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Dua mantan Celtics membuat start mengejutkan 5-1 untuk Knicks, Celtics hampir menyelesaikan masalah

  Ya, kita berbicara tentang Kemba Walker dan Evan Fournier. The New York Knicks berada dalam dasi 4 arah untuk tempat pertama di Timur dengan rekor 5-1. Juga patut dicatat bahwa Wizards bergabung dengan Knicks di kuartet teratas itu, juga agak mengejutkan. Kedua mantan Celtics itu rata-rata mengombinasikan 32,5 PPG dengan akurasi 48% dari lapangan dan 51% yang kuat dengan lemparan tiga angka. Mereka juga menggabungkan untuk 6,4 rebound, 5,5 assist, dan 3,0 steal per game. Di mana posisi Boston di klasemen setelah delapan pertandingan? Mereka berada di slot ke-12 dengan rekor 2-4, dengan tiga kekalahan di tangan Knicks (satu kekalahan) dan Wizards (dua kekalahan). Dua kekalahan terjadi setelah perpanjangan waktu ganda, dan satu kekalahan terjadi akibat perpanjangan waktu tunggal. Kemenangan di ketiga kontes akan menempatkan Celtics dengan rekor 5-1. Secara keseluruhan, Boston Celtics tidak selemah yang ditunjukkan oleh awal 2-4 mereka. Josh Richardson mungkin benar. The Green hampir

Two former Celtics driving surprising 5-1 start for Knicks, Celtics close to figuring things out

 Yes, we're talking about Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier . The New York Knicks are are in a 4-way tie for first place in the East with a 5-1 record. It is also notable that the Wizards join the Knicks in that top quartet, also somewhat of a surprise. The two former Celtics are averaging a combined 32.5 PPG on 48% accuracy from the field and a strong 51% on 3-pointers . They also combine for 6.4 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 3.0 steals per game .  Where does Boston sit in the standings after eight games? They are in the 12th slot with a 2-4 record , with three of those losses coming at the hands of the Knicks (one loss) and Wizards (two losses). Two losses came after double-overtimes, and one resulted from a single-overtime. Wins in all three contests would have placed the Celtics with a 5-1 record. Josh Richardson thinks the #Celtics are close to figuring things out. presented by your New England Ford Dealers — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) O

Random thoughts on Celtics 115-112 2OT loss to Wizards

      First Half Thoughts       1st Quarter      Early games last year hurt the Celtics. They never seemed to be awake for the start time . Jayson Tatum started off with a nice fall away but not much after that. A few to many 3s. Schroeder-to-Horford is a combo we saw again.        Jaylen Brown seemed more focused, cutting and scoring off an Al pass. He had a sweet left handed layup. Not to mention a spectacular fall away jumper.        JRich was balling.. GWill is back to earth with his shooting . JParker seems spry once again . Celtics trail 25-20.       2nd Quarter       JRich making a case to get regular minutes . With the smooth floater and 1 . He also was willing to go to the hoop and get to the line. Just like DS did as well.        JB brought the hammer again, yet Montrezl wanted no part of it . He had a nice hang in the air and finish. A sweet pull up. JT with a sweet drive as well. Plus a wide open jumper. He tried posting up Beal, but Bradley knew his move.        Al to Ro

Smart out tonight - Schroder expected to start and set the pace

 With the news that Marcus Smart won't play this evening versus the Washington Wizards due to a non-COVID issue, we can expect Dennis Schroder to get the start once again. Over the last two games, the German import has averaged 35.2 MPG, 22.5 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 7.0 APG and 1.0 SPG - all while hitting 53% on 3-pointers . It was known that Dennis was going to be a pace-setter for Boston. But the 3-point accuracy was not ( per MassLive ): “He (Schroder) upped the pace, increased the pace as soon as he got in tonight, but he’s done that in the last three games, all season, actually,” Udoka said. “More so making shots in these last three games when he started the last two on the road. But his pace changes our tempo, changes our team, and we get out and get much more easy baskets. So he’s finding his groove overall. We gotta get more off the bench, but we can’t just say that because some of our starters struggled as well.” Schroder opted to go with Boston's team-friendly deal this seas

We have a "Big" announcement!

     While last night's outcome wasn't what we expected or wanted, there are some positives to take away. You ask - what are those positives? Check out these stats! From Horford and Williams III, a   combined 29 points on 65% shooting from the field, 50% on 3s. 22 boards (8 offensive) - 5 assists - 2 steals - 5 blocks and only 2 turnovers . Now that's something we can all get used to game in and game out! My compliments to Tom putting these numbers together.       We have the smartest readers out there, so as you can tell our Sentinel Citation Award goes to? Drum Roll please, Al and Rob the two headed "Big" monster .          Al did it all last night, honestly he looked like a younger version of himself! He was crashing the boards, hustling for rebounds and getting his hands in there defensively! He posted up and nailed some threes. He got the crowd into it . Let's not forget he blocked Harrell twice in one play , oh wait they called a foul. Al's career

Udoka calls it intensity & focus. I call it toughness. Evident that Celtics lack it.

Celtics Coach, Ime Udoka , calls it "intensity" and "focus" . I call it "mental and physical toughness" . Whatever you call it, The Green didn't exhibit much of it in last night's 116-107 at the hands of the Washington Wizards at TD Garden.( per's Ken Powtak ): ''Our intensity and focus wasn't there from the start,'' Udoka said. ''You could see it in the first quarter; honestly from shootaround, where I got on them for lack of focus.'' Boston center Al Horford was noticeably upset after loss. ''I expected us to come out here and win, and be at a certain level,'' he said. ''We need to be better than this. There's a lot of work ahead for us.' Wizard's Coach, Wes Unseld, Jr . has obviously inherited his Hall-of-Fame dad's penchant for intensity, focus and toughness - and in turn passed all of that on to at least one of his guys by the name of Montrezl Harrell .

Random thoughts from Celtics 116-107 loss to Wizards

      First Half Thoughts       First Quarter        The Wolverine to RWill started tonight's game with a bang on the alley oop . RWill once again keeping the ball alive on both rebounding ends. Romeo is out again let's hope it's not a pattern. Celtics fans we got to see Marcus nail a 3 but also miss a few. Just wish he would pass some of those off .        Al Horford has been doing everything and I mean everything. He's been crashing the boards, and putting together some great D on Kuzma. His hands were active on D and deflected an alley oop. He had an excellent pass to RWill . He scored off a pick and roll with our Resident Pest, Dennis Schroder , It was NBA Jam City for Al! We saw Al cut off a great pass from Brown..       Defensively, at the beginning the Celtics seemed tighter on their switches and had active hands. Jaylen Brown nailed a three in the face of the D. We saw Jayson Tatum take it to the hoop with the left hand. He drove hard for another couple of po

Celtics Sentinel Citation Award goes to "The Schmart Guys" in last night's win

      After an exciting game last night the Celtics are now 2-and-2. These last two games we are starting to see the vision of this roster. We also get insight into how Ime Udoka handles his business . Celtics fan should love the image of him holding the Jays and Wolverine before the start of OT.       With that said, as you can see we have two hard nosed, give-your-all players who will be named the Sentinel Citation Award winners! Yes it's the Wolverine and Dennis Schroder, The Pest, Alias "The Schmart Guys".       Schroder had 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists . He did get a block in there as well. What lines him up for this award is his ability to get dirty on D and offensively . He's not afraid to get in guys faces defensively, and offensively he goes to the hoop and, despite his slender frame,  isn't afraid of contact . Dude had no fear and he and the Wolverine together must annoy other teams.      The Wolverine had 7 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 stea

One perfect play exemplified Celtics team play for 140-129 win over Hornets

  Jaylen Brown's running dunk earned the JetBlue Play-of-the-Game , and a hell of a lot of excitement, but it was Marcus Smart's tap-out of the defensive board to Jayson Tatum - followed by the textbook fast break - that got my attention. Easy choice for tonight's @JetBlue Play of the Game 🔨 — Boston Celtics (@celtics) October 26, 2021 This is the type of play that Marcus makes on a regular basis. Winning plays that often get lost in the uproar . The Celtics led by only three points (132-129) at the time (1:22 of OT), and the defensive rebound, downcourt sprint and dunk virtually sealed the victory. Smart keyed the fast break, and Tatum took the reins to quickly move the ball down court and get a perfect pass to Brown for the slam - excellent team effort . Most Celtics fans would love to see more of these "easy" baskets going forward.   

Celtics come together as a team for 140-129 nail-biter over Charlotte Hornets

      First Half Thoughts           Dennis schroder came to show he can score , hitting a few threes, knocking down the midrange and doing his thing on D, drawing a charge . Smart threw up 2 threes that were not clos e.        Jabari Parker was straight ballin! Hitting three 3s and bringing the hammer off a nice Payton Pritchard pass . PP also touched the twine with a three of his own off a Jayson Tatum pass . GWill with another three!        JT going to the hoop is what we need to see more of . He was involving his teammates which is wonderful. Jaylen Brown's quickness getting to the hoop is like watching the flash . His dribble moves have definitely improved. There were a bit too many threes on offense overall. Score tied 33-33.       2nd Quarter Thoughts      JT was wide open for a nice jumper off a good play. Off the dribble he was able to nail the jumper in the defenders face! Then his fall away jumper was silly smooth and the sound of the swish is music to Celtics fans ear

The Sentinel Citation Award from last night goes To?

      After their first win of the season we look at those players or player who gave it their heart, and bleed green out there. Luckily for this team we have a few! Yes you guessed it it's steady as they go Al Horford and Dennis The Pest Shroeder!        According to Jayson Tatum, Al looked young out there today . For those fans who watched the game we saw Al be aggressive on both ends. His hands were very active defensively.  He had 3 steals, 3 blocks and a double double . Kinda makes you wish he never left to go to Philly. He just looks right in green and his play backs it up.       DS, aka The Pest, Shroeder is everything you could want to annoy the other team. He's lighting quick, gets to the hoop and can knock down some shots . He had 18 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists . He shot 50 percent from the field. He also had one steal. And his fight to regain the ball he had stolen from him tells us about the fight in this slender guard .I think having him with Smart is a good

Tom's Life and Longevity Tips - #2

  New day - new beginning . Morning is a vital key to health, fitness and mental well-being . Eschewing the flawed idea that a king's breakfast and pauper's supper is best for everybody, here's my case for the opposite stance. Imagine you are a kid at an amusement park , and your mom has given you only so much money for the day. Spend most of it early in the day, and you are set for a miserable time in the afternoon . You get the analogy. Protein and vegetables get you leaner . I go with one or two eggs, into which I throw canned spinach, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, etc. One egg is only about 80 calories, and the veggies and fungus are almost a non-factor in the calorie count.  My breakfast this morning was one scrambled egg, mushrooms and one link of turkey sausage cut up into the pan. Calories? Maybe as much as 120. With two eggs, it would be 200 - w/3 eggs, it gets to 280. Still under 300 calories. I will follow with a 100-calorie whey protein shake after my worko

Instant Images from Celtics first win of the season

 Here are my Instant Images from the Boston Celtics first win of the season, a 107-97 victory over the Houston Rockets. You just knew this game was going to be different in the first 15 seconds of the opening period. The steal by Jayson Tatum - followed by a long pass by Marcus Smart to a sprinting Tatum resulted in a slam and two points. The tone of the game had been set! Ganar cura muchos males. ¡Me encanta tenerte de vuelta, Al! — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) October 25, 2021 When did Al Horford become a rim protector? Al had four blocks in his first game back for Boston, and he racked up three more last night. A small sample, but Horford is averaging 3.5 blocks per game for the young season. When did Grant Williams become a marksman?  In three games thus far, Grant is shooting 14-of-20 (70%) on field goals and 9-of-13 (69%) on 3-pointers. He was 6-of-7 from the field last night and 5-of-7 on treys. Red Auerbach insisted that shooters can't be made ,

Random thoughts from Celtics 107-97 win over Rockets

      Random Thoughts - First Half         Jayson Tatum came to play . Dunking the rock, hitting jumpers, driving to the hoop, hitting fall aways. Knocking down 3s, driving and dishing to Al under the hoop. He did get a call and it was against Theis. Go figure! Theis was always the guy refs made calls on when he wore green. I knew there was a solid reason we were thrilled to hear Al Horford was returning to Boston! — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) October 25, 2021        Al Horford once again playing solid ball . Causing turnovers, getting steals and blocking shots . When did he become a rim protector? Al's buddy, Dennis Schroder , was once again pestering guys on D. He hit a 3, and was the recipient of a few nice passes turned into layups.       A troubling stat shows the Celtics defensive transition is giving up 33 points per game . Tonight they continue to give up open shots . Way to many.        Grant Williams  keeps knocking down threes . He keeps earnin

The Celtics "two-big" starting-5 experiment is not complete

 Ime Udoka seems to agree with what I wrote a while back on the best Celtics starting-five, Al Horford, Rob Williams, The Jay Team and Marcus Smart. Many fans don't agree with us, but it needs to be tried, at least as an experiment. Ime Udoka said the Celtics plan to stick with their starting lineup moving forward: Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford and Robert Williams. — Jay King (@ByJayKing) October 22, 2021 With Al playing only one of the two games thus far, and Rob playing both (both losses), here are the combined, average, per-game production: 23.5 PPG - 19.0 RPG - 3.5 APG - 2.0 SPG - 8.0 BPG - 58% FG - 2.0 TOs/game - 2.0 fouls/game There is very little not to like there. Most Boston fans that don't care for this starting lineup have an issue with (what they call) the two-big pairing of Horford and Williams III. But even though Rob covers the center spot, I consider him, at 6'8", a wing . Did you notice the combined 8.0 blocks per game?  And the 58% shooting on field

Tom's Life & Longevity Tips - #1

 So here we go! After close to 30 years as a Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant and Health Coach - in addition to being an-almost 78-year occupant of the planet - this is the first brief idea that some folks out there may want to follow. You are not a test tube! A test tube is an inert glass vessel to which are added various chemicals to produce a known reaction. That is not you. You are a distinct individual . There is no one in the Universe exactly like you. Carl Sagan said it best. So whatever your goal - weight loss, strength gain, added muscle, longer life, etc. - you need to EXPERIMENT to see what works for you as an individual.  "You become what you eat", so I will devote much attention to nutrition. I began my health and fitness career after working as a research engineer and police investigator, so don't expect the mundane or run-of-the-mill.  Tip # 2 will revolve around the idiotic adage, "Eat breakfast like a king and supper like a pauper&quo

Assignment for Celtics: Watch Toronto rookie, Scottie Barnes', hightlights

 At least the Celtics/Knicks game was forced toi two overtimes prior to the eventual loss. Last night's 115-83 loss to the Raptors was a drubbing .Here are some synonyms for "drubbing": beating - thrashing - walloping - thumping - battering - pounding You get the idea! But do the current crop of Celtics players understand it? The conclusion is tough to miss. The cure for some of the many Celtics shortcomings would be to repeatedly watch the performance and effort from the 4th-overall pick in this year's draft by the name of Scottie Barnes . If you watch the video, pay strict attention to his play at the 3:11 mark of the fourth quarter , with the came well out of reach for Boston. The assignment for the Boston Celtics today: Watch Toronto rookie, Scottie Barnes, help take The Green apart. My upcoming article is a 2-minute read. Take it in. Scottie Barnes 25 PTS 13 REB Full Highlights vs Celtics - October 22, 2021 via @YouTube — Tom Lane (@Celti

Disappointment from last year remains in place with Celtics 115-83 trouncing by Toronto

      Random Thoughts - First Half       Al Horfords impact was felt like the cool wind on a hot day . Blocking shots, dunking the rock, and just being the true professional he is. The double big with him and RWill is a nice weapon to have out there.        RWill can honestly do it all. Blocking shots, slamming alley oops, he's a human eraser . He cuts hard, and gave up his body with reckless abandon. He's a stat machine, and honestly if he can keep this energy going,  should be a great game for him.        JRich had a nice impact on the floor knocking down threes and bringing that swag , bringing a hard nosed attitude.. Dennis Schroder is a pest and Celtics fans love it. Now that he's on the right team, you see how good he really is. He's going to drive other teams nuts!      It wasn't all good. Defensive intensity was lacking - way too many turnovers. The Raptors had their way and the Celtics needed to push back and didn't . I want to see the Celtics get

Possible reason for Enes Kanter's total lack of floor time versus Knicks

 With the Celtics sloppy play , coupled with Jayson Tatum's poor shooting night , fans may wonder why no appearance from center, Enes Kanter . It may have been a move by Ime Udoka and/or Brad Stevens to keep Kanter out of the spotlight after comments made by the Turk on Chinese government repression Dear Brutal Dictator XI JINPING and the Chinese Government Tibet belongs to the Tibetan people! #FreeTibet — Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) October 20, 2021 In "The City That Never Sleeps" , it would seem a good idea to not put Enes on display - or in harm's way - if that indeed was the strategy for not putting him out there. I would expect to see him on the parquet in the more-friendly environment of Beantown .    .

Payton Pritchard receives the inaugural Sentinel Citation Award

      Here at Celtics Sentinel we love our Boston Celtics franchise. What it takes to be a Celtic is giving your heart, soul, and all around everything to this team. The Celtics are a way of life according to the late great Red Auerbach . We feel that way here at Celtics Sentinel! Writing about the Celtics is a way of life! With Celtics Pride!      In a collaborative effort, we have decided to present the Sentinel Citation Award for each game, given to the Celtics player who just gave it his all - left his entire being on that court on that given night. To have this award attached to your name means you Bleed Green out there! Playing for Celtics as if it were a way of life, as Red so proudly stated. Payton Pritchard nose update: — Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) October 17, 2021      So the dynamo-of-a-point-guard, Payton Pritchard , is the first recipient of the award for his dogged determination versus the Knicks. Despite the broken beak, he really stuck his no

Instant Images from Celtics 2OT, 138-134 loss to Knicks

  The "Instant Images" thing is new . You may see it from time to time after closely watching the game and reviewing the stats. Concise and to the point is the goal. Hope it works for our readers. Thought starting Grant Williams and big minutes (31) for him was a bad idea until he just seemed to get better and better as the game progressed. Production: 15P/5R/4A/1S/1B/6-of-9 FG/3-of-5 3s .   I bitterly regret not grabbing Rob Williams in Fantasy. He is a wonder to watch! What a stat line - 45M - 16P - 10 R - 3 A - 3 S - 5 B - 6/6 FG - 6/8 FT (he is improving at the foul line). Is Jaylen Brown even quicker on his dribble moves? Looked it to me . He was phenomenal, but he looked sluggish towards the end - his missed dunk being Exhibit A.  Carelessness abounded throughout the game for Boston , but things really got out of hand in the second period. On-court leadership was sorely missing in this game . Here's hoping Al Horford's return from COVID protocols will erase th

First game thoughts from The Big Apple as Celtics drop opener

      Random Thoughts from the first half.       In the 75 year history both of these teams have never left their homes unlike let's say the Fakers. The Celtics have 115 more wins than the Knicks. Not to mention 15 more titles. They may be big apple, but we have made them look quite small historically.           The first quarter started slow but once Jaylen Brown got going, things changed . He was getting to the hoop, knocking down threes, and running the break . His turn around were sweet and his ability to elevate over the defense was nice.        Jayson Tatum had a slow start, with that said, offensively he played a more complete game. He was able to get teammates involved and played within the offense. He had a nice fall away, a sweet step back and a nice jam plus one.        Romeo, PP, and 3Smith all made impactful plays . Hustling, hitting threes and making nice passes. T hese three guys that were drafted by old friend Danny Ainge look like keepers . Marcus hit a few threes

Five Celtics on NBA's 75th Anniversary Team - so far

 The NBA revealed the first-25-of-75 players to be included in their 75th Anniversary Team , and five of them played for the Boston Celtics. No major surprises here, but one deserving 'little guy" made the cut, but many would not regard him as a lock to make the team ( per ): NATE ARCHIBALD BOB COUSY DAVE COWENS KEVIN MCHALE BILL RUSSELL We knew Cousy and  Russell would be there , and McHale and Cowens were no surprise . But I, for one, applaud the decision of putting "Tiny" Archibald into the mix . Nate remains the only player in NBA history to lead the League in points per game (34.0 PPG) and assists per game (11.4 APG), doing so in the 72-73 season with Kansas City-Omaha. In 13 seasons, he has six All-Star appearances and one Championship (1980-81 with Celtics, alongside a young Larry Bird) to his credit. The next 25 members of the 75th Anniversary Team will be announced later today. Expect John Havlicek and Sam Jones to be in the final-50. Tommy Heinsohn

Jabari Parker is back on Celtics roster

      Jabari Parker is back after clearing waivers he's rejoining the greatest franchise ever! I guess it's possible this was a way to save money? Add another piece? Who knows right now. With that said, what we saw in preseason out of him could be a huge this year. We need bench scoring and her could be a piece.       Label this writer as excited to have him back in the fold! Hope to see him play tomorrow night! He's a guy with great talent and with Ime as his coach will we see the best play of his career?

It feels like Christmas with Celtics in a new season/new era

      For Celtics fans and this writer, today it feels like Christmas Eve . Every year starts a new season, this season feels like it could be very special. No one is looking at The Green to do much. Listening to the radio, all you hear is Nets and Fakers talk. As the NBA hits it's 75th year, wouldn't the Celtics winning it all be the best because the Celtics are the greatest NBA franchise of all time!       As I recall didn't Red Auerbach say the Celtics are a way of life? ! We have seen through the decades players embody that by giving their heart and soul to the green and white. Too many to mention, but for Celtics fans these players are burned into our basketball memories! Memories that you can hear the radio or TV call in your mind!       On Wednesday this writers hope is that this is the start to something truly special. A new Coach in Ime Udoka with a hard working, let-your-play-define-you-attitude . Not a cry to the officials like every other team. The maturation of

Sports Illustrated has the Celtics as borderline-boring this season

 It's simply another case of the Boston Celtics projected as middle-of-the-pack this season. Sports Illustrated has them ranked 14th as "best teams to follow based on watchability" . 14. Celtics Always a little bit more function over form, the Celtics seem primed for a bounceback season in 2021–22. Jayson Tatum is one of the most gifted scorers in the league, and the addition of some quality vets (Dennis Schroder, Al Horford, Josh Richardson) should have Boston more closely resembling the team that nearly snuck into the Finals in 2020. Makes the team appear boring, doesn't it? "Function over form"! Kind of suggests - t ry to win the game but don't be entertaining. Let's compare the 14th-ranked, borderline-boring  Celtics with the (allegedly) supremely-entertaining, 2nd-ranked Brooklyn Nets . 2. Nets Kevin Durant  is perhaps the most talented scorer in the history  of people to pick up a basketball, yet it’s possible he may not even be the best score

Celtics sign 6'5" wing, Brodric Thomas, to two-way contract

 The Celtics didn't waste much time coming to terms with 6'5" Brodric Thomas after he was waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers six days ago. Thomas went undrafted in the 2020 NBA draft and has also spent time with the Rockets at the G-League ( per ): The undrafted guard from Truman State also played in the NBA G League in 2020-21, where he was named to the All-NBA G League Second Team and to the NBA G League All-Rookie Team. In six games with the Cleveland Charge (then Canton Charge), the Cavaliers’ exclusively owned and operated NBA G League team, Thomas averaged 21.3 points on .462 shooting from the field, including .462 (24-52) from three-point range, 6.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 2.17 steals and 1.17 blocks in 33.8 minutes.  Brodric will join Sam Hauser as a two-way player with the Maine Celtics. The 15th roster spot for Boston remains open after the team waived Jabari Parker . Initial indications are that the slot will remain open, at least for the present time.

Jabari Parker Cut

      Talk about a Sunday surprise. Jabari Parker has been cut . Label this writer as surprised. Parker seemed to have a very good pre season. Did Ime see something he didn't like. Or is there another option out there.       No matter what happens, this is very surprising. Still believe this team will be a fighter in the East. Ime and Brad are not playing around this season. Overall this move has me intrigued. Parker looked like a new man out there. Seemed spry, he was making hard cuts, and knocking down threes. He even put some effort on D!       Wednesday can't get here soon enough. The tone needs to be set that this is our year Bleed Green! Let's hope we see a tone setting game. Put the East on blast that this year's team is going to fight for every win. Time to unleash the Big Dawgs! With the Wolverine at their side!       Side note having Theo Pinson head up to Maine is great. My gut says we will see him this season.

Emergence of the Parker-Langford pairing could reap dividends for Celtics

 Boston fans have no idea what to expect from these two guys. Injuries and limited floor time have left Jabari Parker and Romeo Langford in Limbo with respect to what they can offer this season. But their emergence could significantly swing the odds in Boston's favor in both the regular season and playoffs. Parker has shown his bosses enough that it appears he will make the roster cut and earn at least a guaranteed $1.1 million as of the start of the regular season. He has the size (6'8"), age (26 years old) and skills to help The Green's cause if he remains injury-free. Looks like Jabari Parker is a lock to make the final roster cut. Look for my upcoming article. Best of Jabari Parker in 2020-21 NBA Season via @YouTube — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) October 17, 2021  Although not blessed with superior athleticism , at least from what we have seen, Jabari can score in many ways - bullying his way to the hoop - creating his own shot from mid

Schroder's irritant value, GWill's benching, Romeo's eruption, and more

  Dennis Schroder got the nod at starting point guard with both Marcus Smart (suspension) and Payton Pritchard (broken nose) out of action in the Celtics 121-100 loss to Miami last night. The German import's line was solid but didn't tell the whole story: 26 M - 13 P - 4 R - 6 A - 3 S - 1 B  For a guy with such a slim frame, Dennis is tough and Boston fans can count on him to be a constant irritant to the opposition going forward. That is one reason Schroder is often compared to former-Celtic, Rajon Rondo . Dennis pulled out his best Rondo impression with this bucket ☘️🏀👀 — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) October 15, 2021 Grant Williams also was in the starting lineup and did a credible job out there, but Coach Ime Udoka benched him at one point, making it clear that he is in charge on the bench this season ( per MassLive's Brian Robb) :  Grant Williams found himself doing exactly that (complaining about a call) however with just u

Random Thoughts on a 121-100 Loss in Preseason Finale

      Dennis the Menace Shroeder showed he can ball out. He's quick enough to get to the cup. Knocking down jumpers, hitting threes, and driving and dishing to cutters. This dude is explosive . A guy who annoys you when he isn't on your team. Thank goodness he's ours!     Jabari Parker  looks like a new man with a lease on his basketball life. He looks young, cutting, crashing the boards and playing D. He can be huge to this teams success this year. If he's a hair how he was at Duke, we are in for a good season.        Jayson Tatum has a new willingness to drive to the hoop with authority . But he's still shooting threes.. His body has made him more confident in crashing the boards.        Josh Richardson came in tonight and made in impact. His Moxy and competitiveness are going to be huge this season. He's a very confident get in your face defensive player. He used to kill the C's, now he can take it to the rest of the league.       Enes Kanter was doin