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Final Sunday Home Game vs the Wiz

1st Quarter

Celtics have come out punching, led by JB with yet another offense explosion! He's been Mr 1st Quarter this season, staring most games off with a bang. If he could start all quarters this way, he'd be unstoppable! Celtics offense is zipping and the ball is finding the hoop! We finally get to see GWill nail his corner three! Missed seeing that! 

Let's talk about JT and his ability to now read the game like it's a children's story. He has become so efficient about reading the D and finding his teammates! He's like the Terminator out there! Anyone who can't see how far he's come is blind! He's going to need to be this way come the playoffs.

2nd Quarter

PP coming out hot, he's becoming a weapon from outside, his skill set suits being with the Jays so we'll. Especially when he's out there with JT. Watching JT use his body to shield defenders is spectacular! He's becoming so aware of who he is as a basketball player. 

Nice to see DWhite finding himself again before the post season. He doesn't need to be a volume scorer but we need production. He's a great passer and can really D anyone up. If he can get 12 and up we will be in good shape. He and PP will make big plays come the playoffs if you ask me. Once again Ish Smith is playing his behind off v the Celtics. Something about the C's just makes him go off. 

3rd Quarter

Coming off their best assist numbers in a half is a nice picture into the growth of this team. The way they trust each other gives me confidence they will be tough to beat in a 7 game series. Watching Al with the back door pass is so beautiful! Looking like a point forward out there. The two big lineup with Horford and Theis looks good! 

Through defense and solid offense the Celtics are rolling in the right direction. Let's see how these last few games play out. We will see the Bulls and Bucks, plus Memphis. Both the Bulls and Bucks could be possible playoff foes. No need to fear Chicago, they can't beat any good teams. The Bucks are the beast in the East. That would be an epic series. 

4th Quarter 

NBA thoughts, Celtics are going to be a problem! How about Lakers out of playoffs! Hahahahaha! Isn't it nice seeing Brooklyn in 10th to. Just goes to show when you bring in so called stars doesn't mean they make their teams better. 

Impressive win as we bid good bye to the Garden in the regular season. Now it's on the road again! Let's hope it's kind. No better time to unite than on the road. Next up Chitown. Bleed Green! 


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