to the super-athletic, super-exciting Rob Williams . And now we have the impending suspension of Head Coach Ime Udoka .  Can the Boston Celtics withstand such turmoil! I think so. When things go bad, go back to basics. The current Celtics team is no longer a bunch of youngsters trying to find their way. They came close to Banner 18 last season. They are the key going forward. Assuming Udoka will be suspended for an undetermined period of time, the interim coach will have a lot of say in what success The Green has in 2022-23. Beyond that, I love the team we have. The skills of the Jay Team - the savvy and stabilization of Horford - the "smar

Possible Coach of the C's in the interim.

  If Ime is suspended it looks like Joe Mazzulla may take over as interim Coach. Local kid from Rhode Island and played college ball at West Virginia.  Mazzulla attended HS  in RI where he made the all-state first team.  He won three state titles at Bishop Hendricken. Freshman year  at WV  Mazzulla helped the team win the 07 NIT with John Belien as Coach.  In the 08 NCAA Tournament, Mazzulla posted 13 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists in an upset of Duke in the tourney.  As a redshirt junior, Mazzulla was named a captain and helped West Virginia reach the 2010 Final Four. He scored 17 points in the Elite Eight upset of UK.  In 2016-17 he was on the Maine Red Claws staff. He joined the C's as a full time assistant in 2019. If he's thrust into action as the Celtics interim head coach let's hope he can get them to Banner 18. 

Anything else going to try to derail this season?

Did anyone in the Celtics organization have a black cat walk by them? Or does anyone own one, black cats are beautiful, but there is that saying about them. With everything going on with these Celtics you have to wonder if that the case. They had an amazing off season grabbing two guys who could put this team over the top. Then it seems all chaos has exploded... We see one of their newest additions in DG go down and tear his ACL playing for his home country of Italy. We then see the Celtics choose not to replace what they were getting in him, which is a scorer off the bench who could stretch the floor. I guess we will see if that's Sam Hauser.  Next RWill needs another surgery, slash clean up of his knee. Keeping him out four to six weeks I believe. We are already rhin in the big department given his injuries and Al's age. Hello I heard Wyc say to spend yet we haven't gone and grabbed another big which we need. Instead we are bringing guys in and throwing spaghetti against

Ime Udoka facing likely disciplinary measures for alleged violation of Celtics team rules

 According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, Celtics Coach, Ime Udoka , is possibly acing disciplinary measures after allegedly having "an improper and intimate and consensual relationship" with a member of the team staff. Celtics coach Ime Udoka had an improper intimate and consensual relationship with a female member of the team staff, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium . It’s been deemed a violation of franchise’s code of conduct. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) September 22, 2022 The bad news for Celtics fans continues after the recent reports of a possible season-ending injury to Danilo Gallinari and pending knee surgery for Rob Williams . Any possible discipline for Udoka will likely come from the team itself, and not the League. 

Bye Bye Bruno

 More news from the Celtics, buh bye Bruno!

Better Now than Later

 It looks like RWill will be out for a bit, but in my opinion better now than during the season.  If I'm the Celtics I'm doing everything possible to keep this man healthy for the season but mainly the playoffs! This is why we need to trade for another big! 

"The Eagle" has landed on the parquet - Bill Russell's #6 is back

 A couple of years ago, I did an ode to the legendary Bill Russell based on Tom Meschery's poem portraying the menacing defensive ace as An Eagle With a Beard .  Well, in a way, "the Eagle" will be back covering the lanes on the parquet at TD Garden - as his Number-6 will adorn both lanes at opposite ends of the court. A magnificent tribute to the man who revolutionized the game of basketball and led The Green to multiple Titles over the years. Or, as Meschery wrote, we will remember: "Bill with slightly stooped shoulders, long feathery arms and talons hovering above the paint protecting it like his nest intruders entered at their peril." And I will add that TD Garden patrons can look forward to watching as Celtics center, Rob Williams, follows Bill's lead in "hovering above the paint, protecting it" . I would have loved to have seen Russ mentor the supremely-athletic Williams III, but the #6 icons may be enough . 

I see a lot of Gail Goodrich in Payton Pritchard

For those that don't remember Gail Goodrich, he was a 6'1" shooting guard drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers with their Territorial Pick in 1965. He was nicknamed "Stumpy" due to his (lack of) height and short legs. Goodrich languished as a sub in LA for the first years of his career but blossomed at the age of 24 as a starter in Phoenix in his first season there - his fourth in the NBA. The Celtics Payton Pritchard, also 6'1" , came into the League as a shooting guard and will be entering his third season in Boston slated as a substitute at the age of 24. This kid just has put his heart and soul into his game since his arrived in Beantown. He works his ass off on the defensive end, pushes the pace on offense - and can put on a blistering display when he starts firing away from everywhere but the locker room. Take a look at the 2nd-season stats for both : Goodrich: 23.1 MPG - 12.4 PPG - 3.3 RPG - 2.7 APG Pritchard:  14.1 MPG - 6.2 PPG - 1.9 RPG - 2.0

What do the Celtics Mean To You?

  What do the Celtics mean to you are avid readers and basketball savants?! For me personally it's the team I truly live and die with in the realm of sports. Yes I do love all our other New England teams and ride the waves with them, but with the Celtics there's just something about em. It's the history of 17 Banners. It's the brotherhood and family this organization has created. It's the all time greats who when they put that uniform on perform to amazing heights.  Ever since I was a kid my dad would record games on VHS and we would watch them. My earliest sports memories are of the Garden and Celtics basketball. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, the Chief and so many others. I was the kid wearing full sweats to middle school in my Celtics gear. Did I get laughed at cuz it's middle school yes I did, did I care nope!  A few memorable experiences for me came at the Garden, getting to sit courtside, and getting a tour and standing where Bird hit that three in the 86 final

NBA.Com's views of Top-3 NBA teams in the East

  Six's writers are split on their picks for top-3 NBA teams in the East. But four-of-the-six chose the Boston Celtics as their Number-1 pick, while the other two picked the Milwaukee Bucks over Boston. The discussion of the writers centered around the Celtics addition of Malcolm Brogdon and the return of the Bucks Kris Middleton as key determinants of the projected success of both teams (per's Shaun Powell): The Celtics  found the solution to their main issue, a playmaking point guard in Malcolm Brogdon. He can help make Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown less mistake-prone and fresher in fourth quarters. Milwaukee  has the best player in the conference (if not all of basketball) and, we assume, a healthy Khris Middleton this time.  What is not mentioned in the article is that the Celtics may very well have the deeper team. Brogdon certainly adds quality depth, and Al Horford, Rob Williams, Derrick White and Grant Williams will be joining Boston's co

How Malcolm Brogdon fills in the gaps in Celtics offense

  Malcolm Brogdon may not be the most-athletic guy on the floor for Boston this season, but he sure as Hell should help fill the gaps that caused the Celtics to miss out on Banner 18 in the 2022 Finals. In some ways, Brogdon can be viewed as a taller version (6'5") of 6'1" Payton Pritchard, neither of whom would be considered lightning-quick. But assuming Malcolm takes a significant number of Pritchard's minutes, mismatches on the defensive end won't be much of an issue. But it is on the offensive end that the Virginia product supplies much-needed help . He attacks the basket with authority - is a strong finisher - and has made 88.1% of his free throws thus far in his career. That will be huge for a Boston crew that could use more scores in the paint. Finally, the Celtics' turnovers in last season's playoffs were a major factor in their failure to hoist Banner 18. Brogdon posts a mere 1.8 turnovers per game for his career. He takes care of the ba

Another Signing

 Yet another training camp invite fighting to make the team. To me it seems with all these training camp invites the Celtics are trying to hit gold. Do I hope they do of course. Let's be real if they don't Brad and company need to trade for the rest of the pieces we need to win the NBA title.  The key to this season is health, and IMO securing home court through out the playoffs even the finals. The Garden needs to become a place no one wants to play. Bleed Green Celtic Pride! 

Tatum tops Greek Freak in Fantasy rankings: Fact or fiction?

  Jayson Tatum is currently ranked Number-7 in Yahoo Fantasy's latest Pre-draft Player Rankings , while Giannis Antetokounmpo sits two slots behind at Number-9. Granted, that could change in the coming days, but count me as surprised to see those numbers. Although many analysts predict a significant surge in Tatum's game this coming season. Other notables that trail Jayson are Luka Doncic (#12 ) and Kevin Durant (#13) . Are these rankings valid? Probably not in the eyes of Fantasy participants since the Greek Freak has been snatched up well-ahead of his #9 ranking in the mock drafts in which I have participated - often in the top-3. Another surprise was seeing Rob Williams ranked just behind Durant at Number-14. Can Celtics fans expect that much from the supremely-athletic center? I would expect Sky Lord to drop a few slots in the coming days, but much is expected from Williams III if he remains healthy. The Celtics Jaylen Brown comes in at Number-57, and he may be a bargain

The Time Is Now! Growth is a must!

Growth and what it means to the success of the Celtics, led by JT and JB better known as the Jays! Over their careers here in Boston we have witnessed success and failures, each of these things has led us to here, 2 wins away from Banner 18. The time is now for this team and these two studs. What they need to do in their games will dictate if this season ends in a much better fashion than last year.  JB has shown he can go off at the drop of a hat, getting to the rim, hitting jumpers and nailing threes. We need to see him work on his handles, passing and defense and become elite at them. If he is as special as I believe his game will continue to evolve. If I'm Brad and ownership I'm offering him a max deal whenever he's ready. Last season he grew so much as a player and this season will be an even greater jump to becoming a guy we hold as an all time great Celtic.  JT has shown he can go toe to toe with anyone! He has the skills to get to the rim, is able to hit jumpers, an

Brad has work to do!

 Not good! Not shocked injuries always get in our way!    Get Better DG, I was excited to see what you could do on this team...

Twitter poll shows Celtics followers in favor of signing Carmelo Anthony

 I have 1 heard and read most of the arguments against Brad Stevens bringing Carmelo Anthony on board the Green Express - no defense, ball hog, selfish. But my recent Twitter poll generally supported latching on to the 38-year old vet. My stance on a possible Carmelo Anthony signing by the Celtics is, "He could be a good replacement for Gallinari until the Italian Stallion returns to the court". What do my followers have to say? — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) September 1, 2022   Melo is somewhat of a shorter version (6'7") of the injured Danilo Gallinari. Anthony is a scorer - plain and simple. But with either member of the Jay Team (or both) off the floor, getting points on the board was often a challenge for the Boston Celtics. That is what Melo does, and he is pretty good at it, even as a relatively-old codger, NBA wise. We are not talking a long-term marriage here. This season is not a make-or-break one for Boston, but the team is quite poised to battle for Banner

NBA News

 Cavs aquire Donovan Mitchell! More to come!  Trader Danny is working his ways out in Utah! Mitchell is a heck of a player. I'm shocked he was dealt out there. Not exactly an NBA destination.