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Heading to the Bayou for some Cajun Fries Pelican

Celtics welcome back Malcolm Mr Smooth Brogdon. Marcus Smart still remains out due to his ankle. 

 1st Quarter ☘️

C's and Pels trading blows to start, should be a fun game. C's ball movement looks good so far. JB is coming out HOT! He's the match that lights the fire in the first. 

What an amazing drive by JT, getting to the hoop with the lefty layup. He gets to the hoop with such ease lately. It's becoming unstoppable! He's damn near becoming unstoppable. We are watching this young man become a true MVP candidate! 

C's are hitting their threes early, let's hope they keep falling. JTs rocking some pretty sweet kicks tonight. Great start for the C's, especially against this talented Pelicans team. 

Haus Money is in, let's see if he can keep that hot shooting going. He definitely knows how to pass, finding Al for threeeeeeeee! Sam has made the most of his opportunity this year. Showing he's deadly from behind the arc. He is also a hard worker on D. 

Nice to see Malcolm back out there, he's as cool as the other side of the pillow out there! DWhite is continuing his hot play tonight. Knocking down threes like an assassin! Celtics lead after one 40 to 25. 

2nd Quarter 🍀🍀

MB for threeeeeeeee, nice to see he's feeling good! What an excellent pass to Kornet for the dunk! Pels are starting to chip into the lead. You can't sleep on this team, they do all the little things right. 

C's have gone a bit cold, and the lead is shrinking. C's take a timeout, a little too late IMO. The timeouts are there for a reason Joe, so use em! 

Great steal by MB, reading the defense like a children's book. What a great job by Brad Stevens trading for him! A very Red- like move if you ask me. Ever since he moved into his new role, he's been excellent! 

C's hold on to a ten point lead, let's see that grow as we reach the half. Continue to push the ball and make your shots! What a drive by JB, showing some reckless abandonment getting to the cup! Love seeing these guys going to the hoop like that! 

Isn't it a great sight seeing Celtics fans on the road! Gotta support the team! Tommy point to Sam I am for keeping the ball alive, which led to Al getting a deuce! Followed up by grabbing an offensive rebound. Celtics lead 67-57 at the half. 

3rd Quarter ☘️☘️☘️

Celtics need to come out and build upon this lead, the Pels will not go away without a fight. Kudos to the C's ball movement, but we need to start making our shots! Thank you Downtown Jaylen Brown for the THREEEEEEEEE!!! 

JB again with the head of steam driving to the hoop! Anyone who wants to trade JB is out of their mind! I was watching something called early edition, and that was their bold take. These media outlets make these bold takes for ratings. Which I don't agree with! Here's my BOLD take, JB will be part of multiple titles here in Boston! Take it to the bank and CASH it! 

I still feel that NBA refs have a hair across their butts with JT. C's are a bit off right now on offense. The D has stepped up and forced a 24 second clock violation. DWhite is absolutely balling out this season! 

Good timeout taken by Coach Mazzulla, settle things down and finish strong! Off the timeout the C's draw up a play and Haus Money cashes in a threeeeeeeee!!! Followed up by DWhite who nails a corner threeeeeeeee! What a game by DWhite tonight! Hes doing it all, his defense is solid and his shooting has been en Fuego. 

In less than two minutes the Pels go on a 10-0 run. C's still lead after the third 89-78. 

4th Quarter  🍀🍀🍀🍀

Jazz music plays as the C's look to make some good music to end this game on a high note. 

Kudos to GWill by passing up a three for a running one hander! C's should stop shooting threes and get to the hoop. You have the opportunity to put this game away, so do it! 

DWhite with a drive and score using the left! His play tonight is off the charts! What a player too have off the bench, but who can start when need be. Cs have allowed the Pels back into this game. 

Within seconds they said not so fast! As the lead hits double digits again! Love seeing the C's play with force and not let games slip away. 

Down to the nitty gritty, four minutes left in tonight's game. Finish strong fellas come on now! Tommy point times three for JB! Fighting for the rebound and getting the deuce. Love how hard he and this team are fighting tonight. 

Celtics bench is getting destroyed tonight. This is coming off an excellent performance last game. Celtics win their 9th in a row! Beating the Pels 117-109.

Bleed Green! Celtic Pride!


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