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Celtics visiting Indy

Indy is special because it's the birthplace of the great Larry Joe Bird! With that said time for the Celtics to go and grab another win! Isn't it nice to hear Mike Gorman's voice!     1st Quarter     JB starting things off right, he has the great ability to start games off HOT! His jumper is so silky smooth. He's very stealth at getting to the rack! You have to love the fact that he and JT can be interchangeable at leading this team.      Not loving the D to start, Indy is hitting everything they are throwing up. Today is going to be track meet. Celtics need to hunker down on D, if they don't we are going to be in for another dogfight. Yesterday was a slugfest up until the end. Today has that feel already. I hope I'm wrong.      2nd Quarter     PP is going to continue to make this team better. Payton offers this team a solid point guard, who can also knock down shots like an assassin. He's becoming a huge piece to the second unit. What's great about him

Nets vs. Celtics: Fabrication versus Construction

 "Fabrication" is defined either as an "invention" or a "lie". Which is it for the Brooklyn Nets?  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving came to Brooklyn basically as free agents, and Ben Simmons forced his way out of Philly to eventually join the two stars. On paper, the Nets appear to be omnipotent . On hardwood, we await the final result. Even Danny Ainge questioned his construction of most of the team we now see on the parquet. "No clear hierarchy" was his pronouncement. Well, a few roster tweaks and a renewed energy have The Green surging in the past two months. In the months of January and February, Boston has a 19-7 record (.731) . That is a 26-game sample ,, and only League-leading Phoenix Suns have a better season record (49-11, .817) than the Celtics 26-game surge. My readers know very well my feelings for Irvings' flight from Boston to Brooklyn , and I doubt Simmons will get a warm reception in his first re-visit to Philadelphia , aft

No buyout point guards for Boston Celtics

 With news of the buyout agreemen t between the Spurs and point guard, Tomas Satoransky , I was relieved to read that he is heading to Washington, and not Beantown. ESPN Sources: The San Antonio Spurs and point guard Tomas Satoransky have agreed to a contract buyout, clearing the way for him to sign a free agent deal with the Washington Wizards. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) February 26, 2022  Satoransky has the size (6'7") and 3-point accuracy (.356, career) that matches Brad Stevens' wish for more "shooting with size" . But at what cost? Let me remind my readers of the "shooter-without-size" now on the roster, 6'1" Payton Pritchard. Only a one-game sample in the win yesterday over the Pistons, but a line of 19 points, two rebounds and six assists gets attention.  Pritchard was the third leading scorer behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown . And he accomplished that in only 27 minutes, hitting 8-of-12 from the field and 3-of-5 on 3-pointer

How About an Award

 Who wants an award after today's win vs the Pistons.        Anyone watch today's game, vs the mighty Pistons? Anyone feel someone deserves our prestigious award?       Our guy who we decided on has been given more minutes and he's made an impact on each game.       Nineteen points, two rebounds and six assists. Yes that's right our award winner is Payton Pritchard!              Today's Celtics Sentinel Citation Award Winner! PP aka PRabbit! 

It's Time For Payback!

After the Pistons ended their win streak, the Celtics have their shot at revenge! Yes I said it Revenge of the Celtics! Take how you played last game and duplicate it today!        1st Quarter      Not an ideal start on either end from my perspective. Defense and offense seems to be a bit out of sorts. Good time out by Ime to get this group refocused. Need to see the D steady the storm and slap the Pistons back down to earth. Celtics coming out hot after the time out. Let's go guys, I want this win!        RWills presence makes a huge difference out there. As does the Wolverine! Who we were missing last game. These two gents are huge pieces to Banner 18. With them locked in this season we can be unstoppable especially on D. Both the Wolverine and RWill save and get us extra possessions! Nice to see Celtics with the lead after the first!       2nd Quarter            Not liking the flow of this game early on. Why? The Pistons are hanging around and they need to be planted in the grou

Celtics last night far from what fans saw in October

 Fast pace, great ball movement, very few corner threes, terrific defense-to-offense transition, improved shot selection .  Celtics fans saw little of this type of play early in the season, but all of that was on display in Boston's 129-106 rout of the Brooklyn Nets . October saw The Green ranked 20th in Offensive Rating and 21st in Defensive rating . Last night, Boston was 4th in OR and 6th in DR . Since the Fall, the defense just kept improving, but not the offense. That changed last night. The Celtics shot 54% on field goals and 40% on 3-pointers . Who was the main marksman from beyond the arc? None other than the much-maligned Marcus Smart who took all of his shots from deep, making 83% (5-of-6) of them . There were a lot of 3s taken, but they were launched in the flow of the game . There was little hanging out idly in corners. Things were moving too fast for that. Both Boston bigs, Rob Williams and Al Horford , came away with double-doubles, and Al played close to 32 minutes

Can Celtics flawed offense seriously contend for a Championship?

  NBA Analyst, Sam Mitchel l, has pegged the Boston Celtics for a first-round exit from this season's playoffs. Is he correct? The Celtics have trouble scoring the ball . They rank 18th in the NBA in Offensive Rating at 110.6. The present roster relies heavily on smothering defense to win game s, and is that enough to have en extended run in the post season? Well, the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons did just that - all the way to the 2004 Title. Chauncey Billups and Company had the 2nd-best Defensive Rating for that season, but only the 17th-best Offensive Rating . Yet they took out the potent offensive attack of the Shaquille O'Neal/Kobe Bryant Lakers in five games to take home the trophy. The Green, despite offensive weakness, possess the top Defensive Rating in the League for the past two months. They have become the team no one wants to play . They deny in the paint, and they restrict at the perimeter.  Billups was joined by tough-as-nails Ben Wallace, dedicated defender, Tays

Another Net Demolition? Celtics take out Nets, 129-106

You can only play who is in front of you. The Nets are short handed but who cares! It's sports go out there and demolish them!      1st Quarter      Nice start, something we all are used to is watching RWill slam an oop! The Wolverine is nailing threes, all is good! Celtics ball movement looks good after the break. I like seeing them attack the rim! Something about the Nets team I just don't like. Yeah the entire team!      GWill with the fake and drive to the rack! Teams have to respect him now that he's a sharp shooter! So far no let down off of the All Star break. Need to keep the D amped up and put these Nets players in their place, which is in a defensive lockdown! The Wolverine is on FIRE!    2nd Quarter        Celtics coming out firing, I love seeing JB get to the hoop he's so elegant! Yet when need be he drops the hammer on his opponents. Celtics D just looks like a well oiled machine. Man oh man do I love the way this defense plays. Defense travels anywhere hom

Basketball is Back!

All star break is over, its time to get back to work! Celtics take on a Nets team still without some key players. With that said, go crush em! You can only play who is front of you.           The last portion of the season is upon us, what do we want to see?       Health, let's make sure that our guys are ready for the post season. Don't rush RWill or Marcus back.       Growth, let watch as DWhite becomes more engrossed with being a Celtic and working with the team.       DEFENSE, continue to make it our identity and calling card as we swarm other teams on route to a top three seed!       Offense, continue to mature, use the team first mentality and move the rock and get to the hoop!       Playoffs, get in the dance and then it's anyone's game! Defense leads to championships!       

Two New Additions

A pair of new guys on ten day contracts. There has to be other guys getting bought out.       In all honesty I'd see if a guy like Joe Johnson wants a permanent spot on the bench and he can be the Yoda to this Celtics team. Unless we see a few nice pieces get bought out.   

Season Thoughts

In a roller coaster year met by poor health and bad losses early on. The Celtics have turned things around and are now 6th in the East.     May we all embrace this Celtics team like Gino!       The Jays have grown exponentially, their passing skills are what I see as a huge piece of growth. They are trusting each other, but also trusting their teammates. They play tenacious D, both can get to the rack, and are becoming true all around players! I don't need to use the word Star, because to me they are All Around Basketball players! That means more, now we just need to see them become winners in the post season.      Marcus the Wolverine Smart, he's taken on the role of floor general and done a great job. There are not to many times when we tell at the TV saying don't shoot! He sees the floor well on offense and you can see him direct guys on both ends! Yet another Celtics player who has matured on the court!     RWill is becoming that third All Around Basketball player! His

Motown Comes To Boston , 112-111 loss for Celtics breaks 9-game winning streak

 With an opportunity to win their 10th game in a row, the goal is simple, DESTROY Detroit!    1st Quarter   Celtics D sets the tone and tells the rookie Cade Cunningham get that shot out of here! JB tends to be Mr 1st Quarter, coming out landing HayMakers. If the Celtics can grab the lead and put the pistons to bed early that would be a great way to head into All Star Weekend. Celtics ball movement look good so far tonight!   We have a team that moves the ball and plays D?! Talk about a dream come true! The way the Celtics are playing is a joy to watch, the vibe and flow of this team is turning into something special. The Pistons have come to play tonight, with that said time to amp it up and make em feel unworthy to be on the floor with you. Daniel Theis gets welcomed back by the Boston fans!  2nd Quarter  Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith are going to continue to see time on the floor. Be ready for both of them to make that jump into becoming key players on this Celtics roster. Aaro

Thumping in Philly

     After the destruction of the 76ers, we are starting to see how special this group is. From start to finish the Celtics were on top of their game. We just need our guys to stay healthy! We all know how much we like giving out awards!       Tonight's winner had 18 points and 3 rebounds, he also proved that when given a shot to play he can be an asset on this team going forward. Just as he showed us last season! He hustles on each and every play, gives his body up, and just loves playing the game of basketball! His three point shot could be deadly now that he's getting more run out there!  Congratulations Aaron 3Smith, Nesmith! As fans and reader's we should expect more Celtic Sentinel Citation Awards for him! There's a reason why Danny drafted him, and Brad didn't trade him! Kid can be a weapon off the bench!  We do have a few honorable mentions,  Daniel Theis in his return with 9 rebounds, and brought that crash the boards mentality! He contested most shots comi

Has Brad Stevens repaired the Celtics weak bench?

 If Boston's 135-87 rout of the 76'ers was any indication, Celtics boss, Brad Stevens , may have repaired what had been one of the weakest benches in the NBA . For the season, The Green's bench was ranked 26th in point production (28.9 PPG) and dead-last in rebounds (13.0 RPG) . That all changed, at least for one game. The Celtics subs racked up a combined 53 points , led by none other by little-used Aaron Nesmith ,with 18 points, followed by newly-acquired Derrick White with 11 and newly-anointed full-timer, Sam Hauser.  The bench also did well in the rebound department, hauling down 19 boards and led by recently-returned Daniel Theis with nine boards , followed by 3-Smith with 3 . How about bench assists , you may ask. Celtics subs rank 27th (5.7 APG) for the season, but handed out 15 last night , led by Payton Pritchard - yes PP . And Sam Hauser followed with three dimes of his own. So how did the guys-off-the-bench shoot? Ranked 25th in field goal accuracy for the

Philly Special, Another Celtics Win?

 Will the Celtics handle the Sixers and show them we are for real! They damn well better! Keep the win streak rolling!         1st Quarter            Celtics coming out hot, a nice 7-0 run to start up tonight. So far the ball is moving nicely for the guys in White with Green trim. Need to continue with the tight D, show these Sixers that defensively we are a machine. If you can hold Embid and this Sixers team down, ain't no one gonna want to face us.        Daniel Theis has made it back onto the court as a Celtic! A sight for sore eyes if you ask me. What a fast break, Marcus the Wolverine Smart getting down for two! I could hear Tommy Heinsohn saying RUN, as he went to the hoop. For all the struggles this season, watching this team tonight shows that hard work and sticking together is paying off.       Refs are trying to get Philly back into the game with some poor calls. TNT broadcasts suck lately. We have no audio are you serious?! You make all this money as a company and I can&

Four Celtics top-10 in NBA Hustle Stats

 Marcus Smart, Derrick White, Rob Williams and Al Horford all made top-10 in's Hustle Stats. Marcus ranked number-7 for Deflections Per Game . Rob nabbed the top spot in Loose Balls Recovered/game . Newly-acquired Derrick White grabbed the 3rd spot for Charges Drawn per contest. And the Celtics two bigs, Williams III and Horford took the #7 and # 8 slots , respectively, for Contested Shots/Game . My first reaction is that Derrick White was the right pickup for Brad Stevens. Drawing charges takes a lot of guts, particularly if the opponent attacking the hoop resembles Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo . Rob being top-10 in two categorie s is not a surprise. At times, he seems to be everywhere, blocking and deflecting shots, grabbing offensive boards for put-backs, and hitting the floor to recover loose balls. And Al's presence in the Hustle Stats is most welcome . 

Rob Williams' potential ceiling has risen, approaching Rudy Gobert territory

 I wrote last year that Rob Williams' ceiling could be at least that of Deandre Jordan . Well, he has surpassed that projection, and his current surge has the 6'8" Pogo Stick closing in on Rudy Gobert . Here are the 4th-season stats for both rim-protectors, each at the age of 24. Rob: 10.0 PPG - 9.7 RPG - 2.0 APG - 0.9 SPG - 2.2 BPG - .732 FG Rudy: 14.0 PPG - 12.8 RPG - 1.2 APG - 0.6 SPG - 2.6 BPG - .661 FG Why "Pogo Stick" you may ask? Because Williams III has a very-quick second and third jump on rebounds and block attempts - an extremely-valuable asset at the center spot. Agree or disagree with Rob's ceiling projection approaching Gobert's, but he certainly has made a significant jump in his fourth season in the League.

Winner Winner!

Talk about a great win yesterday for this blossoming Celtics team.        38 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists. I'm gonna go out on a ledge and say that's one heck of a stat line! For it to be done by your star says how special this dude is. JTs game continues to grow, and we are watching the growth of the next Great Celtic!       We hope JT enjoys being given the Celtics Sentinel Citation Award! He deserves it. We also want to look at the Celtics team in that third quarter and give them an honorable mention. We are watching this team come together for each other and to win!       It was an up and down start for this team but lately they have been giving us their hearts out there. It's very clear on D that this team wants to put the work in. The more we see the D grow, the more the rest of the NBA needs to watch out. 

Vibes from 60's with Celtics current "Closing Quintet"

 The 1965-66 Celtics big-minutes quintet screamed DEFENSE. The 2021-22 crew has a few vibes of that 5-some. Boston fans can expect to see Marcus Smart, Derrick White, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Rob Williams close out a lot of games from here on in. That unit checks all of the boxes for interior-and-perimeter defense . The offense remains a bit of a question. The Championship 1965-66 Celtics team included K C Jones, Sam Jones, John Havlicek, Satch Sanders and Bill Russell. Russ, KC and Satch were primarily defensive specialists who only combined for 34.1 points per game during the regular season. Havlicak, who was also a defensive nightmare for opponents, and Sam were the main scorers, combining for 42.3 PPG. This clearly defines what Celtics opponents face. Just a few vibes of the 60's - The Jones Boys & Siegfried in the back-court - Hondo and Satch in the front-court - & Russ waiting for anyone seriously considering heading to the hoop. — To

Super Bowl Sunday - 105-95 Celtics victory over Hawks

A Spectacular third leads to a incredible win for the Boston Celtics!          Celtics come up with a great win! Games like this early on would have been loss.      With that said JT came out to ball! The whole team did! I've been torn this whole year but we are gonna be good ! We may even win the whole damn thing!   

!05-94 win over Hawks defines Celtics closers going forward

 It wasn't easy, but the Boston Celtics took the game over the Atlanta Hawks, 105-95 . Jayson Tatum had a slow start, but he was the hero in this one, with 38 points, 10 boards, three assists, one steal and two blocks. But the most interesting part of this contest were the Guys in Green that closed the game . The 5-some consisted of Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Rob Williams - and the newly acquired Derrick White. The game could have gone either way. Trae Young was on fire early and could have taken down the Celtics by himself. Marcus Smart turned the game around with a couple of drawn fouls on the opposition, and things got better after that. The main point here is the 5-some that closed the game. I would expect to see more of that going forward, particularly in the post-season.  The closing backcourt of Smart and White did not shoot well, but they combined for 27 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, three steals and one block . The key is that the Celtics won a game t

No John Collins for Hawks - Celtics could use a win today!

With no John Collins, Celtics have a good shot of beating this hawks team who has given us problems.        The Celtics have had their issues with the Hawks over the past few seasons. With no Collins it enhances our chances for a Super Bowl Sunday win.       We get to see more of Derrick White and old friend Daniel Theis. Defense is our calling card and Trae Young we are gunning for you.       This needs to be said. I love defense and the fact this teams' identity is defense warms my heart in this cold and snowy New England day.       Bleed Green! 🍀☘️🏀

Celtics hottest NBA team last 10 games: Where do they go from here?

 Celtics 9-1 last 10 games, right up there with League-leading Phoenix Suns, also 9-1. After a disappointing early season, the Celtics have balanced the performance equation over a 10-game span:                      Celtics team = Sum of its parts That's a lot better than what we saw in the past few months : Celtics team < (less than) Sum of its parts The Green have won seven in a row , even better than the Suns' five in a row . And the Celts did that with basically the same crew that started the season.  Now they have jettisoned a number of players that were not seeing a lot of floor time, or in the case of Josh Richardson and Dennis Schroder , were not seen as long-term pieces of the Boston puzzle. In their place, the team has 6'8" German center/forward, Daniel Theis , and 6'4", do-everything combo guard, Derrick White . It will be interesting to see if the additions and newly-found energy can yield the following equation and a deep playoff run: Celtics

Luke Kornet and Payton Pritchard: The long-and-short of it

 In a position-less system, where does the big man and little guy fit - if at all? My take on Brad Stevens is that if he had the right troops, he would have his roster filled with players in the 6'6"-to-6'8" range - no size mismatches and no bigs unable to cover the perimeter . Well, his current crop is close to that, but 6'1" Payton Pritchard and 7'2" Luke Kornet don't fit that "position-less" profile. How much will they really play? Pritchard Payton has taken a hit across the board in his sophomore season. His minutes, points, rebounds, assists, and shooting percentages are all down from his rookie season. But it is the drop in accuracy that is concerning . In his debut season, he was .440 from the field, and that has dropped to .379. From beyond the arc? Down from ..411 last season to .370 this season.  Kornet Kornet has the size, but he doesn't fill any specific need sufficiently to earn moderate minutes - Which is why he

Winner Winner!

       Who wants last night's award?! 15 points 6 boards and 2 assists?! Who ya all think it is. I'll tell you it's the guy who's going to be a big piece to the Celtics becoming a hard playoff out!       Derrick White in your first game as a Celtic we here at the Sentinel would like to give you the Celtics Sentinel Citation Award!  Welcome to Boston, you just endeared yourself to Celtics fans! What am impression! Bleed Green!   

Here's a Nugget, Celtics welcome Denver to the Garden

      1st Quarter       Marcus the Wolverine Smart sets the tone early on! A three early on goes Bing Bang BOOM! I love seeing JT attack the rim, that's where he's at his best. Not looking good right now Celtics down by 7. TO Ime, time to play D and get the Jays going.        Celtics come out after the TO with some purpose and fire. This is the team we deserve to see as fans! Nice run fellas, let's go. Welcome Derrick White! Let's Go! Despite trailing the Celtics ball movement has been very good and D White is making an IMPACT!       2nd Quarter       Derrick White may be the piece this team was missing! In his first game as a Celtics he's balling! Nice to see PP get minutes right away after the wheeling and dealing! Tonight we have game folks, so buckle up it's go time! This is the perfet game to see if we have grown as a team!      GWill is the one guy who we are with from that draft a few years ago and we are lucky! He's a thinking man's player but al

Kornet and Hauser Finding permanent homes in Beantown

       Well two spots are filled, Hauser can shoot and we need a guy like that on the roster. Dude can go off when he's on! Kornet we saw last season, big fella has some game. He's got the ability to D up and knock down shots.      The identity of this team is D, question is will these two fit that mold. If need be they should be ready to deliver.       Tonight is a must win for the guys in Green. The Nuggets are a good team and so are we. Time to go out there and show that we beat up the teams beneath us and beat the good ones well. Bleed Green Celtics fans! 

Celtics have become the team no one wants to play

 The Boston Celtics, over the last six games , are not the same crew we saw earlier in the season. They are undefeated in that span - hold the top spot in the League in Defensive Rating - and they just got better minutes before the Trade Deadline. That 6-game Defensive Rating is an astounding 95.4, and no team is even close. The Miami Heat sit in second place at 105.4. Adding defensive whiz, Derrick White , and bringing back their mobile, hustling German import, Daniel Theis , checks most boxes for maintaining - or even improving - that smothering defense. Sending Enes Freedom packing clearly indicates that both Brad Stevens and Ime Udoka want medium sized, mobile defenders out there , and no slow-footed big men need apply. The two guys in charge also don't seem to have an affinity for little guys and the threat of mismatches. Payton Pritchard will need to show effectiveness against larger opponents. So opposing teams that dreaded facing Boston's defensive stalwarts won&

He's coming HOME!

      IM BACK! Looks like we have sent DS to Houston for Daniel Theis, that's all I have right now!       Update Enes Freedom and Bruno Fernando are also heading to Houston.       We all know what Daniel Theis offers to the Celtics, a big who will bang for boards, and can score.. He will also get called for a ton of fouls. Honestly this is a great move. Ime has been using a shorter bench and Theis can grab minutes from Al and RWill to get them rest. Plus he's capable of doing what they do but in his own way.       We may take a step back offensively from the bench losing JRich, but our defense can get even better. White and Theis can both fit in seamlessly. We need to be stout every game defensively! We also need the Jays to carry us on O. I'm still not pleased Wyc is so cheap when he and his partners are worth so much. 

JRich being dealt for the Spurs Derrick White

      Well I know who Derrick White is, but not sure if I understand why we had to get rid of JRich for him. He in my opinion is our best bench piece. Romeo never amounted to much. More to come on the trade! Glad we didn't hang onto yet another pick! Is there another move coming??? Tom's addendum : White was the 29th overall pick by San Antonio in the 2017 NBA draft. The 6'4" combo guard is averaging 14.4 PPG, 3.5 RPG and 5.6 APG this season thus far. Derrick White has been playing well in his last 5 games for the Spurs 🔥☘️ — Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) February 10, 2022 Derrick is signed through the 2024-25 season and will earn $15.2 million this season. He will turn 28 years old this summer.       After time to process JRich being dealt, this move seems like a good fit. White can serve as the backup PG to Smart. He also has experience playing with the Jays. Question is will DS be dealt, right now we have three/ four point

Cost Cutters!

      In a cost cutting move the Celtics are trading Bol Bol and PJ Dozier! We hardly knew ya! Now Wyc can afford that cup of coffee, since he's unwilling to pay the luxury tax! Do you want to win or not! Pony up, one ring in almost 15 years unacceptable! 

Tommy Heinsohn snubbed in 15-Greatest-Coaches voting

 I am frankly surprised at lack of outcry in the snubbing of the great Tommy Heinsohn who is not included in The Greatest Coaches in NBA History . Is this another case of erasing history . Understanding that Tommy no longer inhabits the living world - and that he only coached for nine seasons in the NBA - but those are not reasons to slight his accomplishments. With no disrespect to former Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, I would gladly put Heinsohn in Doc's place Tommy Heinsohn snubbed, WTF? — Mike Dynon ☘️🏀 (@MikeDynon) February 9, 2022 . Doc Rivers One-time NBA Champion One-time Coach-of-the-Year Three-time All-Star Coach 1024-725 record as coach .585 all-time record Tommy Heinsohn Two-time NBA Champion One-time Coach-of-the-Year Four-time All-Star Coach 427-263 record as coach .619 all-time record There's more! How would you like to take over the reins from Red Auerbach and Bill Russell of one of the greatest sports franchises of all time. Well, Tomm

DrumRoll Please.........

     What if I told you today's award winner had 22 points in 28 minutes with 7 rebounds and 9 assists! That's pretty impressive if you ask me, and I don't care it was against a depleted team. You still need to play the games! There are plenty of teams in the East who are making their living against inferior teams.       Rant over, well I know your all waiting for our winner or winners?      It's "Downtown Jaylen Brown"! Ho will be a huge piece in winning Banner 18! Dude's game has improved every year, and he's a class act off the court. Thank you Danny Ainge! Many in the media  want there to be  dissent between JB and JT. Thankfully they enjoy playing together.       What if I also told you our Coach has his team playing hard-nosed D, one of the tops in the league. Not to mention the offense is taking on a push-the-ball, and space-the-floor feel to it. Along with quick outlets and making the extra pass. Well given how much flack I've given him, Im

Celtics over Nets, 126-92 - playing the style Coach Udoka wanted all along

 The Boston Celtics came on like gangbusters against the severely-depleted Brooklyn Nets, establishing a 28-2 romp in the first quarter . It was all there - just what Ime Udoka has wanted all along - quick outlets, pushing the ball, getting into the paint, moving the ball around and playing stifling defense. And it worked. Jaylen Brown was the catalyst . He finished with 22 points in 28 minutes of play , while grabbing seven boards and handing out nine (yes nine) assists . Jaylen was masterful on everything he did out there on the floor, but most of all, he pushed the ball every time he had possession . More on him in an article later tomorrow. So, this is happening…. — Sean Grande (@SeanGrandePBP) February 9, 2022 As a team, Boston racked up 52 rebounds and 32 assists , while shooting 55% from the field and 35% on 3-pointers . There were a lot of easy hoops courtesy of the unselfishness and ball movement . As an aside, Marcus Smart chose to prove that at

Boston Basketball Balling in Brooklyn

        DESTROY the NETS! TERMINATE THEM!       1st Quarter      Get the lead from the start, and keep your feet on the gas pedal. The Nets are hurt, and falling down the standings. Let's keep that slide going! DEFENSE, this Celtics team is built on D! The D is coming out landing HayMakers! The O has been moving the rock! Spacing looks great so far, multiple guys touching the ball and making plays.       Celtics know they are the better team, and are showing it! A nice 14 nothing run to start the game! Man this offense is running like a classic car, the sounds of nothing but Net are spectacular! This is like a clinic on how to beat an inferior basketball team. Keep pouring in on, as Cobra Kai says No Mercy! Outside shots and drives what a performance so far! 28-2 right now!       2nd Quarter      Celtics letting the Nets back in the game. The lead is down to 13, we need to see that D we had in the beginning of the first. Celtics need to get back to moving the ball better offensivel