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Tonight starts the stretch run.

 Tonight's the night, as the stretch run commences. The C's are healthy for the first time in a while. Let's see what this squad looks like tonight as the take on the Pacers. We actually have our entire starting line up! Masked Jaylen Brown looks pretty cool! 

1st Quarter Knights Knotes 

We see as Coach Mazzulla sets up JB for the first shot of the game. Smart move trying to get him going early on in his first game back. He is going to need to get his legs back. 

C's seem to still be on All Star break, allowing the Pacers to get an early lead. We see our stars get back to back baskets, which was much needed. They are going to have to take over this second half of the season. Lead by example fellas you are dynamic duo. 

The Celtics passing has been on point when they aren't turning it over. When they get that ball hopping from guy to guy it's actually unstoppable. With those last two possessions we saw who they are. An offensive well oiled machine. 

JB has started out very aggressively tonight, unafraid to get to the rack. He got the ball and went right into Turners chest and scored off the glass. The way he uses his body at the rim is quite special. He's a runaway locomotive but in a very good way. 

C's are crashing the offensive glass and it is paying dividends. Off of that rebound they end up getting DWhite a wide open three. Those are hustle points right there, or as we call em Tommy Points! DWhite reads the D and scores off the spin, such a high basketball IQ! 

Jayson Tatum's passing is becoming elite, he sees the floor so damn well. Within the offense he has the ability to dribble drive, shoot the rock, or find guys in their sweet spots. That is what we just saw with him finding DWhite. DWhites shot has been pure lately. He will be such a huge piece in the post season. 

When the C's run in transition it's truly a beautiful thing to watch! Cs really need to buckle down on defense, they are letting the Pacers stay in the game. 

2nd Quarter Knights Knotes

The Celtics are shooting 60 percent after the first but these turnovers are killing them. JB and that step back are just pure basketball beauty. It's just so quick, in the blink of an eye he's an assassin!

C's will need to hunker down on defense, because that's ultimately how you win games. They need to get their hands up and show these Pacers who's the boss. On that last defensive possession they force the Pacers into a shot clock violation! Sam I am with an incredible block right there! 

Cs get the steal and they score easily in transition, as I alluded to earlier defense needed to step up and it has! The more effort they put on D, the easier the offense comes to them. It allows them to run and catch the defense off guard. 

These turnovers are absolutely killing the Celtics tonight. Clean it up, and you could be up by twenty. Over the past two seasons when this team protects the ball they win easily. When they don't it's a challenge for sure. Turnovers killed them in their post season losses that's for sure!

Malcolm Brogdon has the ultimate complementary skill set for this team. He is so well rounded that he's unstoppable on offense. His three point shooting percentage has been wonderful! He shoots with such ultimate confidence. 

Celtics are clearly out hustling the Pacers right now. This Pacer crowd sucks! JB with the one handed hammer just got the bench off their feet! The way he takes the ball to the rim with authority is huge! It's like we are watching Batman dunk a basketball. 

3rd Quarter Knights Knotes

Cs must avoid coming out flat in this third quarter. Which has been an Achilles heel at times. The lead has evaporated quickly. This is disgusting. As if they forgot how to play basketball on both ends of the floor. 

JT just posterized the Indiana defense and brought the double hammer down. If he can learn to post up it could be a huge weapon. He has been extremely cold from deep, but is starting to get to the rim. He needs to learn to let go of the three. 

This third quarter has really been a nightmare. The game is much closer than it should be. Celtics need to wake up and lock em down on defense. 

These refs calling a T on Marcus is absurd. Why penalize a guy for actually playing with heart and fire. C's bench has come in and added some energy. 

DWhite reads defenses so damn well, his ability to get inside and score is special. 

4th Quarter Knights Knotes

Celtics rebounding tonight has been very very good. When these C's rebound the ball at this level they tend to win. Basketball at its core is simple... Don't turn it over rebound and play defense. 

Sam Hauser has been incredible on defense tonight. His shot is back and he's lighting it up! The C's have answered the bell in this fourth so far. We have witnessed Hauser find himself after getting that start in the Motor City. I was down on him for a bit, but very happy to see him find his shot. 

The C's are trading punches with the Pacers in this fourth. You can see the fire in which JT and JB are playing. Their heart and hustle has been huge. 


Cs need to finish off the right way, go out and win it. CELTICS have lived at the line in this oT. Which I have no complaints about. Take the damn ball to the hoop! Coach needs to work on calling timeouts in crunch time. 

They made the key plays when they needed to and have gotten the win! 

Offensive Thoughts 

What we have witnessed in tonight's game is a team that can move the ball beautifully! There is no selfishness on offense, they truly want to get the best shot. When they amped up their D, it led to some excellent transition points. As Tommy Heinsohn always said, R U N! The more you run the easier it becomes to score. Offensively I really didn't see too many issue other than that lull in the third. 

Defensive Thoughts

We see a little of what not to do on defense, which is let the other team get open looks. On a few of these switched tonight it's led to easy looks.

The Celtics especially in that second quarter started to dig down deep. Which lead to easy baskets off of playing hard D. When they are locked in on D, they can stop any team out there. They will need to tighten up their switching style come playoffs though. You can't allow easy shots against you in those moments. Giving up almost 140 points isn't ideal. A win is a win and we will take it. 

BLEED GREEN Celtic Pride! 🍀🏀☘️


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