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The Heat is on as the short handed C's visit Miami.

The Celtics are a way of life☘️🏀🍀
Anyone else feel tonight's game has lost some pizzazz? Does it really matter in the long run?! By the looks of how many guys are sitting I wouldn't look to much into tonights game. It seems as though these Celtics are saving their guys, the key is their health come playoff time. Celtics 4 Life!

 1st Quarter ☘️

I love the fact that Payton Pritchard is getting the start tonight. Expect a big game out of him tonight! Going to need all hands on deck! Let's hope this team is ready for a fight especially being short handed. Where are the fans tonight?! Empty seats all around! 

DWhite gets inside and takes it to the flopper Lowry! Post him up all damn game! JT gets a quick basket early, no one is stopping him tonight. Right on cue Lowry just tried to sell a horrible flop! Boy does his game just get me annoyed!

Tatum gets inside once again off a great set play! Refs are starting early giving the Heat a bogus call. Grant tends to start slow when he actually starts the game. He's a guy who loves coming off the bench. 

DWhite with a HUGE BLOCK! He tells Strus to get that weak crap outta here! JT rises up gets fouled by Herros fake mustache and scores! PP is an offensive rebounding machine! Love the way the Celtics are moving the ball tonight. 

C's don't have the depth in tonight's game, but they are playing cohesively. Need to continue to bring the fight to the Heat. C's need to box out, if not it will be a long night. NBA refs absolutely SUCK! GWill for THREEEEEEEEE!!! GWill for THREEEEEEEEE again!!! Hauser just sent Oladipos weak shot back in his face! Oladipo has always been an over achiever against the C's. 

JT draws contact and gets to the line, love when he attacks! JT with a step back three!!! Celtics trail by two after the first.

2nd Quarter 🍀🍀

Heading into the second it would be nice to see the C's play see lockdown D! DWhite for THREEEEEEEEE!!! Time for a nice C's run here! RWill sends Vincent's weak crap outta here! Refs suck right now! Bam misses a free throw and as Sheed used to say the ball don't lie. 

I get why Justin Jackson is in the game but boy does he not belong out there. We need to drop him and find a better player. Love seeing JT enter and driving to the hoop! I hate the three point shot. Why do you ask because any old scrub can hit one. Meaning any old Heat player. 

Justin Jackson heard my complaints and hit a three! PP with the one handed runner scores and the Cs have stolen the lead. JT to the Unicorn for two! Hauser plain stinks right now. PP gets crushed on one end no call, Kornet blocks a shot foul called?! As Tommy Heinsohn said That's BOGUS! 

PP for THREEEEEEEEE!!! JT for THREEEEEEEEE!!! Eddie House says tell Strus to take that with em ha! JT doing work and gets to the line for an AND ONE! The UNICORN finishes the second with a two handed jam and the C's lead by eight! 

3rd Quarter ☘️☘️☘️

Anyone else loving the Grande and House duo?! It's no Grande and Max, but I'd take this the rest of the year. Leave Scal in studio! It's a win win for everyone! 

Rob saves the first possession of the quarter and gets rewarded with a Dunk! That dirty little player Lowry just poked Rob in the eye. Get him off the floor! That has to be a flagrant! He wound up that's the definition of a flagrant! What do they call a common foul. BOGUS!

JT is out here dancing! Taking every Heat player for a two step! Is that a dance?! Just love watching him out there! Refs trying to get the Heat back into this game with their crap calls! NBA refs are crooked! Always have always will! 

DWhite for THREEEEEEEEE!!! C's extend the lead to fourteen. JT gets hacked on a three, Bam can't guard JT! Come on now! Let's go on a run and end these chumps now! JT has been incredible on the second night of back to backs! 

Will someone tell Kyle Lowry to please shut it! He never stops complaining, it's annoying! Just retire already, will you! I've never liked him and never will! Sorry but I'm getting very heated watching this game. 

DWhite to Rob for the LOB! DWhite forces a turnover, he's doing just about everything tonight. I'm gonna say this and I know you have read it before. DWhite is going to be a huge piece when we win Banner 18! 

This entire Heat team complains on every play, they must get that from Pat the Rat Riley. DWhite with the rainbow floater! Grant Williams is off right now. Oladipo carries the ball every time. No calls though!

The Unicorn with the JAM! Tatum just sliced up the zone! DWhite gets inside scores! The and one completes it and the C's are up by eight! We are at the end of the third with the Celtics leading! 

4th Quarter 🍀🍀🍀🍀

C's need to tighten up on D, and push the ball in transition!  

C's need to stem the tide while JT is out. Why is Justin Jackson in the damn game?! PP for Threeeeeeeee!!! PP with the STEAL! DWhite to Rob for the Lob!!! 

C's need to get JT back into this game and finish the Heat off! Hauser just can't buy a bucket tonight. Can the C's get their heads right?! 

Lack of ball movement is killing them right now. C's are running out of gas. Celtics lose. 


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