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Dreams can become reality...

 My love for my Greek brother is evident despite bleeding green. Sitting in a restaurant during the draft and hoping the C's would make my dream come true... What did they do?? They drafted Kelly O and I wanted to cry. I've followed his career for as long as I can remember. During his finals run it was surreal to see a young man from such humble beginnings become an NBA champion. Whats most important to me is we share our faith and heritage, and of course a love for basketball.  We just heard yesterday that he's not going to sign an extension if the Bucks aren't championship driven... Will my dream come true?! Is there a basketball world where Giannis, JT and JB can be together??? I'd settle for it to be Giannis and Tatum honestly. If I'm Brad I'm examining every option to bring him here if the Bucks fumble the ball. The only detriment I see to that is Mr Cheap himself Wyc one title Grousbeck not allowing Brad to do so. Imagine what you could have in a Giann

1976 NBA Finals, Game-5: Excitement, irony & greatness

 Some have called it "the greatest NBA game ever played" - but at very least, Game-5 of the 1976 Finals between the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns should be a "must-see" for any League fan.  Boston won Game-5, 128-126, in triple-overtime , and there were thrills galore. John Havlicek started the game for the first time in the series, and the result was immediate. The Celtics built a big lead by the end of the first quarter. The pace was super-fast with both teams fast-breaking on every opportunity, often initiated by a defensive board and a long outlet pass. Here's some irony. The Celtics JoJo White covered the Suns' Paul Westphal , a former teammate of White in Boston. In the backcourt with JoJo for Boston was Charlie Scott , the guy brought over from Phoenix for Westphal. JoJo had a team-high 33 points, six boards and nine assists in the win - playing 60 minutes in the thjriller  and was named Finals MVP after Boston won the Title in Game-6 in Phoenix

In season tournament...

Here's my Blount thought to an in season tournament. Is this a way to get either the Lakers or Knicks some type of "win". We all know that the bubble was set up for the Lakers to win and that's it. A true Mickey Mouse production, like they would for one of their princess stories. Only instead of a princess it was a self centered and self proclaimed in his mind goat... Leflop James.  I will say this looking at the leagues cup tournament in MLS seems to be on fire. Lionel Messi has taken a crap team and is leading them to a tournament win. I've watched every game he's played and it's literally amazing. He's just so damn good. One thing the NBA has going for them is it's in Vegas. Who doesn't want to go to Vegas and watch NBA stars?! With that said beware of the NBA setting up a Knicks Lakers final. We all know how the league has helped those two franchises in the past. With the Lakers they get every call, and get guys traded to them for a bag of

Memories from Game-6 of the 1963 NBA Finals

 Just watched a replay of Game-6 of the 1963 NBA  Finals - Celtics versus Lakers. Brings back a lot. Celtics took the game (112=109) and the 1963 Championship. The game was close. This was Bob Cousy's last game as a Boston Celtic. He had 18 points and seven assists, even hampered by an ankile injury sustained late in the game. Tom Heinsohn was the hero - sealing the win with a key offensive rebound, put-back - all while getting fouled. He was high scorer for Boston with 22 points, while taking down nine boards. Ferocious is what describes Bill Russell's rebounding prowess. He had 24 rebounds in this one, but I had forgotten his passing skills from the low post. He too game honors in both rebounding AND assists (9 of them). I had also (somewhat) forgotten Elgin Baylor's overall superb talent and his "head-shake" habit as he brought the ball over half court. he had a line of 28/8/8 in this contest.  Jerry West had a line of 32P/7R/9A - just a routine night for

Ethics, huge salaries and the Boston Celtics

 This will be short and sweet. Is it ethical for NBA superstars, including the Celtics Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, to get supermax deals in the range of $50-60 million per year? My favorite definition of ETHICS is: The greatest good - for the most people - for the longest time Pro basketball's main function , despite becoming Big Buiness, is to supply entertainment and serve as a pleasant diversion for fans. The NBA does just that for millions of fans, and has been around for a long time.  Salaries have soared in the League, and if that is what is required to maintain the NBA in a healthy, successful, entertaining status, then perhaps that answers my initial question - particularly if wealthy players give back to the communities and the world in the form of some kind of aid. "Greatest good-for the most people-for the longest time". Long live the NBA, which hopefully will not self-destruct under the heavy weight of the money it takes in.

Is Porzingis "injury" news actually good news?

 Celtics fans are now reading about a foot injury to recently-acquired Kristaps Porzingis that may keep him out of the FIBA World Cup. Can it be? Or is it simply that the Boston Celtics don't want a repeat of the Danilo Gallinari saga . You remember the Italian star that signed a contract with Boston - chose to play for his home country last summer - and susequently suffered a season-ending injury prior to ever taking the floor for the Celtics. Whether the foot issue is severe, merely-significant or nonexistent - the news may be somewhat positive for a franchise that has had more than it's share of bad fortune in the way of injuries. There will be no replay of the Gallinari saga.  More hope for the Celtics season rests with the "Long Latvian" that ever existed with Gallo. Count me as relieved by the news, and here's hoping Kristaps will have a healthy season in Beantown.

Danny Ainge drafted for toughness in 2004 - but instability intervened

 Celtics Head-Honcho, Danny Ainge had the 15th, 24th and 25th picks in the 2004 NBA draft - and initially appeared to have done quite well.  He took C/PF Al Jefferson at #15, and that worked out fairly well. Jefferson had the foot-work and inside moves to make a statement in the NBA - and eventually became the major trade piece that brought Kevin Garnett to Boston. In the latter portion of the first round, Danny went with toughness , taking Delonte West and Tony Allen. West showed promise but mental instability intervened, and the point guard moved around the NBA and (then-called) D-League - finally ending up as a homeless man on the streets. Tony had a decent career as a Celtic but became disenchanted with his role behind Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett - finally deciding to move on to Memphis in free agency - where he became known as the "Grindfather" for his dedicated defensive ability. Now recently, "The Grindfather" was sentenced to community service and su

Hitting a few notes today...

First of all, the fact that Danilo Gallinari is circling the dates he plays the C's is laughable. Enjoy that dumpster fire of an organization in Washington. Sorry your old body was hurt playing in the World Cup. Next time take the summer off, and prepare yourself to be a Celtic. I'll be circling the calendar as well, to watch the C's blow the doors off your new team! I will always stand by Wycs cheapness causing us rings but kudos to signing JB long term. Next Up the franchise Jayson Christopher Tatum! Second of all, the Patriots think they can run things as if Tom Brady is still here? Instead of bringing in guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin Cook, they bring in dollar store type acquisitions. I personally feel bad for Mac Jones and the debacle that was last season. Two absolute incompetent individuals running the offense. Kraft has become complacent after winning six rings and BB has lost a step.  Third, John Henry needs to sell the team. Bloom needs to be fired! You hav

Danilo Gallinari wants "revenge" against Celtics for trading him

 Call it revenge or payback - or perhaps simply demonstrating to the Boston Celtics that trading him (Danilo Gallinari) to the Washington Wizards was a mistake ( per BasketUniverso's Francesco Manzi ): Boston sold Gallo to the Washington Wizards last month, in the trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to green and white. From his words, it seems that Gallinari did not take well the fact of being "unloaded" after only one year, spent all in the infirmary among other things. “I am loaded, I can not wait to play against Boston. As soon as the calendar comes out I will put an X on all the times I play against Boston in Boston” said Danilo Gallinari. A few weeks ago there was also talk of a possible cut by Washington, but that track seems to have cooled down a lot. There were reasonable hopes regarding Gallo's potenbtial to help bring Baaner 18 to Boston in the 2-22-23 season, but those hopes ended when the Italian star was injured in international play in the summer of 20