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Motown Comes to Boston

 1st Quarter

 Pistons coming to fight tonight, RWill getting his patented signature alley OOP jam! Marcus and Rob have built quite the connection with each other! They are the Dynamic Duo! Watching this team pass the ball right now is Beautiful! How crisp and tight these passes are! It's almost like watching a video on passing the basketball! 

 The Truth is at the game! Amazing seeing a guy who gave his all to the Celtics, come back and support this years team. The Truth gave us fans so many memories! Side note, this writer right here saw him score his 20000 point live and in person with my dad. Talk about a moment in history. 

2nd Quarter

As we enter the second, need to ramp up the D. Pistons are scoring a little to easily tonight. Have we talked about how willing JT is to drive and attack the hoop now! He has matured so much this season, I love how he has that rough up the rim mentality! Even when he may not get the calls, that willingness to drive hasn't lessened. 

Daniel Theis in green and white just looks so right! He just fits in this system, and his ability to do what's needed for this team is like the cherry on a sundae! He's a solid big, who works hard on D! He can score when needed and plays within himself. Guys like that are hard to find! 

3rd Quarter

Every year there is that one team that just gives you a game every time. So far it seems that these Pistons despite their record are that team! Both teams seem to be trading blows this third quarter. Nice to see Patriots owner Robert Kraft at the game! Wonder if he enjoyed watching JB drain a rainbow three and made it rain! 

Shout-out to Coach Udoka, despite his early coaching woes he's become a very good coach. His ability to instill confidence in this team is wonderful. He knows when to use his time-outs. The way he's gotten this team to buy into the defensive end is spectacular! He has also shown them that team ball on offense is a winning recipe. 

4th Quarter 

JT the defender! Off a great steal by JT he gets to the rack for the and one. Another huge piece of this studs growth is his defense! If you want to part of the MVP Convo you need to be a two way player and guess what, He Is! He's coming into his own and we as fans should be excited for what's to come. My gut says he could have a transcendent performance come playoffs as the the Greek did last season. 

Tonight game has been a dog fight, but the Celtics are starting to separate themselves from the Pistons. Defensively is where it has started, getting stops and then executing on offense. Talk about true growth, earlier this season this would have been a toss up. Right now games like this are why we can say this Celtics team has matured and can win any game. Even when they are trailing it seems they have that knack to come back. 

This team to me is coming together at the right time! Bleed Green! Next game we get to honor KG! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 


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