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Kris Midleton's Grade-2 MCL sprain may keep him out of entire 2nd round series vs. Celtics

 Shams Charania reports that the Milwaukee Bucks Kris Middleton has now been reported to have a Grade-2 MCL sprain and may miss the entire second round series against the Boston Celtics. The Grade-2 designation means that the medial collateral ligament has been partially torn , often causing instability in the knee. For a pro athlete, any such instability can lead to a complete tear without allowing proper time for healing. The left MCL injury of Bucks All-Star Khris Middleton is a Grade 2 sprain and he is expected to miss the entire second-round series vs. Celtics, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium . The recovery of Grade 2 MCL places a potential Conference Finals in jeopardy for him as well. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) April 28, 2022 If true, this information is disturbing to a Bucks team trying to repeat as Champions this season. Kris' 20 points, five boards and five assists would be sorely missed versus the stifling defense of Boston. Stay tuned for updates.

Second Round Thoughts

    So here we are it's the second round of the playoffs for your Boston Celtics. They will take on the defending champ Bucks and the great Greek Giannis. They may be short handed missing Celtic killer Kris Middleton. This has to be said never underestimate the heart of a champion.    This series has the markings of an epic slugfest, two heavyweights on a collision course. We all know how incredible Giannis is, he owns the paint and the rest of his game has developed nicely. However we have multiple players who can challenge him defensively. Al Horford, RWill, Marcus the Wolverine Smart and the Jays. Don't be surprised to see JT and JB take him on as they did with KD.    This Bucks team is built around the Greeks dominate post play, he's surrounded by multiple shooters. Thankfully the Celtics D switches like no other we have seen. Fully expect the C's to force Giannis to get rid of the ball. Who from the Bucks will take on the challenge of stopping the Jays? Not sure th

Jayson Tatum's ceiling now into Kevin Durant territory

 Back in December, I broached the question of Jayson Tatum's ceiling getting into Kevin Durant-territory . With the Celtics sweep of the Nets in Round One - and Durant's less-than-superhuman performance - Tatum seems to be KD's equal, at least for the series. Here are the numbers: Durant: 44.0 MPG - 26.3 PPG - 5.8 RPG - 6.3 APG - 1.0 SPG - 0.3 BPG - 38.6% FG - 33.3% 3s Tatum: 41.7 MPG - 29.5 PPG - 4.5 RPG - 7.5 APG - 1.8 SPG - 0.8 BPG - 45.6% FG -  41.9% 3s JT gets the nod on points, assists, steals, blocks, FG% and 3-point percentage . It can be argued that Ime Udoka's stifling defense on Durant also stifled his performance, but it was no cakewalk for Jayson out there. There was a lot of defensive focus on him all series long. Durant will be 34 years old at the start of the 2022-23 season. He is assuredly past his prime. It is doubtful Tatum has peaked yet at the age of 24. So for my question back in December: Is Kevin Durant too high a ceiling-projection for Jayson

A sweep of the Nets leaves their fans thinking "What could have been."

 I have to be honest here. A sweep of the Nets was never on my mind . But "jubilation" only partly describes my feeling after Boston took the series in four games. More than any Brooklyn player, Kevin Durant was my major worry. And I was concerned that Kyrie Irving may have a superior series against the team he abandoned. And then there was the question of Ben Simmons returning and possibly having a revival with his new team. None of that happened . Durant was "held" to 26 points per game, hitting on only 39% of his field goals . His mid-range game seemed to desert him - or should we say Boston's stifling defense took it away. Irving averaged a respectable 21 points per game, but was unable to make up for the time he lost gelling with his teammates during his anti-vaccine stand . And for Simmons, he never showed up , and we are now hearing of mental issues entering the picture along with his back woes. I didn't expect a sweep I believed in a series win

The Brooms Are Out!

  The Boston Celtics just took the Nets best effort and still defeated them. If you told me that KD would score 30 plus I would have told you I'd be worried. Despite that this group came out on top and brought the Brooms out and have sent the Nets home permanently.    The Nets are yet another example that just because you have a few stars it doesn't mean you have a complete team. The Lakers and Nets both were star heavy, one team didn't make the playoffs and the other you just swept off the court. These Celtics have been built the right way, thru the draft,trades and free agency. Guys who come to Boston want to win, and be part of the tradition of Bleeding Green.    Once again JT played as though he owns the NBA, yet he fouls out on a Dragic flop that even soccer players would say was over embellished. The way JT can take over a game offensively, whether thru scoring or passing is elite. He has become a monster on D as well. JB was huge in tonight's game when he drives

Another coming of age game!

    Talk about another coming of age victory by your beloved Celtics! Early on it seemed the Nets were up to the fight. Yet the Celtics flexed their defensive and offensive muscle.    There were a few moments in each quarter that led to Ime calling timeouts things could have been much different. Each time he made that call his team responded as they should! Coming out of those key timeouts like their hair was on fire.    Countless times this team showed how resilient it could be. Once again it was a team effort! JT and JB did what studs are supposed to. Everyone else filled their roll. Smart was on point with his D, causing anyone he guarded a true headache. PP was like instant O and as confident as anyone. Our three headed monster down low went to work.     All I know is this team plays D like no team I've seen since maybe 08. They may be even better, but to get that moniker you need to win the ring! All I can say is this team has given me a great outlet in life. After losing my m

"Nobody plays harder" than these Boston Celtics

 Jayson Tatum: "My message is, nobody plays harder than we do!" ESPN's Zach Lowe wrote recently that Boston's defense over the past several months may be the best he has ever seen - and I second that statement. Zach Lowe thinks the Celtics defense since New Years Day may be the best he has ever seen. Mentally going back to 1960, he may be correct. — Tom Lane (@CelticsSentinel) April 23, 2022 The Celtics crew are no longer taking plays off - becoming complacent - letting leads slip away . They plug away on both defense and offense, and the Nets Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant must feel at times that the refs are allowing too many Celtics players on the floor . Jayson Tatum may have had six turnovers in last night's 109-103 victory, but he also had a team-high six steals to go with  team-high 39 points . Payton Pritchard continued his efficient work of the bench,  scoring 10 points in only 12 minutes - hitting 4-of-5 from the field and 2

Celtics show their true "mettle" in fourth quarter of 114-107 win over Nets

  It's a word you don't hear often - "mettle". But that's what The Green displayed in their rough-and-tumble takedown of the Brooklyn Nets in the final quarter of Game Two (per : METTLE : "ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way". Example: "the team showed their true mettle in the second half" I would not have written this early in the 2021-22 season. But it fits now. The 114-107 victory for Boston looked like it may not happen in the first three quarters. They were down by as many as 17 points at one juncture and Brooklyn's Bruce Brown and Goran Dragic were shooting lights out . But Boston clamped down in the 4th period . Kevin Durant couldn't move without two or three Celtics surrounding him. He finished with a team-high 27 points but turned the ball over six times. , Durant made only 4-of-17 from the field. Kyrie Irving scored only 10 points and was 4-of-

Another coming of age game?!

    Celtics have trailed by as many as 17 tonight, slowly they have chipped away in the third quarter to tie it. Nets found themselves with a five point lead after the 3rd. Neither KD or Kyrie the Quitter have played very well from what I've seen. The Celtics D has done their job against the NBA's elite. It's games like Sunday and tonight that truly define a team. Will the Celtics make the comeback in the fourth. Sorry about missing the first half. Special church services in the Orthodox church this week.    Not a good start as Curry nails a dagger three. Kid can be deadly out there, sloppy play so far. PP with a pull up two, getting things going for the C's. You have to love this kids grit! He has the skills and confidence to be a winner. Can we talk about JTs D on KD, forcing him to shots with a hand in his face. Let's also compliment JT for his passing hitting JB for three!      JB gets to the rack and we are all tied up! Love that kid and his aggressiveness. Cel

Recognition for the Wolverine

        I remember where I was when Marcus was drafted, and I had high hopes for him and James Young. One has become an institution in Boston while sadly the other just never amounted to much on the floor.  There have been ups and downs in his but this season we are watching a man grow into a special piece on what could be a championship team.    In Sundays final play we saw how far this young man has come. A few years ago he may have launched that three, but instead he faked two guys out of their jock and found JT for the winning layup. As a true point guard he's become what this team needed. He's the heart and soul of this team, and his leadership on that play was spectacular.     Congrats on winning defensive player of the year! No player deserved it more, as Celtics fans we have been blessed to see him shine on D every game! He isn't afraid to get dirty and challenge the best player on each team. The Wolverine can guard any position. His defense has won this team so man

Al Horford and Rob Williams serious Second-Team, All-Defensive candidates

 With Marcus Smart taking this years Defensive-Player-of-the-Year Award , he is a lock to be First-Team, All-Defensive, and he may be joined by teammates Al Horford and Robert Williams . NBA writers and broadcasters now vote for both honors , and Rob and Al landed in the 7th and 9th positions in the DPOY voting. The Boston Celtics having a guard, forward and center in the top-9 for DPOY should be no major surprise. The team ended the season with a smothering defense that earned them the second seed in the East, a 51-31 record - and now - a win over the Brooklyn Nets in Game One of the series. Horford has been voted DPOY (Second Team) once in 2018 , and Williams III was SEC Defensive Player of the Year twice. Stay tuned for the official voting results.

Marcus Smart named Kia Defensive Player of the Year

 The news caught me off guard, but Celtics guard, Marcus Smart , has finally been named Kia Defensive Player of the Year. He beat out Phoenix wing, Mikal Bridges, and Utah center, Rudy Gobert. Smart is the first guard to win DPOY since Gary Payton took the award in the 95-96 season. The Celtics finishing the regular season with a 51-31 record and the top Defensive Rating in the League certainly helped the tenacious guard earn this recognition, but Smart's dedication to disrupting opponents' offenses was the key. Really blown away tbh Incredibly honored! Just happy to be able to do get this award with our team and my brothers on the team. This is for you mama! ❤️ I love you. — marcus smart (@smart_MS3) April 19, 2022 Count me as close-to-emotional over the news. "This is for you, Mama!" is what Marcus wrote in recognition of his late mom, Camellia . We thank her for her gift to Boston , the Celtics community and that Beantown fans that a

The irony of Jayson Tatum's "spin-for-the-win" game winner vs. Nets

  Most Celtics fans remember the play very well back in January, 2019 . With two-plus seconds left - and down two points - the Celtics Gordon Hayward inbounded the ball to Jayson Tatum , who missed the shot attempt. Kyrie Irving , a member of The Green at that time, wasn't pleased with Hayward's decision, and made it clear for all to see. Tatum-as-closer apparently wasn't what Irving had in mind . Fast-forward to last night - with Boston down 114-113 in the last few seconds of Game One versus the Nets. JAYSON TATUM FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! — Boston Celtics (@celtics) April 17, 2022 That's true irony, folks! Marcus Smart with that ball fakes and then gets a perfectly-placed pass to Jayson for the "spin-and-win". It was thing of beauty . So the guy that Kyrie didn't trust two years ago to hit a last-second shot attempt sent Irving into the streets of Boston with a tough loss . You just can't make this stuff up.     

In the End the Good Guys Won

Happy Easter to the everyone and Happy Palm Sunday to Orthodox Christians around the world. How many of you expected a finish like today?! What a game and what a day. It was good vs not so good. A team built the way you should through the draft, trades and free agency. Another built by two so called stars conspiring to build a superteam. Two of the most cantankerous players I've ever seen.   Despite the Celtics not playing their best, when they needed to they came thru in the clutch. That last defensive stand and subsequent offensive set proved they trust in each other. They forced Kyrie to over dribble and pass the rock out to KD who was clearly affected by the Celtics D in which he threw up a garbage three that missed. Watching JB get the rock to the Wolverine who faked out two Nets that led to JTs winning shot while Kyrie flailed on D. A team that trusts each other is unstoppable.  The Celtics will have to continue to get better on Wednesday if they want to go up 2-0. There is p

A step into Celtics Fantasy prior to Game One vs. Nets

Even after 17 Title Banners, Celtics fans need a bit of Fantasy. Come with me for a few minutes I want Tommy Heinsohn and Johnny Most broadcasting Game One between the Celtics and Nets tomorrow afternoon. Yes, I know they have both passed on, but can you imagine these two Boston "Homers" sharing thoughts on the return of Kyrie Irving and his Brooklyn Nets to TD Garden. Many Celtics fans want this left alone, but I can't. It was Irving stomping on the center-court Celtics logo that did it for me . For those not aware, that Leprechaun logo was designed by Red Auerbach's brother, Zang. Okay, I also want Tommy and Johnny to get Red's take on all of this during half-time.  Legend has it that leprechauns often engage in mischief . What better time to inject a few pranks into the Nets' offense than tomorrow somewhat after 3:30 PM ET. Leprechauns are also said to have a pot of gold hidden away , and that bit of gold known as the Larry O'Brien Championship Tr

Most's Monikers: Celtics nicknames from the beloved, Johnny Most

 There was only one Johnny Most. There will never be another. I was remembering some of the nicknames that Johnny assigned to Celtics players, and I have used them often in my writings. Here are a few of Johnny Most's Monikers : Rapid Robert (Cousy) Jarrin' John the Bouncin' Buckeye (Havlicek) Dynamite Don (Nelson) Wide Clyde (Lovellette) Wayne The Wall (Embry) Jungle Jim (Luscotoff) Big Red (Cowens) Tall Paul (Silas) Small Paul (Westphal, who wasn't much shorter than Silas) Buckshot Bailey (Howell) High Henry (Finkel) The Kentucky Colonel (Frank Ramsey) Leapin Larry (Siegfried) Slippery Sam (Jones) tabs Boston Celtics with top odds to take 2022 Title

 If you look back at pre-season predictions for each NBA team to win the 2022 Finals, every one I looked at had the Celtics mired-in-the-middle, with hardly any shot at walking away with the Championship. My how things have changed! #Celtics brothers and sisters I like our odds! Thank you @538politics — Ty Ray (@coug88) April 13, 2022 has just tagged The Green with the best odds (31%) of taking The Prize . Their predictions would pit the Celtics against the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals . How about the Nets, you may ask . They are given a mere 2% chance of winning the Finals . But I doubt Boston will get lulled into complacency when they face Brooklyn in Round One. Prior to the season, the Lakers were favorites in the West in the minds of many League analysts. They are now out of the post-season picture. Meanwhile, the Bucks are only given a 13% chance at repeating in the Championship quest, while the Warriors and Heat are each tag

Its Award Time!

The regular season ends with the destruction of the Memphis Grizzlies, all year we have given out this award to who we feel exemplifies Celtic Pride. The player or players that Tommy Heinsohn would give his Tommy Points to.  A team that was under 500, has now finished at 51-31. That's a heck of a turn around. We saw each and every player grow and build into the ultimate team. JT and JB have solidified they are Studs in this league. The Wolverine has proven he can be the point guard of a great team. We have the two headed monster of Al and RWill with a side of DTheis. The bench should be feared with PP and GWill nailing threes off great passes by DWhite. Each and every player has contributed to the teams success.  Let's look at a rookie Coach and GM as well. Early on we all had questions, then as Brad started to see certain pieces didn't fit got rid of em and brought in true diamonds. Steals of the trade deadline. Ime finally found a way to have this team buy into DEFENSE fi

Walking in Memphis, the Celtics take on the G League Grizzlies

1st Quarter Imagine buying a ticket for tonight's game only to see the home team sit everyone. I remember when guys played every game, Jordan always suited up because he knew someone spent their hard earned money to see him. Celtics are full tilt tonight, both the Bucks and Sixers chose to sit players. Bring on the Nets, time to put two of the most miserable players of all time out to pasture.  Who is this Grizzly starting five?? Celtics with a win can secure the second seed. The fact that this group chose to get it tonight says alot. We fear no team, we can beat any and everyone! Defense travels and we have two studs. A supporting cast that balls out and we exemplify what it means to be a team! Celtics are off to a nice start, continue to grind and let's get a dominate win.  2nd Quarter Celtics are shooting 61 percent! Kudos to Memphis for playing hard. What do we want to see, let's see some of the guys we need in spot roles. Give us Nesmith, Hauser, and maybe some Kornet.

Time for bigs to step aside - Marcus Smart for DPOY

 Call him "the Wolverine", "Stretch-6" or "Cobra" , but whatever you call Marcus Smart , we need to add "2022 Defensive-Player-of-the-Year" . Chauncey Billups started the chant five years ago: Y'all say what u want about Marcus Smart but that kid makes winning plays every game in the 4th. — Chauncey Billups (@1MrBigShot) May 22, 2017 Well, fans, the fire in "that kid" has not been squelched in the least over the past 5-year span. Now it's "The Glove" himself, Gary Payton singing the praises of Marcus: “[Marcus Smart] should win [DPOY]. Why not?” If @GaryPayton had a vote for Defensive Player of the Year, he tells @termineradio and @jumpshot8 he’d be voting for @smart_MS3 #BleedGreen — SiriusXM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) April 8, 2022 Enough is enough! In the past few years, I have written more about Smart than any other Celtics - for a reason. In 62 years of following the Boston Celtics,

Celtic Thoughts

  As we enter the post season I would like to thank Tom Lane for the opportunity to be a writer for his blog. The Celtics have always meant a lot to me. Ever since I was a kid. I was the out of place middle schooler still wearing my Celtics sweatpants and sweatshirt. My dad and I share a love for the game and this team, living in Western Ma we went to plenty of BBHOF events. Not to mention countless hours of watching the Celtics on VHS. Mom also made sure to lend her support and my closet was stocked with Green and White. Even an as adult she would find vintage things for me up until her passing.  That's a small insight into me, with that said I Bleed Green. Even in the lean years I still rocked my gear. As we approach the playoffs I'm very optimistic about this group and coach. Those of you who have read me know it's been up and down in my writing during some of these games. Here are my thoughts, defense travels and we are stout, meaning I don't care where or who we pl

Short Handed Vs the Defending Champs in Milwaukee

  1st Quarter   Celtics have come out to play despite being shorthanded. The game has been up and down so far. Are we looking at a possible Eastern Conference final preview. We have a DWhite sighting with a nice three in the flow of the offense. He's going to need to continue to grow in this offense. If he does it's going to bolster the bench. He's shown he can be a part of the Celtics closing lineup.  This Bucks team is primed for another championship run. They are a very balanced team, defensively they can lock you down. On offense you have your hands full with the Greek and Middleton who always light up the C's. These Celtics are competing tonight, but trail by seven. Let's focus in on JB leading this team by distributing out of double teams like JT does. Tonight's game is good to see what else we have on the bench.  2nd Quarter Celtics were destroyed inside the paint in the first. Need to sure up that defense down low. It's a difficult challenge given no

My unconventional path

 I remember it vividly. As a kid, I was in my basement conducting some new chemistry experiments, and a group of friends arrived - with one of them saying, "Tom's going to do better than any of us." It was uncharacteristic of my friend, Jack, to give me any such accolade, but I was pleasantly surprised. He died last year, and the rest of that small group have also left this earth. After 78 years, I am still here. As a runt of a kid, with some brain power - but little "conventional" drive - I envied most of my friends. I was a bit of a loner and not a diligent student. But I had a lot of interest in nature and the world around me. My home in Reading, Massachusetts was surrounded by woods, fields and a massive swamp. I loved the swamp! It teemed with life. I went to college, married and graduated as a chemical/plastics engineer. But it wasn't for me. After several years, I left to take a temporary job as a Massachusetts Game Warden - leased an acre of water fr

Are super teams and wanderlust losing their luster?

 Lebron James has four Championships to his credit - moving from team-to-team like some low-caliber journeyman. But his latest super-team in Los Angeles has been eliminated from post-season play. The James/Anthony Davis/Russell Westbrook matchup failed. Kyrie Irving has one Title under his belt, and teaming up with James Harden and Kevin Durant in Brooklyn looked like Number-2 was on the near horizon. Harden left the fold, replaced by Ben Simmons - who has yet to be seen in a Nets uniform. Brooklyn, with a disappointing 41-38 record, is locked into the Play-In Tournament. If the Boston Celtics ever had visions of acquiring a third star to match up with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown , that potential scenario may have changed. Ime Udoka and Brad Steven s may be the most-intelligent coach/head honcho pair in the NBA and realize that the proper blend of talent and synergy almost-always trumps star power. The Celtics hold a 50-30 record - are second in the Eastern Conference - and hav

It's a showdown in the Windy City, could it be a possible playoff matchup?

  1st Quarter Celtics coming out really well tonight, with four points off turnovers. Tatum with a pure jumper off the jab step. Are we looking at a possible playoff matchup, if so the Celtics have played Chicago well. Except for that loss early in the year when they lost that large lead. In all honesty I don't think the Bulls have anyone to stop the Jays.  Against this Bulls team you can get to the rack with ease. There is no real dominant post player on D. The way the Celtics can move the ball, this Bulls D has no chance. Celtics are a little three happy right now, let's get back to driving and cutting. Celtics D seems prepped to stop the Bulls tonight. Switches are crisp and we are challenging every shot.  2nd Quarter Great field goal percentage in that first quarter, those are the kinda stats we want to see. Tatum finding PP for Three! PP fits perfectly with Tatum, because of how he can pass out of the double team. DWhite has a very swift way of getting to the cup. These mo

A nod to Celtics Dominican Gentleman, Al Horford

  Al Horford is one of the classiest players in the NBA. I rank him with guys like John Havlicek and Grant Hill . I don't stick the label of "gentleman" on many individuals, but the "Dominican Gentleman" deserves it. The 3rd-overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft is in his 15th NBA season, and his career is winding down. He has five All-Star selections to his credit, but no Title rings . Al Horford is older than the other guys but I have a hard time leaving him out of the Celtics core conversation. He’s so important to this team. — Colin (@CM1661) April 4, 2022 Particularly with SKYLORD, Rob Williams , out of action following knee surgery, Horford has indeed become even more vital to his team's success. Adding a ring to Al's accomplishments this season would be a storybook ending to 2021-22, both for Al and the Celtics. Whatever happens on the court, the Dominican Gentleman will always be revered for his high character and commitment to do what is right

Where will Tatum finish in Celtics history?

I have repeatedly written that Jayson Tatum's ceiling will be somewhere above Paul Pierce and short of Larry Bird. He can forget about reaching Bill Russell-level . Big Bill's 11 Title rings and five MVP awards can't ever be ignored. Jayson has already bypassed The Truth on the skill scale and has yet to reach his peak. Not diminishing what Pierce accomplished, but Tatum is something special. Tatums potential is much higher than PP. He's already a better defender, bigger, stronger. Flat out a better athlete. — Ty Ray (@coug88) April 4, 2022 Can he reach the heights that Bird attained? It's possible - but doubtful . Jayson is certainly the better athlete but has yet to match Larry's skill-set, savvy and toughness. But the youngster seems to have all the tools. Anything is possible. Tatum is in the mix for MVP this season, but The Greek Freak and Joker are certainly the favorites. In closing, Jayson Tatum could possibly nudge into third place, behind Russ and Lar

A warning: When your kids don't return home - ever!

Your kids are out of the house, supposedly briefly - and they never come home.  This came close to happening in the mid-1970's. My two kids, roughly ages nine and seven, were riding their bikes in a school parking lot only 200 yards from our home when they were stalked by a man claiming to be a school police officer. He flashed a fake police badge - told my kids that they had to come with him - and my son wisely knew that he was a fake. My son told the would-be child abductor that he was a fraud and pleaded with his younger sister to escape with him. My son also told the man that his dad was a police officer, at which time the individual hopped in his car -followed my kids briefly as they rode their bikes out of there - and then fled the scene. I relive the incident in my mind quite often lately. What if my two children never came home? You may tell your offspring to not talk or interact with strangers, but this ploy by this kind of depraved individual might be convincing.  My 9-ye

Quick fix for a life-threatening heart condition

"Your first symptom may be dropping dead!" -- my thoracic surgeon I spent 4-plus years enduring aortic stenosis with ZERO symptoms until March 31, 2022 when I underwent TAVR (trans catheter aortic valve replacement). Aortic stenosis can occur when calcium builds up on the aortic valve and hampers its functioning. The TAVR procedure at Leahy Clinic , Burlington, MA, took a little more than one hour while I was awake and sedated. Four of us had the procedure that day and all of us went home the next day.  The key point here is that even when the issue became critical - and absolutely life-threatening - I had no chest pain, dizziness or breathlessness - all symptoms of severe aortic stenosis. I felt fine.  The surgeons were amazed at the amount of blockage at the valve site, but the outcome was near-perfect. My medical team and I expect near-full recovery very soon, unlike the three months required after open-heart surgery. Just a heads-up to my followers . If it helps even one

Award Time!

  First and foremost we are back to our winning ways! Talk about a totally dominating win! As the Celtics finished up their final regular season home game, next up the playoff home games! Home playoff games that we will need the sixth man to come and bring their A game, which they have been lately.  Earlier in the season the Garden was not as rocking as we expected, lately though it's been a mad house of excitement and energy! As Marcus said  thank you for being the best sixth man you can ask for! As we all know Celtics fans are very knowledgeable about their team and the history of the Celtics. The fans bleed Green and expect their team to give their heart and soul to the game.  With that said the Celtics Sentinel Citation Award is presented to you the fans,the greatest sixth man we have! The Wolverine approves, which was evident with his words yesterday! 

Final Sunday Home Game vs the Wiz

1st Quarter Celtics have come out punching, led by JB with yet another offense explosion! He's been Mr 1st Quarter this season, staring most games off with a bang. If he could start all quarters this way, he'd be unstoppable! Celtics offense is zipping and the ball is finding the hoop! We finally get to see GWill nail his corner three! Missed seeing that!  Let's talk about JT and his ability to now read the game like it's a children's story. He has become so efficient about reading the D and finding his teammates! He's like the Terminator out there! Anyone who can't see how far he's come is blind! He's going to need to be this way come the playoffs. 2nd Quarter PP coming out hot, he's becoming a weapon from outside, his skill set suits being with the Jays so we'll. Especially when he's out there with JT. Watching JT use his body to shield defenders is spectacular! He's becoming so aware of who he is as a basketball player.  Nice to se

Time to pay back the Pacers!

After a few close losses it's time for the Green to get back to their winning ways.  Celtics are honoring the 90s tonight. A few epic Larry Bird performances make the list. Remember when his face hit the garden floor and he came back to lead them to victory. How about that epic performance vs the Blazers! We saw Toine and the Truth drafted, plus we cant forget Dee Brown winning the dunk contest! We also lost Reggie in the 90s, man he was special!    1st Quarter Marcus the Wolverine Smart posting up Haliburton, letting the young pup know I'm gonna own you tonight! Smart nailing a three as the Celtics start off hot. Here we stand at 11-2, need this energy and defense to keep rolling tonight. Tonight and Sunday are both games we need to cement in the win column. Good to see Theis and Al out there together, need to see how well they work on the court until RWill is back.  To many turnovers lead to the Pacers getting right back in the game. Turnovers against Miami hurt them, we don&