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He deserves to see another Banner.

Certain voices stick with your heart, mind and soul. For Celtics fans it's Mike Gorman. For many years it was Mike and Tommy. To think after this season we won't have either of them is just plain sad. Mike and Tommy are like family. These Celtics need to be on alert and win Banner 18. That's how Mike deserves to go out.  His voice is so distinct and a reminder of such great Celtics history. Calling games played the original big three and the latter big three. I'm sure he has stories for days on these guys and so many more. His signature GOT IT will stick with all of us even more this season. I know last season he had a few mishaps, and also missed games but it's still a joy to hear him every game. We are witnessing one of the true greats in his field. I hope you enjoys his retirement and knows we will all miss him on the broadcasts.  Here's to Banner 18 in honor of Mike's service to the Celtics and his country.   

Gone but not forgotten

Thirty years goes by in the blink of an eye... My personal memory of that day, we were in Disney going to dinner and we heard it on the radio. I cried and was in shock. How could the next great Celtic die playing the game he loved. The first basketball jersey I personally bought with my own money. I still have the newspapers my dad had my Papou buy back home. I still have that jersey, and all his basketball cards I collected along with a shirt my dad had of him.  Any Celtic fan my age or older knows about Reggie and what promise he had as a player. He truly was becoming that next Great Celtic. He played alongside the big three and I'm sure learned from their greatness. His game was becoming that of a true star. He once blocked Michael Jordan multiple times in a game. Yes Michael freaking Jordan.... Reggie had a beautiful jumper and midrange game. He could get to the rim and man he could defend. He played the game the way it should be. If not for his early death he would be in the B

He's back and he's getting paid!

 Not sure what took so long... But JB is back baby! C's fans I need your feedback and reactions to this huge signing. That's a lot of money! Expect JT to get his bag as well.  To me this means no Dame rumours should ever gain traction again. Yet there are still questions about this roster. Will we see it fill out after this big announcement?!  I would say JB is going to have another career year after getting this contract done. So much for he hates Boston people out there. Now it's time for he and JT to bring home Banner 18! JB with the RICHEST CONTRACT IN NBA HISTORY... A stick tap to Patrice Bergeron on a hell of a career. It's truly to bad he only won one cup.  We here at the Sentinel pray for Bronny James recover. 

Show Me The Money!

  Show me the money, anyone recognize this movie quote? I'm sure you all do... The Celtics and Jaylen Brown haven't reached an agreement on his potential max contract. Contract talks have been going on, yet they will be put of for a bit. JB is going overseas for I believe NBA player association activities. The big question is.... Is JB worth a super max?  JB certainly qualifies according to the contract rules of getting paid. Have the Celtics low balled him? Did they offer him the max, yet no player option? Everyone believes JB sees himself on par with JT, do Celtics fans feel the same? I'm asking you are avid readers, give me some thoughts. Personally I feel any and every super max guy is getting paid an astronomical amount of money. When is enough enough... Do guys want to win or do they want their money?!  Personally speaking if I played in the NBA I would want my money, but would also like to win. So I'd sacrifice my finances if it meant winning multiple titles. Win

Bleacher report gives bad grades to Porzingis and Irving acquisitions

 According to Bleacher Reports' Greg Swartz , the Celtics acquiring Kristaps Porzingas for Marcus Smart - and the Mavericks paying Kyrie Irving $126 million over three years (with a 3rd-year player option, no less) will both "look the worst in 3 years" . Let's start with Irving (per Swartz): "This was a desperate move by the Mavericks, who were desperate not to lose another star guard in free agency. Unlike with Jalen Brunson, however, no other team was likely to give Irving this kind of money. Something will eventually affect Irving's availability. We just don't know what yet. Tying perhaps the most unpredictable player in the NBA to Luka Dončić is a dangerous game to play for Dallas, a franchise that is still widely carried by its Slovenian superstar. If (when?) Irving grows unhappy or becomes a distraction, the Mavs can only hope that Dončić doesn't ask out as well." I simply cannot disagree with this projection . Kyrie Irving seems to event

Duncan Robinson replica, Justin Bean, doing okay in Summer League

 The resmblance is remarkable! . The similarities between Justin Bean , now playing for Celtics entry in Summer League, and the Heat's Duncan Robinson go well-beyond visual aspects.  Both players stand 6'7" and 210-215 pounds and went undrafted in their respective drafts. Neither are particularly athletic and rely on movement and savvy to survive at the NBA level.  After two Summer League games thus far, here are Bean's stats: 11.5 PPG (4th on team) 6.0 RPG (3rd) 2.5 APG (3rd) 1.5 BPG (1st) 0.5 SPG (4th) .529 FG (2nd) .500 3s (1st) 21.5 MPG (6th) Does the Utah State product have a shot at making the Celtics roster? It will be a long road, but it could happen. Justin will turn 27 in November , and that could be his major barrier to landing a solid spot on an NBA team. But his lookalike, Robinson, did it. Stay tuned.

Summer League Game Two

Jordan Walsh had a good first impression in game one... Let's see what he can do in game two. I personally found him very impressive in the NCAA tournament. He will definitely add a nice ingredient to the current Celtics.  Walsh is very long physically, which on defense could cause issues for other teams. His offense needs work but he definitely has a lot of upside. His length allows him to get to the cup quite nicely. He may have missed the shot but the fact he can get there is evident. He definitely needs to bulk up, I believe that will come with training in the gym.  I've already told myself not to get too high on any summer league performances. Unfortunately the regular season doesn't always follow suit. Summer League and pre season basketball are great to find diamonds in the rough. But sometimes players just can't translate those moments into the regular season. Not sure if anyone remembers Carsen Edwards going off in preseason.... for him that never happened for

Focus in Celtics first Summer League contest - Jordan Walsh and J D Davison

 Remember the pre-draft analysis on Jordan Walsh . "Tough defender" - "Limited offensive game" . Well, in the Celtics loss to Miami in Summer League competion, Walsh scored a team-high 18 points on 6-of-11 from the field, 4-of-6 from 3-point land and 2-of-2 from the charity stripe. J D Davison logged team-high minutes (31:44), followed by Walsh with 30:54. It was clearly an attempt by Assistant Coach Tony Dobbins to view Davison as a facilitator, and his 11 assists stood out in the loss. The offensive output by Walsh was a surprise to many, including me. Justin Bean (13 points, 7 boards, 3 assists, 1 steal, 1 block) and Jay Scrubb (17 points, 6-of-11 FG) added some hope for the Boston Celtics cloudy future. But the 99-88 loss to the Celtics recent Eastern Conference Finals foes - despite being only Summer League - hurt nonetheless. Stay tuned!

Grant Williams has left the building...

 Grant Williams has been traded Celtics fans. How does everyone feel? To me it's a cost cutting move because all you get in return are second round picks. What you are losing is a guy who has balls. A guy who wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with Jimmy Butler. Not the smartest move, but ballsy. He was also a guy who wasn't afraid to bang with Giannis on the block. He was a defender willing to guard anyone. On offense he could knock down threes pretty damn well. He killed the Bucks in game seven as we all remember.  Unfortunately trades happen because this is a business. It's not about winning, it's about Wyc saving himself money. He has Brad say I'm willing to spend, but in the dark shadows that's bull. We all know Wycs objective, money and hosting Prince Harry and his wife. Wyc to me is content with one ring in twenty years. That's a loser mentality, at least Robert Kraft won six before his true cheapness kicked in.  Back to Grant, personally I've had

Second domino has fallen. Grant-to-Dallas. Who's next?

 First to go was Marcus Smart . Now it appears the turmoil surrounding Grant Williams' future has ended with his reported trade to the Dallas Mavericks . Sources: The Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics are finalizing a three-team trade: - Mavs: Grant Williams - Spurs: Reggie Bullock and an unprotected Dallas pick swap in 2030 - Celtics: Multiple second-round picks — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) July 5, 2023 For many Celtics fans, this means the loss of two likeable, tough members of The Green . The two deals are intertwined since the acquisition of Kristaps Porzingas (for Smart) meant that Grant was going to be too expensive to retain. To be clear here… • I understand the new CBA • I understand the 2nd tax apron • I understand the potential value of a TPE (if used) and 2nd round picks (if useful) That said, the Celtics losing both Marcus Smart & Grant Williams the same summer is very disappointing to me.

Grant No More

 More to come as we look at Grants career in Boston....